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My Rusty Hearts Money Making Guide

By: Zanpakutou in Rusty Heartsposted at 6:35 pm Jan 18,2012

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This is how I make money in the PWE version of the game. The current level cap is 39 and I highly recommend that you be at that level with at least some decent equipment before attempting this. 1200 physical damage, 20% critical rate (max out your critical buff), and 30% critical damage should be enough for you to start. I find it easiest to do with a Gauntlet Tude/Meilin because it allows you to take on the big enemies without too much trouble and the boss. You also have a high critical rate and good critical damage as long as you are willing to invest a small amount of money (like 500k for a good weapon and critical accessories). They also have HP regen and boost critical rate so I prefer Tude/Meilin for farming. You always want to run the stage on Very Hard.

1) The Stages

There are a total of 3 stages that are good for farming. They are "Debtor's Prison", "Arboretum", and "The Hole". The "Top Secret Facility" is only good in a group. The enemies are very tough.

Ultimate guide How-to-get-rich in Allods

By: hashili in Allods Onlineposted at 2:03 am May 28,2010

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Money making tips Allods:


- Make space for higher selling materials.

I'm sure most of you including myself find ourselves running out of space for all the drops we receive from mobs. In those situations, always discard the lowest value items like rags, broken armor pieces, etc. and replace them with drops that sell for higher. Always important to pay attention to an item's worth.

- Saving money

Dont Spend money any money to get rid of Fear of Death. If I die during a quest or from getting PvP'ed, then just wait it out. I browse forums or do quests that do not involve killing until Fear of Death runs out. We are given 40 perfumes from in game quests so we can save those perfumes when we're a high level and activate them if we die in an important instance.

- Farming the Bosses


Welcome to colorpub

By: colorpub24 in defaultposted at 12:52 am Jun 10,2008

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Welcome to colorpub. We are a professional, reliable store for mmorpg  (massively multiplayer online role play games) gold and items for years. And we are 5000+ ebay seller, so you can be rest sure to buy from us. We can give you cheap price and fast delivery.

With the development of mmorpg, our business grew rapidly. Till now we have already served over 10,000 gamers with in-game currency and items. Our custmors are from America, Europe and Asia. And we devoted ourselves to providing gamers all over the world with prompt delivery, low price, smooth transaction and guaranteed transactional security.

Our core business is the provision of in-game currency, items, game accounts and power leveling.

Colorpub = Trust; Colorpub = Fast; Colorpub = Best.

Good luck and enjoy yourself in game!


The Staff of COLORPUB

and I am a part of colorpub.


if you need help you can contact me online by:

Mein ICQ:254 203 587


P2P vs F2P

By: Critizin in defaultposted at 5:01 pm Feb 28,2008

Tags: P2P vs F2P  P2P  F2P  mmorpg  roleplaying  money  gold  rf o 

Hello fellow gamers, Thought i actually start using this blog instead of just reading others.
The subject im going to talk about in this blog entry is that of Free 2 Play games verse Pay 2 Play games in hope
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