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Revelation-Ocultist Gameplay: 4 emperor challenge

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 11:51 am Oct 25,2016

Tags: revelation  occultist  gameplay  four  emperor  challenge 


Maybe some of you are interrested in Occultist gameplay. Here is a video about my occultist doing the daily Four Emperor challenge dungeon. It is something like Mushin Tower from Blade and Soul, but much easier, and you can respawn 3 times, altough that stage in that you have died won't be cleared and you won't get it's loot, only the next one. You can get here many experience, and some nice loot for advancing your character. 

[Blade & Soul NA] Avalanche Den Guide to both 6 man and 4 man

By: GregBNS in Blade and Soulposted at 3:46 am May 12,2016

Tags: blade  and  soul  BNS  Yeti  Avalanche  Den  4  6  man  four 


Hey all! Here are my guides to both 6 man and 4 man Avalanche Den Fights, the six man guide is a little more detailed in the general fight whereas the 4 man guide specifically sticks to the mechanics that have changed in that mode and how to adapt to it, I hope you enjoy!

Six Man Guide:

Four Man Guide:

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Zone 4 Review

By: Zanpakutou in Zone 4: Fight Districtposted at 5:55 am Dec 06,2012

Tags: zone  four  4  review  flame  rant 


So I have continued my search for a better action MMORPG after Rusty Hearts and their level 50 patch introduced some nasty imbalancing problems. I decided to turn to OGPlanet's Zone 4, and that was a big mistake.


The story of the game is about the titular Zone 4. It is a place where people fight it out to be the best, but it has problems. Now, you must make your way to Zone 4 by fighting your way through it. Other than that, you just completing random tasks that are given to you by the NPCs.


The graphics are not impressive by today's standards, but it still has a good overall feel. I really like the cartoonish style that is used for the backgrounds. The characters are also fairly decent. The only problem is that customization items are extremely rare with some of it being restricted to item mall. The character animations are pretty good though. There are different fighting styles and the different animations for them makes it seem very impressive overall. T

Four Misleading Features of SMT: Imagine

By: MapleTire in Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Onlineposted at 5:27 am May 01,2012

Tags: imagine  misleading  features  four  shin megami tensei 

Maybe if Cave mends these features, then maybe such a list wouldn't exist.

1) The Motorcycle

Everyone knows that they want to see their avatars ride the motorcycle. I'm talking about handling the motorcycle. Look at the picture, this is what it looks like when you have this and you'll have to cough up loads of money just to do this.

You even have a first person view with no sight of handle bars or anything like that. It's just a gimmick!

2) The Story
The story is set between Megaten 2 and 3. This information is just to keep current players engaged however it doesn't mean it direct to any of it. It's just a spin-off and actually has nothing to do with with the story. This MMO is branded with Shin Megami Tensei and it doesn't show.

Many players expected a story but it's been almost 2 year

PS3 Slim Sales Best Ever: 150,000 in 4 Days

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 12:41 am Sep 11,2009

Tags: ps3  slim  sales  best  ever  150000  150  000  in  4  four   


Sales of the PS3 Slim in Japan have hit record levels, with the console selling 150,000 units in four days, 50% more units than the Xbox 360 sold in the entirety of the 2009 financial year.

The figures show the PS3 Slim to have sold 150,252 (the old model sold an additional 500 units in the same period) in the four days after its release, the highest since the console’s release.

This brings the Japanese PS3 sales total to 3,431,964 units, with the Xbox 360 trailing with 1,113,372.

Of course, the real question is how much this release will do to close the global 10 million unit gap between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, although just how many of those units are still working is open to question…

Via Hachimaki.

- From Sankakucomplex.com

In my opinion, this was a bit unexpected. I never thought the Slim PS3 would have sold nearly as much as the original one. It seems to be great, although the design of the old PS3 seemed to be better.

Grind 4 U! aka part 4

By: Cereldi in defaultposted at 10:54 pm Jun 04,2009

Tags: grind  part  four  4  lols  it  is awesome 


 Oh dear fucking god, i have to write for you people again. If only i didn't have any sense of humor I could get away with that . 

Yes children its time for Grind part 4, first off I wanna thank the 1000+ people who, god knows how, found the time to read my generations article.  Turn out if you throw in a cool cover pic people tend to like ur blog a whole lot more.  sooo....

the sad part is, nothing you ever do in life, will ever amount to even half of the awesome in this picture so carry on my wayward son. 

Anyhoo, the real beef and balls of this article is talking about the various amount of classes you get to choose from when you start you adventure into the chocolate dipped world of amazing Grind.  Keep in mind I'm just covering the basic and most common classes so no shaman or summoner classes (sry WoWheads, I'm a shaman too don't worry)  


1. The Warrior - aka the most straightfoward class ever 

Ok so this class is really just click and smack.  Maybe you will have a few skills here and there, maybe you will tank, maybe you will get good at grinding, but if you choose this class you definetly do not have to do any rese


By: sdhf in 4Storyposted at 11:49 am Sep 01,2008

Tags: 4story  four  story  oulyt  war  pvp 





What is 4Story?

4Story is the exciting tale of Three kingdoms of Iveria, blessed by goddess of Creation, Rea, and one Hero. Nation of Bravery Soldiers, DeFugel. Nation of Mysterious Magics, Craxion. Nation of Strong Troops, Broa. Three kingdoms are facing each other without the slightest bit of yield, advocating each history and truth of those three kingdoms. One hero, who is born to find out the entire truth that was buried in hundreds of thousands of years, is you who jumped into this world of chaos. You Tell the 4th Story



You choose to tell the story as one of the 3 races.

The Humans

"Potential, adaptability, and enourmouse intelligence hidden in ordinary".

As the race who immigrated into Iveria lastly and used to be called as Pirholen, Humans are good at using tools that are made by energy and metal. Although they have a short lifespan and are physically weak, their vivacity and positive mind for their lives have contributed to creation and transmission of the history of Iveria. Also, who have written the documents of many kinds of history were Humans.

In addition, they leaded the conference of the purpose of unification of all the races in Binah w

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