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Playsessions: Warframe - How to Forma ?

By: Spammie in defaultposted at 5:35 am Jun 17,2013

Tags: warframe online  spammie  beer4spam  super  gameplay  time 


DOWNLOAD Warframe FREE HERE : ►►► Click Here ◄◄◄

Hello people I'm Spammie and today I'm making a small video teaching you all about Forma, so what it is ? what can I do with it ? where do I get one ? all those questions are answered in this video.

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Super Gameplay Time Episode 2 : Warframe

By: Spammier in Warframeposted at 3:17 am Feb 22,2013

Tags: warframe online  spammie  beer4spam  super  gameplay  time 


Hey guys, my name is Paul also known as Spammie or beer4spam, today I want to share my second episode of Super Gameplay Time. In this episode I'm taking a look at Warframe a MMOTPS curently in closed beta, mmosite used to have a beta key giveaway and I think you can still get a beta key from some other websites. I would really apreciate your feedback and maybe subscribe to my youtube channel ? 

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Ghost Recon Online: Updates, VoiceComms, & Beta Key Giveaway Contest

By: DogManDan in Ghost Recon Onlineposted at 6:04 am Jun 28,2012

Tags: Ghost Recon Online  Ubisoft  MMOTPS  MMOFPS  beta  gameplay 


I'm back! I know its been a few days since my last post on GRO and I promised I would be doin a beta key giveaway and I will do it this time.

I want to go over a few things first with the game since the new update came out on June 26th. Officially at this point there has not been a post specifically stating what has changed, but unofficially I can tell you server lag has become much better for me as well as MatchMaking seems to have improved. Since Tuesday's patch I have noticed that almost all the matches have started with a full set of players on both sides, which is a great improvment. Player levels seems to be better in balance most of the time, even though I may find myself the only high level on my team, usually I will see a higher level or 2 on the other team no for balance. There

Watch Blade and Soul PVP in Action

By: Lushy in Blade and Soulposted at 3:28 am Jun 26,2012

Tags: Blade and Soul  MMO  Brawler  Gameplay  Video 


Blade and Soul, the Korean MMO Brawler, posted up videos a PvP competition. The winners walked off with a lifetime pass and lots of smiles. Watch the action for yourself and let me know if you're ready for this game to be published worldwide or you think it's going to fall short. Gameplay wise, it reminds of me of a mix most Asian fighting games and DC Universe Online.

Lime Odyssey: Gameplay Guide and FAQ

By: itsshuu in Lime Odysseyposted at 11:51 pm Dec 19,2011

Tags: lime odyssey  faq  questions  info  gameplay 


I originally wrote this FAQ for the Aeria Games Lime Odyssey official forums.


My data was collected from the KR LO wiki, playing the KR version of LO, and participating in the NA beta. Any of this could change between versions or change in time, but where's the fun when you don't have speculation?


Q: Can stat points be distributed?
A: Your battle class does not have points that can be distributed, however your life class does. These stats don't have an effect on your ability to fight. Rather, they effect your crafting and success rates regarding your life class.

Q: Can skill points be reset?
A: Yes! They can be reset an UNLIMITED number of times, each time costing 5 gold until level 20.

Q: How do you get a mount?
A: A mount can be acquired through questing around level 10, or

Why I finally quit WoW for good (I promise!)

By: jaeko81 in World of Warcraftposted at 4:11 am Apr 06,2011

Tags: World of Warcraft  WoW  critique  analysis  bad  gameplay 


 Alright its been about a month now since I quit World of Warcraft (yeah i know this sounds familiar..."I'm quitting for good! never coming back!....just to log in a couple days later....) BUT this time its for real.

I've had my share of adventures in Azeroth but finally I think its time has come for me. If you care, please read the reasons why:

1) High maintenance:

This game is the mother of all time-sinks the internet has to offer. In order to have the best possible gear, whether it be pvp or pve, it takes metric-crap-tons of time to grind. Just to stay competitive in raids or arenas/rated bgs you really have to treat this game like a job, or else you will not get raid invites to experience the end-game content. And guess what, every new content patch or arena season all your ge

Aion Review: New Generation of MMO or Same Old Grind?

By: Ajatz in Aionposted at 11:11 am Jun 06,2009

Tags: Aion  MMO  Review  Gameplay  Graphics  Flying  NCsoft 


Aion Review: New Generation of MMO or Same Old Grind?


