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ArenaNet Studio by GamerLive.TV

By: ExcEsc in Guild Wars 2posted at 8:16 pm May 07,2012

Tags: guild  wars  2  arenanet  studio 


Guild Wars 2 Marketing Lead Chris Lye Gives a Guided Tour of ArenaNet's New Bellevue Studio

ArenaNet Writer Jeff Grubb Discusses the Story of Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet Founder Mike O'Brien Discusses NCsoft Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 PvP Systems Designer Matt Witter Talks World vs. World Gameplay

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum Breaks Down the Classes

Exitializ Guild for Guild Wars 2

By: ExcEsc in Guild Wars 2posted at 8:01 pm Dec 19,2011

Tags: exitializ  guild  wars  2  guildwars2  gw2 


Exitializ Guild, a competitive and now an international gaming community has started its recruitment for Guild Wars 2. Provided below is the Guild's introduction for you to know more about the community or you may check out Guild Wars 2 Journal's latest Guild Spotlight


Exitializ, a word that embody Fatality, Destruction and reflects the dark side, we go by the name as to contradict its true form; to give life, to support and to construct a community that cares for each individual and harness their potential. As to be a root foundation of informative and meaningful contents. Exitializ, is your source of power an greatness.

As our dictum proclaim: “Furnishing life for existence, defying the Exitial”, a line that signifies life and creation in all that is fatal and de

A Look Ahead

By: Oliase in All gamesposted at 6:20 pm Sep 11,2009

Tags: aion  borderlands  mythos  diablo  ava  guild  wars  dungeon 


Hey everyone, this is my first article in awhile as I took some time off for other obligations. I assume I'm still part of the Writer's Club, and I will hopefully be publishing more articles in the upcoming weeks.


This article is a look ahead towards the end of this year and into the beginning of next year at the top titles to be released.



Of course, how could I not list Aion. I've heard many opinions on the game and I've played throughout the betas as well. Despite the common excitement over the game, I don't think the game will be that big of a deal. Besides the great graphics, the game doesn't seem to do what many people have asked for in a game over the past couple years. There's nothing that new or innovative, and the combat system isn't anything special (Although the combo bar is cool). I think the game will be popular at the start like Warhammer Online was, but I believe it will follow the same fate and die off. I think it will sustain enough active players to be a top-runner in the industry, but it's certainly not going to steal away many WoW players, perhaps it will take some from Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online though.

In addition, here'

Warhammer F2P?

By: xzaio in Warhammer Onlineposted at 10:31 pm Nov 12,2008

Tags: warhammer  online  guild  wars  arena  net  mythic  entertai 


As anyone can see the current status of Warhammer, or should I say "Fail" Hammer, due to Mythic's mistake with the servers and the lack of a solid community. A lot of players are leaving the game and are returning to their "home game", Warhammer may have to do what ArchLord did, go F2P, but not in a sense of download > install > play. More like Guild Wars, Buy Game > Install > Playe > Buy Expansion > By Bonus Stuff > Play some more > Buy Expansion, like that. What Guild Wars did with their system was (and still is) successful, Arena Net & NcSoft (Maker and distributors of Guild Wars) are boasting a player enviorment of 5.3 million players, no too bad. I bet, maybe even promise, that if Mythic used the same or similar method, their player pool would increase a lot.



Top Guild Contest

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 7:25 pm Oct 13,2008

Tags: mwo  mmo  rpg  Guild  Contest 


Our Guild is our second family in game. We make friends with fellow guild members and share much fun of MWO. We are brothers and sisters with the same goal to make our guild more and more powerful. Now there is an excellent opportunity for you to win honor for your guild: the Top Guild Contest! By joining in the contest, you can win up to three prizes for your guild: Big Company, Elite Members and Entrepreneurship.

Big Company:This is the award for guilds whose members’ level summations are the top 3 of the server when the event ends.

Elite Members:This is the reward for guilds whose members’ average levels are the top 3 of the server when the event ends.

Entrepreneurship:This is the reward for guilds whose new member counts are among the top 3 of the server when the event ends. The new members must be the ones who sign up a guild during the event window. A new guild which is set up after the event starts will not be eligible.

