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How to get married in Zentia

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 8:05 am May 08,2011

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 This guide is more of a FAQ than a "how to get married walk-through". Hopefully all your questions are answered here. 

All Marriage NPC's are located in Capital City Square. 

Why should I get married? 
There are a lot of treasures you can buy to gain additional stats. There is also an instance you can do called Fate Island. You can enter the instance 5 times per day, but the quests have a 16hr cooldown. The instance is fairly easy consisting of 3 quests, 1 short escort quest, a quest with 2 waves of about 4-5 mobs, and collect 1 blue crystal in the instance. Each quest gives you good exp. I'm not sure if it varies by level, but at level 60, you get 180k exp. from each of the 3 quests. 

What is required to get married? 
Need to find a partner of the

[Zone 4] Pro Wrestling Guide by Evolution

By: nCuXoy in defaultposted at 12:13 am Aug 07,2010

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As you know Pro Wrestling is a Rush style which means it's a style based on grapple moves and kinda slow but strong hits. You start off as Rush but when you're level 10 you go to Randy Heart aka. The class promoter located: Look for the red arrow !!!

At level 10 you get to pick between Judo and Pro Wrestling when you're level 20 you get a new calss and so on and so on ...
With every single level up there's a skill that can be used: on lvl 10 Randy gift's you a skill and 1 more is unlocked, on lvl 12 you get 5 moves etc. So it's time for the pros and cons ^_^

1. You get a variety of grapple moves which are strong and drain a lot of H

Teleportation Guide Added

By: Falkner in defaultposted at 1:37 am Oct 24,2007

Tags: 2moons  connection  map  teleport  guide 


Updated the Connection Map page.

Now you can find all the teleporter's informations of 2Moons, finding your way to the area you wanna go to is getting easier^_^

View it here.

GE: How To Raid Bosses With Ease

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 8:27 pm Aug 28,2007

Tags: Granado Espada  guide 


I am going to feature 4 mini bosses that's nice to hunt when you've just reached the lvl cap (which is 100).


"The Golden Spider"


Lagoceleste has its secret well kept behind those nice waterfalls. A miniboss! As you can see on its details, it is accompanied by littlespiders (lvl 90) and has the least HP of the 4 bosses I'll talk abouthere. The best way to kill it is by first focusing on the its littlemates before soloing him. Use AOE spells to keep the little spider pigsat bay and then hit the big mama when they're all sleeping.

The spider deals splash damage on its normal attack so it is best to spread out urcharacters when dealing with it. It can also burn you. Its lone skillis "power attack", where in you see a bar above his head that indicatesits casting time. It is single target and is avoidable but you canspare sometime killing it by casting as spell in response to its skill.By doing so, its skilled is cancelled and you get a free hit! Wearinglvl 92 armors (or +6 84) and using 92 unique weapons (or overupgraded84,88 weapons with atk up) will help you own this monster with ease.

SUMMARY : Golden Spider
Loc: Lago Celeste
HP: 113,978
Skills: Power Attack
Drops: 80-84 equip, 88 unique b

WoW Guide Updated: Halaa PvP Tips

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 6:14 pm Aug 16,2007

Tags: wow  guide 


Halaa PvP tips

The neutral city of Halaa is prized for its strategic importance toboth factions. As a highly visible target, with its own unique rewards,the city is the focus for the world PvP that occurs in Nagrand.

By defeating enemy players in the city's vicinity, you gain HalaaBattle Tokens which can be redeemed for a selection of PvP-focusedrewards. You can purchase these rewards from special NPCs who onlyappear for the controlling side. Other vendors also sell specialjewelcrafting plans and gems to the side in control of Halaa.

In addition, friendly players in Nagrand get a buff of a +5% damageboost when the city is in their side's possession. The passive buffhelps for questing as well as fighting enemy players.

Besides the rewards, there are other motivations for fighting overHalaa. Foremost among these is that it's a fun objective. The feelingof fighting hard to take over a town with your allies, defeating theenemy, and seeing your side's flag raised in town can be verygratifying. You and your allies will surely feel a “woot!” coming onwhen you see it happen.

Attacking Halaa

Marshalling the TroopsThe side who controls Halaa receives several benefits when defending it from subse

          How to Kukgi. By: Ruby

          By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 10:47 pm Jun 07,2007

          Tags: freestyle  guide  yf 

          (borrowed this picture from Munk\\\'s post haha) Other than some of the pointers Munk gave on his post there are some other inputs in mastering the run-and-shoot type of play.In kukgi while you ride the through-pass you

          Look at this if you are warrior or going to be one!

          By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 12:24 am Jun 02,2007

          Tags: 9d  guide  forum  acclaim 

          Author - akilionOk so you guys are probably wondering how much your attributes add to stuff if you are a hybrid you can look to mmosite.com and look at the attributes I though it worked for warriors too but it doesn\

          Orrochimaru\'s Real Guide to Elite Gung Fu

          By: FS_MMOsite in defaultposted at 11:06 pm May 22,2007

          Tags: 9d  guide  forum 

          Author - shakaamaFIRST I\'d like to say thank you Acclaim and um the other company for putting together an AWESOME [and oh my god addcting ] game. This has got to be the most innovative game ever created in the MMORP

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