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WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

By: burkhardt5 in defaultposted at 9:05 am May 15,2011

Tags: wow  hunter  leveling  quest  guide  world of warcraft 


If a WOW Hunter is new to you then read on to get some material to get you off to a good start. We will be going over the overall playing strategies most beneficial when using a Hunter in world of warcraft.

WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

A party needs someone to keep tracked of whats going on within the team, this is usually the Hunters job. Being an expert in long range weapons, the Hunter is great at pulling foes towards their team to ambush. Hunters are very adept in warning their party about long range enemies before the rest of the team would see them. The Hunters lack of self healing abilities are countered by their regular avoidance of hand to hand combat in group play.
Since the Hunter does not partake in melee combat they do not need to keep as much healing potions in their inventory therfore others might ask you to hold things for them. But the Hunter doesn’t just sit in the background. With the Auto Shot ability, the hunter can rapidly fire any long range we

WOW Mage Leveling & Quest Guide

By: burkhardt5 in World of Warcraftposted at 3:13 am Jan 14,2011

Tags: world of warcraft  wow  mage  leveling  quest  guide 


WOW Mage Leveling & Quest Guide
So you have decided to play a Mage in world of warcraft. If your new to the world of warcraft Mage you should find this information quite helpful. Here we will give a general overview of basic Mage leveling and some points on getting your Mage on it's way too the higher levels A.S.A.P.

The world of warcraft Mage is in many ways the same as in many other games. Generally the Mage is strong on intelligence and wisdom but lacking in strength and stealth. The world of warcraft Mage fits this description, but the strong magic that the Mage uses certainly makes up for any other weaknesses.
The Mage character class should stay clear of any hand to hand fighting, it is designed purely for fighting from a distance. The Mage
can deal out incredible damage but without any self healing capabilities the Mage does not bode well under fire.Some great benefits that a Mage provides for their party are conjuring of food and water, they have awesome offensive spell ca

WoW Rogue Mechanar Chest Soloing Guide

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 7:14 pm Jul 05,2007

Tags: wow  guide  rogue 

Rogues have long known one of the secret paths to thousands of WoW gold is through instance chests. These chests almost always drop great loot and sometimes even better loot than bosses in the instance. I’m not going t

Weapons Refinement/Ornament Binding Guide [Update Balance]

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 1:49 am Jun 08,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum  acclaim 

Author - amresh2kOk I am tired of people asking me about how to attach ornaments to slotted weapons. Some newbies also do not know where to find the materials for lvl1 & 2 refinement. Here is a post that will add

HD Entrance Exam Guide *Note* For BloodDemon-To-Be Only

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 9:02 pm May 22,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

Author - Slyboiok lets see what should we start at. ok first ill give you tip on stats. *~*Stats*~* Being a BD(BloodDemon)-wanna be, your stats should be similiar to those below when trying to enter the clan. GC8(Gat

3 types of warriors

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 8:19 pm May 22,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

Author - vericsilviaThere differnt types of warriors depending on what people what from a build Myself I like balance so I made a balanced warrior. Type 1 - Damage warrior The simplist warror of all you kill them bef

White Clan Party Quest: Lou Daiyan

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 12:32 am May 21,2007

Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

Author - DarkCrisisI\'ve never really written a guide before but I was feeling bored so what the heck. If one person finds this guide useful i\'d call it a success. White Clan Party Quest: Lou Daiyan Requirements:

Corite Archer Guide

By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:50 pm May 13,2007

Tags: rf  guide  Carizzi 

Note: Stock knowledge. This guide is only a theoretical one, this guide is done on the spot and I used all the information I have regarding the Archer job path. The level 40 jobs to be discussed here is the Stealer and t

Level your necro guide

By: mikymouse in defaultposted at 8:37 pm Mar 21,2007

Tags: guide  lvl up 

You are coming into your own as a Necromancer, and if you haven't yet, you will begin to take on multiple mobs, work with your crowd control abilities, and shine overall in both groups and solo play. You probably don't n
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