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Drift City Race for Fun !

By: Spammie in Drift Cityposted at 11:48 am May 12,2014

Tags: Drift City  Race  for  Fun 


Just a little sneak peak at next game that I will be doing a first look. Just a simple race where I had my fun !

RuneScape Membership for free

By: GreenKrush in defaultposted at 9:56 am Nov 07,2012

Tags: runescape  membership  for  free  mmorpg  ugc  ultimate game 


Learn how to get RuneScape Membership for free @ http://www.squidoo.com/runescape-membership-for-free

Upgrade Jobs for Mark II Weapons!

By: MysticDream in Combat Armsposted at 3:17 am Jul 06,2011

Tags: combat  arms  eu  Upgrade  Jobs  for  Mark 


Yes Yes Bubba's now offering Upgrade Jobs in the Gun Emporium!

After accepting the Upgrade Job for a weapon you own,
simply earn 100 kills with it and bring it back to the Gun Emporium.
Bubba will exchange your old weapon for a brand new and improved
Mark II version of the weapon at the same duration as your old weapon,
even permanent!  

Upgrade Jobs are currently available to create these Mark II weapons:

PSG-1 Mark II


AA-12 Mark II

"On a quest to find the best free to play MMO..." Review Release Date Announced!

By: Littlesin in defaultposted at 7:13 am Apr 28,2010

Tags: on  a  hunt  for  the  perfect  mmo  review  release  date   


Hello MMOSite!

If you've been following my blog latley you might have noticed my post "On a quest to find the best free to play MMO..." And if you've read the post, I said that I would announce the day of the week on which I would release my reviews, and I have now decided for that day to be...*drumroll* Thursday! ^^, Because I useually don't do anything on those days! So keep reading my blog to catch my reviews in the future! 

My reviews will be based on a couple of things: Graphics, gameplay, races/classes and class-mechanics cash shop dependancy (If you can play trough the game without cash shop and also PvP without buying the top notched pimp ass gear from the cash shop) and also the music in the game. I will also have some basic details on each MMO, for example offical site, register URL, and the platforms its playable on!

PS: The first review, scheduled to be released tomorrow is going to be Perfect World International! (I'm open for suggestions on games to

Strike Witches Shooting Game for Xbox 360 Due

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 12:28 am Sep 11,2009

Tags: strike  witches  shooting  game  for  xbox  360  due  event 


The latest Strike Witches event has brought with it the announcement that Strike Witches will finally get a game adaptation in its natural genre, almost universally thought to be vertically scrolling shooting action.

The only details released so far are that the developer is CyberFront, the platform is the Xbox 360, and the genre is shooting. A release date is not given, but with the second season in the works we might think it likely to coincide with this.

For whatever reasons, the Xbox 360 is the normal platform for “STG” games, having quite a number of titles already released.

With the release of games like IdolMaster and Dream C Club, and now Strike Witches, it seems the Xbox 360 is targeting a very specific demographic in Japan…

In the mean time, the free doujin alternatives may still be of interest.

- From Sankakucomplex.com

Find the perfect game for you!

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 4:55 am Jan 05,2008

Tags: find  the  perfect  game  for  you  genre  pace  difficulty 


Here, I will show you how to find the perfect game for you to play and enjoy.

1. Game Genre - This is the most important object into finding your own game. Would you like to grow your army and then invade other players, create a character and fight other, or enjoy farming or fishing? Depends on what you know best. The choice is yours. Slip up when choosing the game, and you're gone.

2. Game Pace - Do you like raising your stats and leveling up easier, or harder? Do you like enjoying the game at a slower pace? This is another important factor.

3. Game Difficulty - Do you like having a tough challenge in MMOs, or taking it easily? Again, this is another factor of deciding the game for you.

4. Game Community - The game community plays a major role into deciding whether you want to play it or not. It's great joining a game with a helpful, calm and not annoying community attitude. Do people like partying with you in order to advance with you in your quests or leveling up? Be careful.

5. Game Graphics - Are the graphics astonishing? Are they beautiful and cartoon-like, or are they for the more adult players? Always look for details on the graphics of games.

6. Gameplay - How good are the fe

Monster Invasion

By: GPOTATOS in Flyffposted at 7:37 pm Dec 14,2007

Tags: FLYFF  Fly  For  Fun  flyff  fun  for  fly  aibatt 

Does anyone know when the next Flyff Monster Invasion is? I heard there was one near Halloween and I think there might be one near Christmas time!  I hope there is one soon!  I am a level 17 Mercinary, my name is Zalla i

Monster Invasion

By: GPOTATOS in Flyffposted at 7:37 pm Dec 14,2007

Tags: FLYFF  Fly  For  Fun  flyff  fun  for  fly  aibatt 

Does anyone know when the next Flyff Monster Invasion is? I heard there was one near Halloween and I think there might be one near Christmas time!  I hope there is one soon!  I am a level 17 Mercinary, my name is Zalla i

Recommended Games for 2007

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 2:24 am Dec 13,2007

Tags: recommended  games  for  2007  fantasytennis  lunia  perfect 


Here, I'll post the games I recommend you to play. Do not forget, this is my opinion, not a general opinion. You may like it, or not.

1. FantasyTennis - My all-time favourite game of 2007, it receives My Game of the Year award. Although not many of you might have heard of it, there's more than meets the eye to it. It's something different and unique to it. I highly recommend it for everyone, it's a change in pace from whatever game you were playing to this game. Once you play it, you'll end up being addicted to it for a few months, even more if you waste money buying ingame items. The name says it all.

2. Lunia - It was a tough choice, to choose this or Perfect World for this position. I've made out my mind, and chose Lunia. Why? Because of the way controls are, you actually move your characters with buttons and attack with buttons, you don't attack by clicking on monsters like what every other 3D MMO does, except a few. That, combined with the emotions it makes you feel, usually dramatic emotions, and the fantasy realm it is situated in, will bring you a great deal of pleasure. If you'd totally prefer 3D MMOs over this game, then be my gue


By: Buldozer in defaultposted at 2:31 am Dec 03,2007

Tags: family  mmorpgs  cool  bad  thanks  for  reading 

Yep, this is a difficult topic to discuss MMorpgs vs Family. Let me share  my experience in this topic.How many times do we find ourselves saying to our friend/sister/girlfriend that you don’t want to go out you just want to be left alone to play a little. Ye sometimes I bet.Im 19 years old and im dating for 4 years and living together for about 2 years.Im taking care of the child of a good friend of mine that passed away a few months ago.In  a full life of work, girlfriend and a kid to raise I still find sometime to play mmorpgs.Sometimes I just want to go home take the suite and play for an hour at least, but is not always possible or I find my girl playing the damn flyff or I got to take care of the kid.So sometimes theres conflicts because I just want to play a little 2moons, but the kid is crying or he wants me to see Noddy with him..or my girl she wants me to see some romantic dvd with her (yeckkkkk ).But I think about it and I think that family always come first and you don’t know how much more time you will have with them. I learn this lesson when my good friend passed away. So go by me next time someone ask you out or you can be with your family whatching tv together or so

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