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Ammunition's Stance And Guide During Cross Fire's Hack Outbreak

By: Ammunition in Cross Fireposted at 9:31 pm Mar 10,2013

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    There is not much to really say about the Cross Fire hack outbreak. Lately there has been a lot of hackers roaming about and ruining games for many and I mean many players. I have seen countless threads, comments and reports on the hacking situation on Cross Fire and I am here to give my foresight and feedback regarding the situation. Also if you are looking for a guide, at the end of the article I will give you step by steps to submit a report on a hacker.

    There is one thing that I have to address, Cross Fire is not a dead game. It is still going strong in both updates and competitively. Combat Arms had 3 years of a hack outbreak when I started. But just recently it has finally combated the hackers so well that even I haven't seen very man

All it takes is one shot to the head.

By: Ammunition in defaultposted at 2:51 pm Feb 09,2012

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So here is the deal playing in FPS games, many people wonder how did they die by a long range rifle user. Is it luck, skills, or even hacks? The true answer to that is luck and skills (I don't include hackers as usual players.) Luck would be one of it because sometimes when you aim and shoot a players head, it would hit on the neck counting it as a body shot rather than a instant head shot. Skills would be self explanatory as you need a some what reasonable point and click skills to receive a lot of head shots.

As you may all know that when playing a FPS game that a head shot is a game changer. Those who die by a head shot usually does not have enough time to react, or you, the player just saved yourself from dying first in a head to head combat. Head shots which are usually a 1 hit death, often becomes hard to hit due to the smaller size ration than the body/legs. If timed and shot correctly then it would be an instant finisher in most games. Games such as AVA, Combat Arms, and Pro

How to get your Level 30 Talisman in Zentia

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 7:31 am May 14,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  free  guide  talisman 


 Of course you can complete the Water Palace instance to receive the level 30 Talisman, but there is another way. 

Varja Guardians, Raksha Warriors, Master Summoners, and Blade Wardens

    Achieve Rank 9 in the Imperial Regime, andCollect 20 Raider Bronze Medals

To achieve Rank 9, and earn raider bronze medals, you'll need to complete quests given by the Provinical Officer in Pond City Center. 

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Once you've achived rank 9 and collected the 20 raider bronze medals, you can visit the Storehouse Keeper (in the same building as Governor Lu behind the Provincial Officer) to purchase your talisman.

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Divine Enchanter, Fire Mage, Stormlord, and Dark Revernant
    Achieve Rank 9 in the Immortal Guild, andCollect 20 Cypress Pendants

Halloween Event -- Tricks of the trade.

By: Itto_Rushu in defaultposted at 7:43 pm Oct 25,2010

Tags: MMOsite  Halloween  Event  Itto_Rushu  Itto  Guide  Blog 


Just wanted to say if your not playing the MMOsite halloween event and are reading this, then you should be. Its excellent and quite rewarding in the process. I have been playing since about mid-day on launch and thus far have been able to keep up with the top leaders.... although its REALLY HARD. At the time of writing this I just managed to grab number 1 spot on both scoreboards. yay me, i have no life. lol.

Some would say im really lucky but im not, just kinda lucky / unlucky in my real life situation at the moment. I'm currently out of work (thats the unlucky bit) but I have a spare laptop which is accessable easily whilst on another computer. So I have the event open 24/7 for me to click on while doing other stuff. The reason i'm telling you all this is to ask what it is you do? What "tricks of the trade" do you employ be competitive in an excellent event? Here is what i do to try stay ahead.

1) Do the math, I click around twice a second on aver

An Introduction to Stamina and Fatigue

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:10 pm Aug 29,2010

Tags: stamina  fatigue  basic  guide  introduction 


As of late, a lot of games have decided to implement a fatigue system. However, they like to call it stamina because it sounds better and act like it provides benefits. Most of the time, it is not stamina but rather a fatigue system. They are quite different but one is clearly meant to be something to benefit the players while others are clearly done to limit the progress of players. Just pay close attention to it and see which category it falls into.

