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Zentia Discipline System

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 11:11 am May 16,2011

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 The Discipline Sytem is a new 1.2 feature. This is different from your class skills, and typically available for higher levels. 

Disciplines are special skills with one of two effects. Learn Effects and Equip Effects. 

Learn Effects are passive effects that permanently increase your basic attributes. There are no limitations to Learn Effects, but it will cost XP and money to learn and upgrade these disciplines. 

Equip Effects are special attributes or skills that you can equip. Different Equip Effects may have specific requirements to equip, such as only being available for specific classes. 

Discipline Window
To open the window, click the button as shown below (available to levels 30+)

The squares displayed is an Equip slot. You can take advantage of an Eq

How to get good lower level equipment in Zentia

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 2:04 pm May 10,2011

Tags: zentia  F2P  mmo  event  free  guide  crafting 


 You can get good lv20 equipment that will last for a while by completing some life skill quests. Since we can only learn 2 at a time (unless you pay 10g in a guild), you'll be learning and forgetting these skills. To get leather, you'll need hunting, hardwood from collecting, and copper ingot from mining.

You can do these quests in any order that makes sense to you, ending with whichever 2 life skills you want to keep. Later you can add more life skills from your guild, or make alts for additional life skills (you can run up to 3 clients). 

Clothes Master
Learn Clothes Making Lv1 - 1silver
Accept quest
Buy Sewing Kit - 2silver
Make Common Robe - 5 thin leather
Turn in quest, receive 2000exp
Receive Cobalt Gown - Blue +20 def and +7 all other attributes
Collect Daily Masters Gift 10 Thin Leather 100 exp
Forget Clothes making

Belt Master
Learn Belt Making 1silver
Accept quest
Buy Measuring Tape - 2silver
Make Common Belt - 5 thin leather
Turn in quest, receive 2000exp
Receive Sa

Incar Guide (Very Opinionated )

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 5:39 am Aug 08,2007

Tags: 2moons  incar  guide 

Author:zetherLet me just first of all point outthat is guide was made shortly after CB, and has very baias opinionsabout Perfect Mage Build, which I\'m sure you are all only reading thisfor. This guide is aimed at

A Brief Starter Guide of 2Moons

By: Falkner in defaultposted at 11:10 pm Jul 31,2007

Tags: 2moons  starter  guide 

This guide is translated form Chinese Version of Dekaron, hope this will be of some help when OB starts.

Incar Magician

A noble female class, like in other games, they are weak in constitution,

but their power of magic absolutely compensates this defect. If one shot

your opponent is your style, you should give this class a try.

Magicians are predestined to level faster than the other classes for the

mastery of long-distance attacks and the magicl power. Apart from the

three basic series, namely fire, ice and lightning, magicians can use some

system-specific skills such as "Energy Jab", which you have already

learned when you are born.

Mobs to hunt by level(1~15).
LV 1~4
Spider Raba(lv.2), Spider(lv.4). {Braiken Castle}
Blaberus(lv.2), Morphas(lv.4). {Loa Castle}
Hint: Just use "Energy Jab" to hit and run, you are a mage.
Don't throw the equipments you get away, you can sell them for Dils

(Currency in game) if you don't need them.

LV 4~7
Spider(lv.4), Agama(lv.6), Spider Soul(lv.8) {North Ares}
Morpha(lv.4), Agama(lv.6), Morlock(lv.8) {North Morte}
Hint: Now that you're level 7, you can go back to town and get to the

skill master of your class, use the Dils you farmed to buy your a skill.

Runescape Money Making Runecrafting Guide

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 8:46 pm Jul 10,2007

Tags: runescape  guide  gold 

This runecrafting guide includes mining rune essence, which I would recommend getting a high level. If you don't have high level mining or can't buy the essence, then read my Runescape Money Making Guide . Before you s

8 Golden Tips

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:25 pm Jun 07,2007

Tags: freestyle  guide  yf 

So after playing Freestyle for a bit, I\'ve come to notice a few things. Here I\'ll post 8 tips for people that are just starting out Freestyle, and for those that just don\'t seem to learn (no dis intended).1) Consider

The Guard Dunk, Finger-Roll and Layup Guide

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:22 pm Jun 07,2007

Tags: freestyle  guide  yf 

By MunkTheQuick First of all, this guide is meant for these types of guards:- Tallest PG starting from low as level 15- Tallest SG starting fairly low with jump shoes- Any SG or PG with (I think?) above 20 jump attri

[RF]korea 1.5 update

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 8:29 pm Jun 01,2007

Tags: rf  guide  forum  korea 

Necklace items Necklace item The shame of item it could be changed.The necklace of the mutation which is enormousDividing Bell toe Nose Arc ley poem OhAttack power increase 21 ~ 25% 21 ~ 25% 21 ~ 25%Defensive strength in

Warriorbuilds [Str/Dex], Experiences of myself for Newbies

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 10:55 pm May 22,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

Author - EisWolfHello everyone. Because there\'s alot of rumors, tutorials, guessings, facts and such about the STR vs. DEX facts on warriors [and my mainchar is a warrior himself..], I were, as I began, for sure int

New stuff lvl 50 Xp unlock Help

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:38 pm May 20,2007

Tags: rf  guide  forum 

By jetstormRight soon as you hit lvl 50 you have to do a unlock quest to carry on lvling again...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off Kill 50 calliana archer

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