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Zentia Memorial Event!

By: feralgirl1 in Zentiaposted at 6:26 am May 25,2011

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 Memorial Event
Fellow Zentians!
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, Zentia is running a Memorial event that will last from May 25 after maintenance to midnight of May 31. 

Here are the event details:
1. Festival Bulletins in Serene City, Pond City and the Capital City warehouse notify players about the event.
2. NPCs in Serene City, Pond City, and Capital City provide event items.
3. Quest given by Taoist Ting to go to Sunny Temple and burn incense to honor the dead. Completing the quest will provide buffs, XPs, and the unique food Memoriam Fruit.
4. Double XP period for Memorial Day Weekend: May 28 at 12:05am to May 30th at 11:55pm.

So spend some time resting this weekend, thinking about your loved ones, past and present. Then spend the rest of your time honoring your fallen comrades in

Why aion is not free?

By: batioks in Aionposted at 5:44 am May 20,2010

Tags: aion  free 


I have an question for morepeople  i think what well be with ncsoft if the her games well by free  ...

Shaiya = free-to-play game...? Ehm, but there is a but...

By: Kaythaa in Shaiyaposted at 12:39 pm May 04,2010

Tags: Shaiya  AP  Items  Free  Overview  Giveaway 


 ..  When I chose Shaiya as my favourite MMO, one of the reason was a lack of subscription fee or similar cr...o...p. After few months of playing, i realised that common capitalistic laws and behavior r samely functioning in the world of Teos. AP buyers and ressellers inducted a huge inflation in market, and those who buy AP points r getting more and more advantages. I think it is justifiable - if u spend money to play the game, u should have some advantage against those who r broke or dont wanna buy anything for real money.   But... It makes me sad, especially while getting owned by ubergeared nossers in PvP zones:-)


Thats why i appreciated highly all ways to get AP items for free, like Easter Pack Giveaway, or playing Aeria Poker. With this, and my poker-playing skills:-) , i can expand my in-game budget dramatically. So, my dream of getting set of [5] 9 - 15 armor with + 300 HP on each piece and samely enchanted weapon is not a matter of years anymore..

Battle Dungeon Revealed!

By: WYD_Global in defaultposted at 4:19 pm Oct 20,2008

Tags: with your destiny  wyd global  wyd  global  free  mmorpg  fu 


Because of our high registration this month WYD Global Team is proud to announce the addition of a new system update, the Battle Dungeons as sign of our warm appreciation to the continuous support of our gamers.





Risking your life while killing mobs in the outside world is not the only way to level up or gain items in WYD Global. There are also alternatives we call “Battle Dungeons”

Battle Dungeons are PvE dungeons that Wydians can jump into. Battle Dungeon keys can be bought from NPC Aki merchant in Armia Town. However, there are 3 different variations of the Battle Dungeon to try, and all are available through NPC Aki. Each of these BDs also comes with a character class restriction that must be respected and some are only available to Guild Zone owners.

Battle Dungeon Key (Normal) – Mortals (Guild membership is required on using the key.)
Battle Dungeon Key (Mystic) – Gods (Needs to own a Guild Zone on the server you are trying to use the key)
Battle Dungeon Key (Arcane) – Celestials / Soul (Needs to own a Guild Zon

Spotlight: cannibal

By: WYD_Global in defaultposted at 6:38 pm Sep 16,2008

Tags: free  fun  mmorpg  player interview  Spotlight  With Your De 

Okay!! I was so SURPRISED I saw cannibal once again!! it has been such a long time since I had a convesation with him. I told myself, “Hey Why not?” So I asked him nicely if I could interview him and ask him about what he had been doing when he was not around here in WYD Global. And I discovered something that made me feel really awful…read it so you would know about it…I feel really sorry for cannibal…huhuhuhuuhu!!

First Question!! ^w^

1.) Q: So how are you? Its been ahwhile since I last saw you…

cannibal: I am a fine…bit sleepy…just got up from bed… CM Tonbarry: Is it morning at your place?
cannibal: Yeah I heard how much of a meanie you were when I was away. Now , I work night shift so am used to being up at night.
 CM Tonbarry: Your a hard-working man. I admire you!! X3
CM Tonbarry: Now don’t be silly. Okay to the real questions!!
cannibal: Yes!! I will marry you!!
CM Tonbarry: lol I’m not even asking!! Lol! X3

2.) Q : What have you’ve been doing while you were away?

cannibal: You mean while I was gone? Can’t tell you..I might end up in jail!!
 CM Tonbarry: Hmmm

Merge and Wallpapers ;)

By: WYD_Global in defaultposted at 11:51 pm Sep 14,2008

Tags: blog  cm dhar  free  fun  merge  mmorpg  reflection  wallpap 

Hello upper east siders! ( mimicking gossip girl XD ) Guys for your information i managed Two seperate Blogs. The CM's Lair Since there is no point in managing two seperates blog. I hereby decided to merge my personal blog "CM Dhar's Reflection" and :The CM's Lair" (this blog)  into one.