I really expected this game to be the next generation of MMO. I probably helped contribute to this so called "Aion hype fanbase", but after playing this game i realized it was not  the groundbreaking, revolutionary thing that would be the "next generation of MMO", but instead it was the same old mechanics of every other post-WOW mmo out there. It does sets the bar for a higher for the quality games and offers a unique enviroment and beautiful graphics.

"I will start with an unbias review and will leave my bias opinions at the end because I am an *** "


Revolutionary Graphics never seen before

The graphics of the game are without a doubt what makes it the most visual appealing mmo out there. There has never been such a high standard of detail in mmos shown like this and which probably makes it the most graphically demanding mmo in history.

Just looking at the characters,scenic backgrounds and water reflection makes people go "woah **** thats amazing" Heck it even amazes me. I remember people use to say things like "mmos aren't graphically demanding" or "pssh

Dragonica Online Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:04 am May 18,2009

Tags: dragonica  review  online  rant  flame  guild  gameplay  gra 


Dragonica is another attempt at an action based MMORPG. I guess the closest relation to this game would be Maple Story. It seems to be like that more than any other. The primary difference is that the characters and backgrounds are in 3D instead of 2D. Other than that it is very similar to the other Maple Story and LaTale and any other clones of that genre you want to associate with it.


Introduction to magical world by some floating blue fairy thing. Wolves attack a village and you are forced to defend it.


The graphics is trying to convey a unique style of super deformed characters and a 3D background yet still trying to keep the game as the side scrolling action game. The skill effects are fairly simple and the most complex effects are at the portals. Characters are fairly bland and share the same equipment for many levels. It isn't until you reach the job change that characters start becoming more diverse in looks. Otherwise everyone looks like the same person with a different hair style attached to them.


Character creation is simple. All you need is a name, one of 4 basic classes, a hair style, and a face you will almost never see. The hair style and hair

Deciphering Blade & Soul

By: Kapachi in defaultposted at 8:12 am Aug 04,2008

Tags: Blade & Soul  Review  Gameplay  Prediction   

I'm sure most of us have just recently seen the 6 minute trailer for NCSoft's new MMO, Blade & Soul. Now until I saw this, I thought Aion was going to be the most amazing game ever. Well, I'm a Blade & Soul fangirl now. I've also discovered that the trailer isn't just a waste of six minutes now...it may actually show future races and ways of character interaction. Now, I might be going on a long shot here, but bear with me. It's better than waiting months for more info!


Yes, I'm pretty sure there will be races. Three in fact. Now...I must have proof, am I right? So here we go, photo proof!

First Race Jin: Didn't notice the race name before? Catch it at 1:44. From the previous clips and teasers before, the Jun race is the sword wielding race...or swords wielding. The Jin race is the race that most resembles that of a human. They don't seem to be the hard hitting race more than they are the fast combo race. Before this final image, there were five shots at other characters of this race. I'm guessing those are probably different classes. Or they could just be different outfits.

Second Race Gon: Go brawlers! The Gon race is one that seems to use fists and only fist

Stop complaining about Graphics

By: Phemeto in All gamesposted at 8:48 pm Jul 04,2008

Tags: Graphic  asian  cute  gameplay  critic 

Ok i made the blog account because i tend to hate people. I dont mind being hated, but i hate complainers, and im here to adress them peoplez/
(P.S. my spelling is terrible)

Ok so i read alot of posts about games. most of them are trash and isnt work taking into consideration, but alot of them i think people actually believe.

most things ive seen is taht any game that has an asian-style graphics, most ppl say the graphics are dumb, and horrible. Well, you people are tards... Games im refering to are as followed:

Rose, Ragnarok, Luna, RO2, MS, etc etc...

Cute style games dont have "Bad graphics" its just how its suppose to be. characters having big heads, chibi bodies, and had its all bright. So would people stop saying that jsut because its all asian style, it sucks, or it looks bad. you people dont know what ur talking about. Luna looks great, ragnarok is probably one of the best MMOs ever, and Rose and MS are still pretty good, its not the graphics that counts, its the gameplay. I do plan to make an article about gameplay which i hope to be more indepth and more professional, but i just made this 1 for a quick first go, to see how it all plays out
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