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A basic introduction to GW2's crafting system

By: dulfy in Guild Wars 2posted at 4:21 pm Jul 12,2012

Tags: crafting  guide  gw2  guild wars 2 


Hey everyone, I am sure quite a lot of you are curious about the crafting system in Guild Wars 2! For those who have not had a chance to try it out, here is a brief guide that covers the basics of the GW2 crafting system. I will have a couple more in-depth guides coming up for some of crafting disciplines soonish!

What crafting disciplines are available?

There are eight crafting disciplines available in GW2. Three are weapon making (Huntsman, Artificer, Weaponsmith), three are armor making (Tailor, Leatherwork, and Armorsmith), and the last two are Chef and Jeweler.






Light Armor


Inventory Bags


Medium Armor


Inventory Bags


Heavy Armor


Inventory Bags


Foci, Staff, Scepter, Tridents


Leveling up in Guild Wars 2

By: XPhiler in Guild Wars 2posted at 1:16 pm Jul 07,2012

Tags: Guild wars 2  Experiance  Leveling 


One of the most controversial aspects of guild wars 2 is the XP rate. Some people were very annoyed that when they finished their 1 - 15 area they were still under-leveled some as low as level 11. Other claim this is none sense as they found themselves even level 19 by the time they finished the starter zone. Why this discrepancy in what different people experienced? In my new video I try to explain established the reason and give suggestions on what one can do to level faster even if you do not want to play in the starter zone of other races to keep them fresh for alts.

Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

By: Lushy in Guild Wars 2posted at 6:24 am Jun 28,2012

Tags: GW2  Guild Wars 2  Collector's Edition  Release Date 


Guild Wars 2 finally announced a tentative release date for August 28, 2012. The purchase to play game hinted at Q4, but announced its release date just a few moments ago. The final beta testing event will be July 20-22, giving those who pre-ordered their last taste before release.

Those who ordered the Collector's Edition will get early access, along a handful of other goodies including a miniature figurine, a collector's tin box, and codes for in-game items. 

Diablo 3 vs. Guild Wars 2

By: guildwars2 in defaultposted at 6:54 pm Jun 27,2012

Tags: Diablo 3  Guild Wars 2 


Their common ground is the fact that they are both RPGs. The problem is the type of RPG they both are. They're totally different. Diablo 3 is characterized as a hack and slash action RPG while Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG.


Guild Wars 2 is MMO. GW2 seems to have more things with a bigger world, three extra class, more build diversity, and 10 times more quests. Each class has a unique play style and each race has a unique and personal story line. GW2 has underwater combat, dynamic events, and competitive PvP. It is Server vs. Server (open world massive PvP).


Diablo 3 have more randomization, 14 languages to choose from, and RMAH.


There are many more differences and not so comparable. I'm not trying to say that one is better than the other but list the features of each game. Which to choose depends more on what kind of game you like.

My First Hour In Guild Wars 2 Analysis!

By: GeorgeWashington in Guild Wars 2posted at 8:35 pm May 01,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  Arena Net  NCSoft  Action MMO  Traditional MMO 


My First Hour In Guild Wars 2!

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with my first hour in Guild Wars 2! Experience what I experience day one!

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And as always I thank all my viewers and MMOSite.com, for if it wasn't for MMOSite.com I wouldn't have a network for my videos and if it wasn't for you the viewer, I would be producing these videos for no one to see!

Thanks for watching!

Zach Sharpes

Guild Wars 2: PvE and Replayability

By: skittleg in Guild Wars 2posted at 11:38 am Jan 21,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  MMO  Games  Online  Multiplayer  PvE  Arenanet 


Hey guys.  It's me, skittleg, and I'm back from the dead.  I cannot wait to once again drown in a sea of MMOs.

As you all may have observed from my past blog posts, I almost exclusively write about Guild Wars 2.  Now, I could spend hours on end rambling about the many reasons of why Guild Wars 2 has especially caught my attention, but I will save you all the pain and simply redirect you to older blog entries.

Today, I would like to address a particular question that seems to hover around Guild Wars 2 PvE content:

"If there is no specific "end-game" in Guild Wars 2, how do players achieve a sense of accomplishment from PvE?

What if I've played through all the dynamic events and their chains, before the developers have time to create new ones?"


This is

The Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Cinematic

By: Gunpen in Guild Wars 2posted at 12:52 am Jul 01,2011

Tags: Guild Wars 2 


Source from ArenaNet : http://www.arena.net/blog/dungeon-cinematics

Hey everyone, Horia Dociu here. As the Cinematic Department Lead, I’m very excited to share with you one of our team’s favorite dungeon cinematics – the Ascalonian Catacombs intro.

These cinematics play at the key moments of the story mode in each of the eight dungeons in Guild Wars 2, setting the mood and delivering valuable info. Stylistically, we’re pushing the concept of a visual storybook as a form of communicating to the player – we want the cinematics to feel like moving paintings.

There were a lot of technical challenges we had to overcome to achieve the deceptively simple and elegant look of our painterly, storybook cinematics. Our cut-scenes are rendered in real time and are formatted t

The Guild, Web-Series about MMO Gamers, Season 4 in Three Days!

By: miwhite in defaultposted at 8:57 pm Jul 10,2010

Tags: The Guild  Web Series  Felicia Day  Guild Wars 2 


The Guild is a web-series about a group of gamers who all play an MMO together, the show encompases the lives on the game, and also their real lives. While there is no really MMO that they play in the show, all gamers can relate to the characters. The show is obviously extremely comical and I HIGHLY recommend watching it. If asked to describe the show I would say it is similar to The Office with its style of filming that is more like a personal home movie and confessions from the main character at times.

One of the best parts about the show is that the main actress, Felicia Day, writes and directs all of the episodes! Now for you unfortunate people who have never heard of the beautiful Felicia Day... she also does voice acting for Guild Wars 2!! Check out the "Guild Wars

MMO's Are Whores?

By: gamerXtreme in Blade and Soulposted at 6:28 pm Sep 04,2009

Tags: games  mmo  quality  rant  c9  guild wars  Guild wars 2  WoW   


excuse the grammar i just want to see how fast i can type 

 I hate this in games alot of games are copying WoW. Not thinking that WoW is it's own game and shouldn't be copied. I know people say its crap i get it. So what about the other countless other mmo's that suffer from this problem. Like all 1/2 of games from korea or japan are really terrible anime games with crap music. That try to copy maple story. Dont bother saying that Korea is a power house for mmo's. Its more like Whore who cant stop making  stupid babes but only a few are actually seem promising like B&S, C9, Guild Wars and ect.  I also hate games that dont even finsh easy basic things about games like having sound affects. Today I was play RoM, trying something new ( before you say it's sucks think about your crap korean mmo. That excluse that good ones.) then i realized that the sound affects were way off and are shitty. I also wonder would it kill them to make good monser AI.

I want to see diffrent games ... better quality games. Eventhough its free it still as mircrotranactions. So basically i got this free crappy game and i am playing to make this crap seem less crap. Well crap is crap

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