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Cosplay: Don’t know what to say about them

By: rei_kun in defaultposted at 12:07 am Aug 14,2010

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I don’t want to be mean or anything but you decide. There is nothing wrong on being a true fan or idolizing them. And there is the freedom of expression, but why are people (especially in the net) laughed at them (I’m also guilty of ROFL)? Cosplay is a hobby for them and there should be nothing wrong with that. There are those people who think that cosplaying should only be for those “blessed ones”. Who are we to judge them? Here are some of photos I have gathered in the internet to reflect on your bad behaviors (LMAO).

Warning: Not for the faint hearted



More pictures at mumblejumbles 

How To Get A Slap In Your Face

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 12:50 am Feb 06,2010

Tags: funny  goodies  image  gamepad  slap 


Guys watch this, don't tell me it's not what you want your girlfriend to wear! I know it looks kind of creepy but really gives me a good laugh, as long as you follow the direction of the pad, everything will be allll right (that is until you get a slap in your face). Source: The True Gamepad for Guys, But Made for Girls

Condom ad using Audition

By: blackconan in Auditionposted at 10:54 pm Oct 17,2009

Tags: audition  condom  funny  ad 


This was an ad on vietnamese' television. So unexpected

Just wow..

The correct way and the fun way to deal with idiots of online gaming PART 1

By: Aeskor in defaultposted at 7:45 pm Mar 05,2009

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 The correct way and the fun way to deal with idiots of online gaming

Part 1


I’m sure most of you are quite familiar with idiots in gaming; those annoying little shits who’ll keep hounding you to spare some gold or help them with a quest. Other idiots are idiots simply to grief others.

Now there are multiple ways to deal with such people, and I’m going to give you a brief rundown of your choices in this first instalment.

Today’s idiot: 

The Talker

Our first idiot on the list, and arguably the most annoying, is the talker. The talker is that little level 11 gnome that will follow you whispering incessantly “can i hav sum gold plz!” or the guy who’ll pm you in the party bitching about your inability to do anything right.

These are the guys that, without much effort and with only keystrokes, can drive you insane.


The correct way:

The correct way to deal with these guys is obviously just to ignore them for a while. If they go away, terrific, easy, but if they keep hounding you (and they usually will), the best thing to do is to just find that block/ignore button and go about your quests. Another way I’ve

What your face looks like when you playing game?

By: ZhaiChen in defaultposted at 2:00 am Nov 27,2008

Tags: face  funny 



How was it? Unbelieveable huh? put it is the truth

Funny! Pac-man In Real World

By: kazu in defaultposted at 12:05 am Jul 03,2008

Tags: pacman  funny 

Pac-man is universally considered as one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games. The player controls Pac-Man through a maze, eating pac-dots. When all dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage.

As a social phenomenon that sold a bevy of merchandise and also has many fans, Pac-man is everywhere in our world. Lol~~ look!

Flyff? Life? (Funny)

By: JaguarSkills in Flyffposted at 3:28 pm Jun 03,2008

Tags: blog  Flyff  funny 

Things that make flyff better than life

 FLYFF > LIFE because in LIFE:

    No blinkwings of 'Store' or 'nightclub'
    Food Doesnt recover my HPNo restats to make you smarter, quicker or stronger
    No relentless violence towards morons
    No easily accessible arena
    You have to sleep
    No stun/sneakering idiots and walking off
    Cannot summon a board/broom/bike and fly Cant beat up evil people and take their moneyNo guilt free massacres on local wildlifecannot ignore 'chat'Cant mark as OfflineNo hidden stats on clothing (a shirt of Cool+56 would be awesome)You get arrested for roaming the streets with Giant axes or SwordsYou get arrested!no-one is offering me cheap money at www.buymoney-getbanned.com
Of Course, life has its ups ^^ Life > Flyff Because in LIFE:

     Monsters dont appear while you are trying to talkYou dont have to wait on patches to download when you wake upYou RARELY D/C from life (see reason #9)
    'Looting' is a CRIMEGiants dont stamp on you while youre looking the other wayShopping is simple and convenienta 'Party' is Fun, and has better musicYou can ACTUALLY hit people that piss you offyou can get drunk (duh)i never forget my LIFE passwordNo maintainance daysyou can

    Funny Rabbids

    By: catd77 in defaultposted at 6:24 am Mar 08,2008

    Tags: Rabbids  funny  pics  random  superman  rayman  raving  video  game 

    I found these funny pics of the Raving Rabbids a few days ago (note:I didn't make them!)

    Real Funny Pictures Part II

    By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 8:49 am Dec 28,2007

    Tags: real  funny  pictures  part  2  II  girl  warning  colour  w 


    I'm back, and this time with more funny pictures, which I didn't make. They're really funny, as well!
















    Note I didn't make them, I just took them off ZWANI.com. It's a cool site for funny pictures, and others.

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