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Auran Enters Administration, Dismisses All Staff

By: leo0815 in Furyposted at 10:41 pm Dec 13,2007

Tags: fury  free to play  f2p  auran 


Australian developer Auran has announced it has entered into voluntary administration and let all staff members go, just a day after announcing that massively multiplayer online game Fury would change to a free-to-play rather than subscription based business model.

A statement from company CEO Tony Hilliam said that "The Directors of Auran Developments, the company that employs all the Auran staff, have today called in a Voluntary Administrator (like Chapter 11 in the US). All the staff were dismissed today."

"Despite earlier reports," he continued, "staff will be paid for all their work to date, their annual leave entitlements, redundancy payments and long service leave."

The news follows last week's reports that the company was forced to downsize its 60 man team following the slow start for Fury and new outsourcing to Asia.

At the time, Hilliam said that after a ramp up from 30 to 70 staff members to complete Fury and its Battlestar Galactica XBLA game it had made some cutbacks to "focus on a smaller, more agile core team of Fury developers."

This was reiterated in the most recent report as well, saying that with the launch of its latest content

Wanna make some changes of download news pages

By: odimok in defaultposted at 2:46 am Nov 01,2007

Tags: fury  client 


Today i wanna make some changes of download news pages, but i found it is not easy for me. But i won`t give up! I will go on trying it tomorrow!

By the way, we had updated the latest client of Fury, if you like can download it here

Fury :: Review

By: rndinit0 in defaultposted at 12:52 am Oct 30,2007

Tags: Fury  PVP  MMO 


Ok since I was really bored, and very desperate to play something good, I decided to buy and download fury.

Aquiring Fury via FTP was a nightmare, I had 3 corrupt downloads. Yeah I know most of you can just ru

Auran Games announce Fury Europe launch

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 8:55 pm Oct 24,2007

Tags: fury  auran 

European gamers who, after joining the Fury Challenge, couldn't get enough of this PvP-centric game will be pleased to find out that Fury will be launched in Europe on October 26. To prepare for the occasion, Auran Games

Pre-Launch Interview with the Developers of Fury

By: little_shiba in defaultposted at 2:15 am Oct 16,2007

Tags: Fury 

This week will mark the official release date of Fury, the fourthretail-based massively multiplayer online game of 2007, and it will behitting store shelves all around the North American and Australianmarkets. In honor of the release, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staffhad Garrett Fuller write up a few questions for the developers of thegame, and Michael Hampden and Adam Carpenter answered the call. Most ofthe questions revolved around the final results of the beta and howthings have shaped up for the game. Enjoy!
Ten Ton Hammer: The betatesting phase for Fury just wrapped up, what sort of reactions are yougetting from players?

Adam Carpenter:We’re getting all sorts of reactions.  Furyisn’t an “easy” game and itdoesn’t follow the standard MMORPG mold that gamers havegrown used to. That means we’ve probably had more troublethan many MMOGs who follow the well worn path without offering somethingnew for gamers.

The players who spent time learning the game - its major differencesand subtle nuances - they absolutely love it and can’t getenough.

Fury's combat isincredibly fast-paced.

The players who went in, skipped the tutorial, and ignored all thein-game help, tended to get completely owned

Codemasters Online launch Fury Challenge in Europe

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 11:50 pm Sep 29,2007

Tags: fury  challenge 

Good news for those the looking for some serious PvP action in Europe. Codemasters Online has announced the release of the Fury Challenge on European shores.In case you haven't the slightest idea what Fury is, here's a b

Critical Mass, Fury Challenge, and the future of Fury; or…

By: lesile in defaultposted at 12:06 am Sep 29,2007

Tags: fury  open beta  event 

This weekend (September 28-30), we reach the pinnacle of our testingfor Fury – the first competition weekend of our Open Beta event, FuryChallenge. After years in development, we are ready for our full dressrehea

Fury: Abilities Exposé #14

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 8:13 pm Aug 30,2007

Tags: fury 

More Fury ability details ovet at WarCry: Fury breaks the class mold entirely. In Fury, you are able to learn abilities from each of the four schools and eight disciplines. You are then given the freedom to create temp

New Fury screenshots

By: icanfly in defaultposted at 10:50 pm Aug 13,2007

Tags: Fury  Screenshots 

$('dialog').style.width = document.body.clientWidth;$('dialog').stySix new screenshots from Auran Games' upcoming MMORPG title Fury have come our way via MMORPG.com. These screenshots show of more of the game's beautiful

Alchemic Dream and Auran Sign Deal

By: sudden in defaultposted at 2:20 am Jul 17,2007

Tags: fury  auran  Alchemic Dream 

Official Press Release:"Today, Australian game developer Auran and Canadian Massively Multiplayer Online Game ('MMOG') specialist Alchemic Dream, Inc. announced a partnership for the innovative and much anticipated MMOG
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