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Revelation Online-Spiritshaper PvE Healer Skill Build

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 6:15 pm Feb 23,2017

Tags: guide  revelation  spiritshaper  heal  skill  build  arcane 


Revelation Online will finally enter Open Beta phase next week, and I decided to make a new guide for beginner healers in this game. It's a Spiritshaper Arcane Arts PvE healing build, hope it will help those, who want to heal in this game. Enjoy!

Black Desert Online - Mini Guide - The Grinder's Path

By: KradisZ in Black Desertposted at 1:52 am Feb 10,2017

Tags: black desert  guide  grinding  new player 

In Black Desert Online there is a lot of grinding, that being said it's pretty much like all of any other kind of MMO wherein grinding exists.
Those saying MMOs are too grindy shouldn't really be surprised as MMOs are persistent environments and are games that don't have an endpoint conclusion like singleplayer games and I've rarely seen an MMO in the past decade that is void of any kind of grind.

Leveling isn't the only thing to do but if you're glued and tunnel visioned into thinking you need to get to the max level to enjoy anything that is completely false as you'll be reaching depression/burnout more likely having to hit that 600million+ gearwall to upgrade.
If you ever reach that stage, then yes you've made it quite far into the combat section of the game.

Your leveling journey is from 1-60+, everything else if you decide to pursue and try everything else those are other journeys of multiple kinds that can cause choice paralysis due to the amount of things to do in t

Revelation-Guild System Explained

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 2:12 pm Sep 25,2016

Tags: revelation  guild  system  guide 


Hello guys!

I just made a new voice guide video about the guild system in Revelation Online! I hope it will be useful for some of you, enjoy!

UPDATE: You should check out my remake video about this, with more ingame footage, better quality, and more detail: 

Black Desert: New Player Easy Passive Money Guide

By: Scion Storm in Black Desertposted at 6:33 am Sep 12,2016

Tags: Black Desert  Guide  Money Guide  Fishing  Grinding 


I made this guide to cover easy money for new players. It's straight forward and to the point. As a new player it maybe a little daunting and expansive to understand the game. It has a lot of mini games and systems, all of that takes time to learn. I made this as simple as possible where you need no one to help you.
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[Blade & Soul NA] Sundering Nexus Guide!

By: GregBNS in Blade and Soulposted at 9:09 am Jun 27,2016

Tags: BNS  Blade  And  Soul  Sundering  Nexus  Be  Ido  Guide  wal 


Hey guys! It's Greg, and here is a quick guide to sundering nexus, I am trying a new mic out so the settings were different in each video, and the second video sounds noticeably better.  I hope the guides help! :)

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Part 1:

Part 2:

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Heroes of the Storm Master Chromie!

By: Mimiron in Heroes of the Stormposted at 8:06 pm May 18,2016

Tags: hots  chromie  heroes of the storm  guide 


Chromie went live on Tuesday in Americas and on Wednesday in Europe. Following her release, we have some information at our disposal regarding popular builds as well as tips.

Abilities Breakdown

Below you'll find a breakdown of Chromie's abilities. Note her awesome trait that makes her earn talents a level before anyone else, meaning you're Heroic Ability is available at Level 9 and so forth, standard talent availability applies -1 level.

Hero Spotlight

Following yesterday's patch (Europe), Blizzard has released an official spotlight for Chromie along with ability overview, giving valuable gameplay tips.

Popular Builds

Chromie currently has a win rate of 31.2% on HotsLogs. Note that only 3,129 games have been played thus far according to HotsLogs so we may get different results in a w

The Guide to the Judgment of Hell Dungeon (VoH)

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 1:20 am Jul 25,2007

Tags: 9dragons  guide  VOH 

Okay, this is my first time writing such a detailed guide, but I?ve seen many requests for a VoH dungeon guide. This guide is for everyone who has not done the VoH, and is wondering what it?s like inside. I?ve been i

SOTNW: New Guide To Stances and Skills

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 7:47 pm Jun 24,2007

Tags: Sword of the New World  Guide  Stances  Ski 


Each class in Sword of the New World develops a powerful array ofcombat stances. Combat stances give characters their unique skills,abilities, and weapon options. Characters will possess a small numberof stances at creation, while the advanced stances are learned bystudying stance books at designated levels. Those books can bepurchased from select NPCs or earned by completing quests. Stances areleveled through combat, and with each stance level up, skill points areawarded. The more points assigned to a skill, the more powerful thatskill becomes. Some MMO veterans will be familiar with stances forwarrior type classes, which typically switch between basic offense anddefense options. Sword of the New World takes stances way beyondthat... and for every class!

Sword of the New World promises to offer more gameplay for eachplayer than any other MMORPG. Controlling up to three characters at atime, with the ability to switch between an assortment of stances andskills, delivers unmatched variety and depth. The links above will givean introductory sampling of select stances and their related skills forthe basic five classes. By seeing just some of the stances and skillsfor these charac

Thief Guide Lv 1-75

By: flamedust in defaultposted at 7:37 pm Dec 01,2006

Tags: ffxi  thief  Lv 1-75  guide  final fanta 

I remember a few posts where people said "Why does the THF forum have so many posts?". While many of the responses to that were optimistic and nice, I have to think that the main reason was this: Everyone asks the same q

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