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Vindictus - Mastering Arisha is confusing, so many functions! Here's a guide for you!

By: KradisZ in Vindictusposted at 11:30 pm Jan 11,2015

Tags: vindictus  arisha  guide  tutorial 


Hey everyone, so today I'm bringing you the Arisha guide for the new hero in Vindictus released in Dec. 17, 2014.

It took me a long while to think of how to present this to you simply because Arisha has so many different mechanics that it's very unorthodox to play her to maximum efficiency compared to the other heroes.

So I made it to max level in about two weeks level 85. Freaking brutal but whatever I did it just to bring this guide haha. WORTH IT!

Arisha's a strange one, her smash attack key is only to toss out mana crystal/retrieve it, and her normal attack key is to make normal attacks into smash attacks.

She has two attack modes, mana blade and regular. Mana blade makes her dps skyrocket beyond anything else, however it drains Mana and STAMINA VERY quickly. Arisha is the ONLY charact

Diablo: 1 Billion Gold An Hour? No Problem!

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 2:10 pm Sep 29,2014

Tags: Guide  Gold  Diablo  Reaper of Souls  D3 


At this point of the game, you probably won't need a large amount of gold, but if you've been unlucky with rerolling and Enchanting starts to cost too much, this guide is definitely for you.


Boon of the Hoarder Legendary Gem, obtainable from Greed inside Greed's Domain in Reaper of Souls. Legendary Gems can be socketed in rings and amulets worn by a character and provide dramatic changes and bonuses that represent huge upgrades over any normal gem in-game.

This particular gem has the following property:

25% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold. Upgrade rank grants +1.5% chance on kill. With Rank #25 unlocked, you'll gain 30% increased movement speed for 3 seconds after picking up gold.

Now combine this with Custerian Wristguards with their secondary s

Vindictus - Mastering Lynn is difficult, Turn the Princess into a Battle Goddess

By: KradisZ in Vindictusposted at 1:27 am Jul 15,2014

Tags: vindictus  lynn  guide  tutorial  mastery 


Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Because I just finished a marathon of a grind since Lynn's release and reached level 80 in 12 days and then took a long break of resting and other work to recover.

Yes 12 days. It was gruesome. But I did it. Otherwise I wouldn't have this title. Battle Goddess Lynn.

During that journey of massive grind I found Lynn to be extremely difficult to master for any newcomer. Myself loving difficulty and skillful game play I was very enticed with Lynn's style of gaming and quickly picked up on all her strengths by about level 40. Lynn herself is very easy to play, but mastering her to full potential is extremely hard and for any newcomer it's brutal.

Why is it brutal to master?

I'll tell you why, her unique feature is landing Enhanced Zhen Smas

Everything That Awaits you in Mists of Pandaria

By: Stan D in defaultposted at 8:47 am Sep 20,2012

Tags: Mists of Pandaria  video  guide  Mimiron  mop 


Blizzard has been hard at work preparing one of Azeroth's biggest content updates, giving players even more gampleay options in World of Warcraft than ever before. See for yourself what the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, has to offer.

The video provides a complete overview showcasing eight zones, seven scenarios, nine dungeons, three raids, two battlegrounds, one arena, 300 daily quests, monks, pirate monkeys, and so much more!

Are you excited about the launch of Mists of Pandaria ? For more information about launch times, click here.

For an extensive Survival Guide, covering all the needed information about valor & justice and/or honor/conquest points click here.

A guide to GW2's WvW PvP

By: dulfy in Guild Wars 2posted at 5:13 pm Jul 12,2012

Tags: wvw  gw2  guild wars 2  pvp  world vs world  guide 


Hey everyone, one of the big feature of GW2’s PvP system is WvW or World vs World. This is an open world PvP system with an element of siege warfare to it. If you have never tried WvW before, the system can be quite daunting so hopefully this guide will help you understand how it all works!

Getting There

Open up your Hero Window by pressing H, and then select the last tab (PvP tab). Once you are there, press the button called Go to the Heart of the Mists.

This will teleport you to the PvP lobby. If this is your first time there, you might be teleported the training area (a separate zone called Memories of the Past). In that case, you need to run north until you zone into Hall of Memories.

Once you are at the lobby, head to the Asura Gate just west of the entrance.

This Asura gate will po

TERA - Sinestral Manor Walkthrough

By: raptorak in TERAposted at 3:52 pm Jun 22,2012

Tags: tera  cultists refuge  guide 


The Sinestral Manor instance is the second one you come across within TERA. This has a minimum entrance level of 26 and can be entered either manually or by using the dungeon group matcher. It is a step up from the first instance, Bastion of Lok, and as such is a bit tougher. Throughout this dungeon, use the following map as a guide of where to go:

As you traverse through the dungeon, you will run across many different trash mobs. There really aren't any tricks you'll need to know for these, although many of them can be skipped (a lot of mobs are ranged, so as long as you're out of their range, such as by following walls, you can skip a lot). It is recommended that you do not skip mobs, though, as you will earn more experience by killing everything, as well as complete more of the repeatable quests!

Boss 1 - Kagaron

The first room you'll come across with a boss is #1, which houses Kagaron (who is considered as being optional but there's no reason not to kill him). In the room

FireFall: A Chosen Patrol How Not To Quick Guide

By: DogManDan in FIREFALLposted at 6:26 am Jun 14,2012

Tags: FireFall  Red 5 Studios  MMO  Guide  Fail 


This is exactly as the title suggests. It is a how NOT to guide, and yes I did this on purpose! Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading and watch for many more posts to come in many of today's most popular games. If you want to know more about please feel free to follow me through the web or look me up at MMOSite.

Web Forums: http://www.nogcommunity.com

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I would like to thank MMOSite.com for the opportunity to post my views and allow the others around the world to see.

Mabinogi OB

By: AlchemicHermit in Mabinogiposted at 12:45 pm Mar 04,2008

Tags: Mabinogi  Review  Guide 

The Open Beta of Mabinogi will be beginning tomorrow the 5th of March. I plan to begin the open beta and write a continuous review and guide to the game. I hope it is beneficial to all those intending to play what seems

Reseting stats score for the 2nd time

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 2:44 am May 22,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

The finalized guide to reseting stats score for the 2nd timeAuthor - bibohotdogok its like this.. so long as your char is with in OC1 to RC 12 (aslong as total lvl is below 50) u can reset stats one more time u justn
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