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Revelations - All style, but lacking the substance

By: Tony259 in Revelationposted at 8:44 am Apr 08,2017

Tags: Revelations  review  PvE  PvP  gearing  progression  cash sh 


Revelations has been a game that I had my eye on for quite a long time, the sheer look of the game as a whole going from the art style, crispy graphics, fantastic lighting, very colourful world, and the gameplay had me very interested in getting to play the game properly back when I tried it on the CN version.

Now the game has been out for a little over a month, I'm finding that the game has lost the majority of the appeal that kept me playing the game originally, some of the games original strong points to me have now became its weakness and I'm already losing the will to dedicate my full attention to the game. One of the major problems for me with Revelations is that even though MMOs are known for being repetitive, this game just takes the cake completely in one of the worst way

Revelation Online - Gearing Guide

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 7:23 am Apr 01,2017

Tags: revelation  gear  gearing  guide  system  craft 


Still many people don't know in Revelation, how to get a decent gear for their level, this Gearing Guide is for them! I hope the video will answer all of your questions!

WoW Legion: Gearing Up Guide

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 12:43 pm Sep 07,2016

Tags: wow  legion  gearing  guide 


Raids open on September 20. Once you reach Level 110 what becomes to matter is gear! To ensure a step-by-step gearing up to be prepared for raiding and earning your raid spot, I've crafted this guide based on my own gearing up experience in Legion.

The Spec You Play!

The specialization you play matters! Currently, when you're a DPS trying to obtain gear from Normal difficulty dungeons, you're going to wait a lot. Queue times are anywhere between 45 - 60 minutes. So that's roughly an item every hour. Once you reach item level 810 queues are going to get a lot better; for DPS they drop to 8 - 10 minutes for Heroic dungeons. If you happen to play a Healer or a Tank, you're going to gear up insanely fast via dungeons, because you get instant queues. You just queue up for a dungeon pickin

WoW: AFK Gearing Guide Item Level 700!

By: Mimiron in defaultposted at 3:04 pm Aug 17,2016

Tags: wow  legion  gearing  guide  nether shards 


With Legion invasions underway, they have become a new source of leveling and gearing. The best thing is you only need to be in the area of the invasion to receive loot.

The Guide

Invasions have several stages. Upon completing a few of them, you will earn one Legion box which guarantees gear of item level 700. Not all slots are available from the invasions though. You will have to buy some gear slots such as necklaces, belts, trinkets and rings from the vendor for Nether Shards. Most of the gear costs 50 Nether Shards whereas +5 item level upgrade to weapons costs 150 Nether Shards. When you complete the whole invasion, you will receive a second box with additional item level 700 loot. This means two item level 700 items for a single invasion. Most of the time three invasions are up. The b

WoW Legion: PvP Gearing Explained

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 8:46 pm May 24,2016

Tags: wow  legion  pvp  gearing 


PvP gearing will function a little differently than you might be used to from previous expansions. This is why I'm going to highlight all the main changes that are coming with Legion. Blizzard felt bad about PvP in Warlords; introducing PvP item level and other things that made PvP needlessly complicated and hindered crossover gameplay. To reduce all this, here's a set of changes that are coming with Legion:

Legion - Quality of Life PvP Changes

1. Gear isn't adjusted in World PvP (Tweet)

2. Every additional point above item level 900 will increase your PvP stats by 0.1%, so somebody with an item level 900 gear is only 10% stronger than a player with an item level 800. If you compare this change to Warlords, roughly 10 item levels difference makes you 10% stronger.

3. Anytime you win a B

Season 5 Gearing Up Guide

By: Mimiron in Diablo IIIposted at 10:12 am Nov 27,2015

Tags: Season 5  d3  guide  gearing 


Season 5 will go live with Patch 2.4. The Seasonal Journey will be similar to Season 4. Completing Chapter IV will reward you with a cosmetic pet that picks up gold (so it's somewhat useful), a Portrait and Armor for Transmog. Some Chapters after IV will reward two additional stash spaces.

Seasonal Journey Differences

Most achievements remain the same as in Season 4 while other have been modified, but overall there are no huge differences between these achievements, so the difficulty remains as it was. One of the key differences is that you'll be awarded 2x pieces of Set gear for completing achievements during your Journey. The set rewards are fixed and can't be altered. To get the full set, you need to complete just certain objectives in the initial four chapters, which only take

Echo of soul - So you're now level 60, what next?

By: Tony259 in Echo of Soulposted at 7:01 am Jul 20,2015

Tags: Echo of soul  gearing  guide 


So you've hit level 60 and now you may be wondering the most efficient way to get started, hopefully for those playing the game that this may aid in some way. You will see that 4 new party dungeons with a item-level requirement of 590 will be opened up to you, 2 of these are the dungeons you may have done on your way to 60 (Hero mode versions) and the other 2 will be new. You will want to make sure you've farmed your last solo instance (level 57 hero mode) to get fully geared out in blue equipment to be most effective at starting out in party dungeons so you won't lack damage and take more damage than you would want.

You will also want to do the infinite Dungeons on the side with a group as there is a repeatable at the entrance that gives you 2 tokens for complet

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