Stamina (the Good):

Stamina is something that is used to help players who do not play as long as everyone else. It typically provides an exp boost based on how long they were offline for. The purpose of this is to ensure that they have a chance to compete against others by making it easier to level at least a bit. In the long run, it keeps the casual gamers around longer because they can keep up with the grinders. Although they tend to fall behind, its usually enough to stop them from just quitting the game. Of course, a fairly even level c

Check Out TwelveSky 2, By Mayn Interactive

By: Godcrusher in Twelve Sky 2posted at 2:48 pm May 11,2009

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What is TwelveSky 2?
TwelveSky 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game otherwise known as a MMORPG. There are probably many MMORPGs in the computer gaming world, but let me tell you about TwelveSky 2. TwelveSky 2 can be considered a remake or a sequel to TwelveSky 1, both developed by Alt1. TwelveSky 1 was entertaining and fun, athough outdated it provided a great experience in its field and one of the longest I’ve played. TwelveSky 2 comes back better than before with updated graphics yet keeping the same concept.


Why TwelveSky 2?
There's dozens to hundreds of free online games in cyberspace, so why play TwelveSky 2? First of all, you may already be bored of the ones already out so try a new game. There are ton of new games coming out each month and especially the past year. TwelveSky 2 personally has a unique and quick paced PvP. Although some may disagree and claim it to be a flaw, how many active games out there have a simialr PvP? Games now are flooded with the so called "Intense PvP" some people like. Are they really intense? I'll discuss this another time but if you want fast quick paced PvP try TwelveSky 2.

The major reason many would

Silkroad Guide: Cleric healing guide

By: fantasy11123 in Silkroad Onlineposted at 6:45 am Jul 21,2008

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This is a piece of writing from Joymax Silkroad Online official site weekly best tips, the author is (Greece)Aisab

Title: Cleric healing guide

Healing with no aggro.

Being a tanker will feel secure that there will be constant healing while he tanks. Most of the time a stupid cleric will get aggro on himself which will result in healer running around and not healing. That leaves the tanker dead. This means the wizards will die if mobs are not tanked. And whole party will be disbanded eventually.

Healing skill that have no aggro:
Heal cycle. (the description says 150% aggro - it is bullshit)

Healing technique:
Here is how you should heal a tanker.
Always cast heal cycle on the tanker. (last 16 secs)
Do not cast any other spells on the tanker, heal cycle is enough. Prepare to use recovery if the heal cycle is not sufficient.

Recovery aggros, but usually when you use it on the tanker, he have already aggro the mobs around him enough for recovery not to aggro the mobs.

Healing other party members fast:
Other members maybe stupid enough to aggro the mobs around them. They will get hit and health will drop fast. It is impossible to select them and heal them fast enough.

Spells that do a

How to Install Shadow of Legend v.

By: odimok in Shadow Of Legendposted at 6:23 pm Feb 02,2008

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Installation Instructions

Before you run the current v., you have to install v. first, flowing is the installation instruction for v.0. 5. 0. 0

1. Version requires a fresh installation.  If you have an earlier version installed, please uninstall it and click the link below to download the latest SOL installer.
    Click the "Download" button to download the Shadow of Legend Installer.  Due to the large size of the installation file, it is recommended that you use a download manager tool to download the file. 
    You can also use a BitTorrent tool to download the installation file.  Two popular download managers that support BitTorrent download are FlashGet and BitComet.
    Run the installation package.  After the installation of the program is completed, a shortcut named "Shadow of Legend" should appear on your desktop.  

2. v. patch Installation Instruction:

◆ Download v. patch: Click here to download 
◆ Unzip the file you download
◆ Copy all files under "shadow of legend" from the patch to the folder "shadow of legend" of your installation and overwrite all the files

3. Click on the shortcut

World of Warcraft Trusted and Fraud Merchants List + Scammer Prevention

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 8:26 pm Jun 19,2007

Tags: wow  guide 

This list is a Innerspace (Botting Community) forum member compiled database of Merchants relating to World of Warcraft commodities. The purpose of this list is to serve as an index of trusted and fraud merchants. This i

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