Event Time Window:

0:01 am PDT on Oct. 13, 2008 – 23:59 PDT on Oct.26, 2008

Event Server:

All servers

Event Prize

Big Company:

First Place: three packs of guild resource include stone, wood, sulfur, mercury, crystal

Second Place: two packs of guild res

Summerbreakevent on 24th June 2007

By: Deedo in Flyffposted at 7:34 am Jun 16,2008

Tags: flyff  deedo  schwarzeseelen  schwarze seelen  guild  summer 


I still remember the exciting day as if it was yesterday. We – the 3 guildleader – wanted to give our member a special and extensive guildevent where they should have a lot of fun.

Then this event should maked up for a farewell and a great memory because there are less member online in summer – they prefer to lie on the beach or something else in real life.

This event started with a meeting near the lighthouse in SaintMorning. When all guild-members arrived our guildleader started with his salutatory and a short description of our event. After this our guild formed a line next to [Station Tina] and discipline 1 began – “Run for Fun”!


The countdown started – on your marks, get set, go! And then all member run as quick as a flash along the race course, down the steps of SaintMorning, across the square straight to the “PvP-Arena”.

When they all arrived discipline 2 began – “Sudden Death PvP-Match”! This means that everyone fighted against everyone but buffs und ress were forbidden until the last member survived the battle. Everything happened as it had to happen – our highlvl member that time won the fight

Traveling in Packs?

By: Lushy in defaultposted at 9:13 am Jun 15,2008

Tags: guild  gaming  travel 

To my surprise, again I am apparently behind in my own times, that guilds from a game cross worlds with each other, playing on other games as well. I’m not talking about a few friends, but an entire guild of 20+ people. Whether you’re playing a raid in World of Warcraft or grouped up in a F2P such as Perfect World, your guild, the voice chat server/channel you use to speak on, as well as the guild’s name usually remains the same.

I suppose once you find a group of people you prefer to play with, constants are the key in maintaining a decently formed guild…even though I find the idea a bit creepy. As a former avid WoW player and raider, perhaps it’s my non-addictive personally that led me down the path of packing up and leaving, without giving so much as a notice. I’m not suggesting that my methods are fair… or right, nor do I believe that my guild(s) from previous games think highly of me, but that’s the joy of jumping around games until you find a place you enjoy.

I like to consider myself a gypsy of MMO’s, moving from place to place as if it were in my nature, but this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. There are those of us

Guild Wars Horrifies Players with Halloween Madness

By: Komido in defaultposted at 7:02 pm Oct 23,2007

Tags: halloween  gw  guild  wars 



Guild Wars enthusiasts beware. The King of Madness is upon you once again as Tyria and Elona prepare for the Halloween season. The ghostly monarch will be haunting the Tyrian port of Lion’s Arch in the North Kryta Province and the Elonian port of Kamadan on Istan between Friday, October 26th, and the witching hour on All Hallows Eve (11:59 p.m. Pacific time on October 31st).

Mad King Thorn has a very cutting sense of humor. He may reward those unfortunate or foolish enough to encounter him with a quick death or rain ghastly gifts upon them. Players can expect:

    An all-new opportunity for fun and rewards opens this year with the Costume Brawl! Come to the party dressed as one of many famous Guild Wars characters and fight your way to rewards! Check out the Costume Brawl page for more information!A returning favorite, the wandering Teller of Tales, will once again delight audiences with his stories of woe in both Lion’s Arch and Kamadan.Peculiar collectors will set up shop in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan, peddling their spooky wares in exchange for various items.Two towns bedecked on holiday finery will greet you. Can you say “photo op?” Why, yes! You’ll find the perfect place for those spec

[GW] 100,000 Dollars Tournament Series June Championships this Weekend!

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 2:49 am Jun 25,2007

Tags: guild  wars  Tournament  Series 

 Guild Wars ?100,000 Tournament Series June Championship PrizesArenaNet would like to thank the following sponsors of the ?100,000 Tournament Series June Championship for their support.ATI Technologies (E

Guild Wars New Official Wallpaper

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 7:40 pm May 16,2007

Tags: guild  wars  wallpaper 

We recently changed the log-in screen for many of the locations within the Battle Isles. In response to player request, we are happy to offer the new log-in screen image in the form of a new Guild Wars wallpaper. You
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