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Black Desert: Grinding Vs. Questing

By: DanielCsaki in Black Desertposted at 6:50 am Mar 05,2016

Tags: Black Desert  Questing  Grinding  Leveling  Exp  SP 


Now that Daum’s Black Desert is officially available, we had a closer look at leveling in the rather unusual and complex MMORPG from the East.

Players who are used to western MMORPGs and their generic questing system will be rather surprised from the ways you are supposed to level up your character in Black Desert. It currently seems that most of the experience points do not come from the quests themselves but mostly from the actual grinding.

Many of you probably noticed right from the start that killing mobs provides a rather high amount of exp. compared to quests. Quests are evidently necessary due to various benefits that they provide you with, including skill points, but don’t be surprised when you hand in 4-5 quests and your exp. bar hardly moves. During the CBT, I mostly strived to com

Why Do We Accept 'Grinding'?

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 7:58 am Feb 25,2012

Tags: drift city  maplestory  grinding  learning 


Maplestory had an major update or 'rework' on their client around last year, which they titled The Big Bang update. What this did was rework the entite system and calculations on how players enter the game and level up.

I think how the leveling up was reworked to allow players to quickly level up may of cheated many other players who previous played the game but I do believe some players do get the idea why a game like Maplestory would exsit and do such a thing, other then attracting more players and keeping business working.

I believe the previous players learnt to accept that MMOs would take commitment in MMO seriously, I think that's the big one.

I also think the players who gave up and never returned to MMO may of got annoyed with something with the game and left it. I think thi

3 Things MMORPGs overuse

By: LalaAbc in defaultposted at 3:42 pm Nov 01,2009

Tags: overuse  mmorpgs  cash shop  grinding  girls 


This is my first article, so please don't judge me really harshly. I'm just expressing my opinion. And if you say, "Who cares about your opinion?", then let me just say that I care about my opinion.Here are some things MMORPGS overuse:


1. Skimpy, half naked girls

Perfect World Elf

     Maybe you've never seen an MMORPG with girls with skimpy armor or clothes on, or maybe you have. I'm sick of all the skimpiness and revealing nature of those girls. I see them everywhere. A good example is the Perfect World International advertisements, with the elf and all. And the advertisements for Evony are too revealing as well. I understand it's to draw people in, but really! Think of something else other than that dirty, ecchi, and disgusting fanservice.


2. Grinding

Waste your life, man. Waste your life.

     Who hates grinding? I do. Yes, I have lived for many years with grinding in DOMO, but that's about as much as I can take. You spend hours of your life, trying to level up your character. But for what? Money? Fame? Friends? Items? To get a life? Of course, the answers vary according to the person. What if you want an item and it took your 4 months to get it. Then they come out with

MMO Games - Enter The Second Reality

By: emoexpressions in defaultposted at 7:32 am May 28,2009

Tags: games  mmo  online  addict  virtual  second world  grinding 


MMO Games - Enter The Second Reality


Like it or not, apart from the current selections that we already have, more and more MMO games are emerging and soon will be flooding this considerably active portion of gaming market with numerous major titles announced almost every quarter of a year since these past recent years. What does this means to us? More games to play, without a doubt but more importantly, would the accelerating pace of releases hurt the market in general? would it in time affect the target market itself - us, the players? There a lot to crunch with stats and stories all over the web regarding this issue and the future that some predicts with supporting facts but in this article, I'll elaborate and discuss only a part of it, focusing on the topic in as stated :)

--Enter the Second Reality

Some would say, which include myself sometimes, that riding the MMO games bandwagon is somewhat safe as long as we're in control. That is if we keep our priorities straight. Well to talk about that, before MMO games become one of the main agenda for almost all online gamers that participate, we used to have those supposedly less interactive offline (and some online) games

In Game Experience

By: Casaddy in defaultposted at 10:45 pm Feb 28,2009

Tags: EXP  experience  online game  grinding 


Almost all online games now have what they call "experience" and to a certain point makes you level up. but playing online, grinding is far more of a chore in the games that I played than just having fun. Free to play offers those things you can buy to make the game faster or easier but, after buying some of these items, like 2x exp, it seems that they give only a small portion of the experience than the label indicated "2x".

Why would the online game industry only give a portion of EXP? If they really give 2x the EXP I think, more players will buy that items and more characters will be created, = the more fun the game is. Are they afraid that if the players max out everything, they would get bored and leave? I think if we are on max, we will focus more on the game, FUN, PVP, Siege and the games feature rather than getting frustrated and bored on grinding. Its ok for me if I spend months on finding that rare item, but not ok if I bought the 2x EXP item that only last an hour or a day without leveling up. Where is the fun if I grind all day? I can't finish a quest a day because of my level. Partying, while some games featured if you party you get boost, but in re

Homecoming Game & Dance~ My First Experience

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 3:34 pm Oct 05,2008

Tags: homecoming  grinding  dancing  people 

Friday afternoon and night I helped work the German Club Bakesale booth.  It was my first job in buy/sell enviornment.  There were soo many babies out =^.^=  I love babies, but only when I can give them back...  Then, my friends forced me to go to the football game.  Soo freaking COLD.  Loved the food, oddly.  I left before it was over though.  Im surprised that we won, though.