As you noticed All the entries and comments from my personal blog are moved here . I will also going to change "The Cm Lair" will be changed to "The Cm's Reflection" . Any who WYD Afficionado's i will be giving you some mouth watering wallpapers to be used in your WYD work station if you prefer.

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200

1024 X 768 | 1280 X 1024 | 1600 X 1200


Hope you guys liked it :)

WYDians Journal 2 Winners (September 10)

By: WYD_Global in defaultposted at 7:00 pm Sep 10,2008

Tags: blogging  Contest  free  fun  mmorpg  season 2  winners  Wit 



Attention WYDIAN's!

We are happy to announce the daily winners for the WYDIANS Journal season 2!

September 10, 2008



Surrounded by Love!!!


Guild Wars



Im Lovin it



My favorite GM and CM


They will be receiving 10 Laktorerium Powders.






They will be receiving 5 Laktorerium Powders.






They will be receiving 5 Oriharukon Powders.



Please keep in mind that you must link “The CM Lair”, The CM’s personal blogs (optional) and “The WYD Global Official Site” to the blogroll or blog list of your blog.

To know how to put a link to your blog kindly read this.

If you want to be informed about the most recent and updated news about the WYDIANS Journal Season 2 kindly read this ARTICLE.

For more information about this event, kindly visit the COMMUNITY MANAGERS BLOG.

Please keep your blog updated and follow the rules for a chance to become one of the lucky winners of the grand prize at the end of the month.

Thank you and Happ

Lord of the rings online free trial

By: huangch in defaultposted at 1:05 am Aug 30,2007

Tags: Lord of the Rings Online  free 


August 29th, 2007

Lord of the Rings Online Free Trial

Posted in MMORPGPrintLord of the Rings Online

Haven’t torn yourself away from WoW to try playing a stupid fat hobbit? Turbine has just announced a free trial program that’ll give you 7 days to experience Middle Earth for yourself.


Turbine launches 7-day Free Trial Program for the Hottest MMO of the Year

WESTWOOD, MA — August 29, 2007 — Turbine, Inc. has launched the official 7-day free trial of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO). Beginning today, fans in North America, Australia and New Zealand can play the best online game for free by visiting http://trial.lotro.com/.

LOTRO has received critical acclaim from around the globe. Since its launch in April, LOTRO has quickly become the second largest MMORPG with an estimated 4 million characters calling Middle-earth their home. The game continues to grow with two massive updates that have increased the world by over 20%:

* 10,000,000 square meters of new landscape to explore
* Over 200 new quests that extend the epic story
* Introduction of Legendary Play where players can experience PvP as a powerful Ranger or a fearsome Troll
* New and updated fe

\"Sword of the New World: Granado Espada\" Now Completely Free to Play

By: Komido in defaultposted at 8:55 pm Aug 22,2007

Tags: free  free2play  granado espada  k2  MMO 



K2 Network has announced that their award-winning MMORPG, “Sword of the New World: Granado Espada,” which was recently made available in North America, is now entirely free to play. Initially, the game was launched as free to play until you reached level 20. After that, players would have to pay a monthly subscription fee to level up beyond that. Now, however, there are no longer any restrictions content and areas to be accessed. The Cash Merchant will remain intact though, which offers rare items that can be purchased in the game with real currency. Says CEO and founder of K2 Network, Joshua Hong:

“K2 Network’s Free2play model is the heart of our business. We launched Sword of the New World as a Free2Play title - free to download, free to try, and free to play up to level 20. We are extremely excited about this title, especially with such gorgeous graphics and the ability to play up to three characters at once, but Free2Play up to level 20 just isn’t enough! At K2 Network, we put Gamers First, and thanks to the community supporting this game, we are now able to offer the same Free2Play model as all of our other titles. It’s Free2play all the way!”

Luckily, K2 has also implemented a

Kicks for Free

By: just1minute in defaultposted at 8:29 pm Jul 24,2007

Tags: Kicks online  Gametribe  free  open beta 

KICKS ONLINE: GameTribe sent word that their street soccer MMO, KICKS ONLINE will be booting into Open Beta on July 30th.All you need to do is visit the GameTribe site,become a member (it’s free), download the client
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