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Shroud of the Avatar - My Journey to New Britannia (Part II)

By: Gabriel Knight in Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtuesposted at 8:46 am Jul 19,2017

Tags: Shroud of the Avatar  sandbox  free trial 


As promised, here's my conclusion to my last week's article about Shroud of the Avatar. If you read it, then you're already aware of the sandbox nature of the game, which only improves further. Let me explain…



I wanted to make a quick comment about this in my last article but I kind of forgot. The music in the game is just beautiful, and it will bring you back memories long time forgotten. The sound effects are realistic and spot on, and you'll be trapped in your environment quite often.

Just listen to this song and tell me it isn't just as charming

as the legendary "Stones" from the Ultima Saga.


Yeah, forget about enormous weapons that are impossible to handle, or shoulder pads bigger than

Shroud of the Avatar - My Journey to New Britannia (Part I)

By: Gabriel Knight in Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtuesposted at 11:56 am Jul 11,2017

Tags: Shroud of the Avatar  sandbox  free trial 


Last week I've talked about the recently launched free trial for Shroud of the Avatar, so I decided to try it out. Let me start by saying that this game isn't for everybody, but in a good way.

Since the main idea is to handle this product as the spiritual successor to Ultima and Ultima Online, the niche group of players will basically be the same. But let me tell you, they really accomplished that goal, because it feels exactly like those games, just with an updated engine.


The first thing you have to do is create your character. You have this wide array of noses and cheekbones to chose from, which I always considered a complete waste of time and resources since you're going to watch your character's ass all the time anyways. Although in SotA, every time you talk to s

Shroud of the Avatar - Free Trial Announced!

By: Gabriel Knight in Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtuesposted at 1:31 pm Jul 03,2017

Tags: Shroud of the Avatar  sandbox  free trial 



...a little story of my childhood…

The year: 1996. For me, it was the first time using a computer, a brand new (and quite expensive) thing at the time, especially in my country. With the Sound Blaster sound card came a cd with a bunch of games on it, including both Ultima Underworld and Ultima VII, among others.

When I tried Ultima VII: The Black Gate, I instantly knew that the game in front of my eyes was something ahead of its time. And to this day, I still consider it. No other RPG managed to capture a world in such a realistic and detailed way, ever.

Ultima Online was one of the first online games I played, and I'm still fond of it. While I can't force myself to play it currently, since it hasn't aged well in my eyes, I still consider it the best sandbox MMO out there, and with

Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Invites Giveaway

By: octopusx in Guild Wars 2posted at 4:27 am Nov 13,2012

Tags: guild wars 2  free trial  giveaway  the lost shores 


Guild Wars 2 will be hosting an extended weekend test (from 15th to 18th) for friends of Guild Wars 2 players along with their new upcoming patch The lost shores.

Since I'm one of those people and none of my other friends want to play Guild Wars 2 I decided to give three lucky people who reply in this blog post a chance to experience the game for themselves.

To have a chance to win the invite you need to post your e-mail under the comments and I will select three lucky winners who will receive their invite on that e-mail!

Good luck!

Guild Wars 2 - Free Trial Weekend!!!

By: Pelagato in Guild Wars 2posted at 2:45 pm Nov 12,2012

Tags: Guild Wars 2  Free Trial  Demo Version  Weekend  Free Weeken 


Hey peeps, if you have a friend that doesn't have GW2 and he cant make up his mind... Then now is the chance, Anet is going to let you give away 3 free trial tokens to your 3 best friends.  Apparently this free trial promotion is going to be run in parallel with the Lost Shores event.

It looks like Anet wants a lot of people in that event, maybe they pull something big that will convince a lot of free trial users that GW2 is the MMO of the future.

If you really need more info, then hit this link https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/free-trial-event-november-15-18/ or just open up your game launcher and look for all the info you need from there.

Keep in mind that this is only temporary, make sure that your best brofriend have enough time this weekend if you really want to get him into GW2.

One last thing!!!! The Trial keys are limited, so you better be fast and get one or two if you want to let someone in... 

Did the Free Trial experience ever leave you wanting more?

By: octopusx in defaultposted at 9:05 am Feb 27,2012

Tags: wow  rift  warhammer  aor  online  f2p  p2p  b2p  free trial 


Many pay-to-play & buy-to-play MMOs these days offer Free Trials for players to experience game content to a certain degree without having to pay anything. This is an interesting feature I like to see with games, but I think these Free Trials should be available from the launch day on and not half or even a full year or more after release. You might argue that no one would pay for the game if they did this early on, which might be true, but to get a bigger playerbase of active (paying) players, it is my belief that Free Trial would lure in a lot more people than lets say, an Open Beta prior to release.

It is known that the free-to-play model is more or less the future of MMOs (at least the majority of them) where micro-transactions bring revenue to game companies. But the pay-to-play

Dreamlords MMO 10-Day Free Trial

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:52 am Jul 10,2007

Tags: dreamlords  mmo  free trial 

Let's face the facts: most of us weren't going to E3 before this year's changes that culled a large portion of the crowd. In a week with almost no new releases, how are us non-attendee supposed to get our gaming fix? Dev

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