Wow.  Yesturday night was just...wow.  I'll start from the beginning then.  Im guessing on some of the times though, I dont have THAT great of a memory.

Saturday - 1:00 pm
I just woke up to the sound of my nephew banging his fists against my little sister and I's bedroom door.  Turn to see what time it is... "Wow...I slept pretty late.  I have to eat lunch, do the laundry and vacuum before 7:30..."

1:15 pm-ish
All ready and I set off to eat lunch.  Yay ramen!!  I eat and watch my parents down the other end of the table...Yeah, yeah.  So, dad had already pulled the clothes off the line for me to fold.  Great.  I finish my ramen and do the clothes with lil sis.  Then I surf the web like always.


By: paupy in defaultposted at 11:50 am Sep 22,2008

Tags: grinding  leveling  RF online  codemasters  scifi 



ok !!! heres the deal i downloaded RF online !!!! I couldnt wait to play it even after the most confusing way to obtain an activation key i was still filled with determination !!!
          I made it into the game everything was great the graphics ,open evironment LOADS of features PVP,PVE ,PVPVE .This game has soooooooooo much potential but U KNO WAT REALLY GRINDS MA GEARS !!! I played the game for nearly 2 frikkin  hours! You kno where I got LEVEL BLOODY 5 thats right ya heard me level 5  and thats after some serious power leveling i was still level 5 !!!! why do mmorpg developers need to make u do so much bloody grinding !!!
         They are very simple solutions to slow leveling such as the kingdom quests in fiesta<3 I just dont understand why some people fing games like RF online fun when theyre are games where it doesnt take half your lifetime tryin to beat some nutcase mutt !!

maybe i shouldve went a girl in this one too XD (see my other blog ;D)

Remembering how I came to define "grind" for myself...

By: Raskolnikov in defaultposted at 6:40 am May 14,2008

Tags: MMO  grinding  PSO  WoW  AoC  rant 

I'm not here to argue semantics.  This is a reflection of the past, nothing more, nothing less.

My first game(or should I say, MMO) was Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast.  What a place to start!  This game was on online hack and slasher that really put the online part into the console world.  I was on my Dreamcast's 56k modem, complete with lag, disconnects, but I had a heck of a fun time.  My first character, named Snake, a RAmar(he got Yellowboze, and this was pre-BB if you're whipping out your ID calculators) got to level 76.

Seventy-six.  My first MMO and I was pretty high up.  I remember casting some end game spells like Grants, and if you know the mind stat growth of a RAmar, you know what that meant going through.  I lent my Dreamcast out shortly after, and got a VMU back sans-Snake, marking my leave of the PSO world for a few years.

Back then, I was on one of the second generation iMacs that could barely run Super Nintendo emulators without some sort of fit being thrown, so my only real option was Diablo 2.  I had one or two friends who loved the game and joined in, and we'd all play online in our happy, broken, 1.09 patched games, brutally murdering eachother in one

Various Ways Of People Handle The Grinding

By: Dexcross in defaultposted at 7:43 pm Mar 10,2008

Tags: Grinding  Chat  Quest  Rare Items  Bosses  DOMO  Pirate King 


Hell yeah, grinding is BORING!  But I have seen and getting amazed on how people ACTUALLY REALLY can handle it!  There’s time when I felt, “Nobody can stand this!” during my hunting on certain level.  But the next day I login to the game, my fellow guildmate is already pass the same level when the day before we were at the same level!  What really more amazed me is a few days later, he is way beyond my current level!  That left me with a really big question: how the hell did he handle that grinding???


One of my friend did a little research.  Although it’s just for fun (not for published research), but he really test it statistically.  For those of you who don’t need any scientific facts, just skip to the next paragraph.  My friend did this to his friends as a sample for his non parametrical Factor Analysis method.  The dependent variable is grinding durability, while the independent variables are shown in the order below according to their factor load.  He used a 10% alpha.  So the result displayed here is not in random order but rather in hierarchical order.  For those of you who want to discuss the statistic fact, please PM me.  It’s not my research and this is just for fun, but

Ghost Online, I Smell Graveyard

By: Dexcross in Ghost Onlineposted at 11:18 pm Mar 02,2008

Tags: Ghost Online  Grinding  Review  2D MMORPG 


I really hate to have a bad review of a game.  But seriously, if I have to compare the game with the pioneer of 2D side scrolling MMORPG, Maple Stor

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