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Why I Hate Online Passes

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:43 am Oct 08,2011

Tags: online  pass  flame  rant 


 Online Passes is the new feature that is gradually being implemented in various games in order to "encourage" players to buy the legit version of the game rather than pirating it. However, due to how it is handled, it will probably be hated even more.

 1) Multiplayer is locked content on the discWhat people hate a lot is being forced to pay to "unlock" certain features that are already part of the disc. Having players buy an online pass in order to play the game online is exactly this. You already payed $60 (potentially) for a game, but now you have to pay an extra $10 to use online mode and this is not counting the extra money you have to fork over for DLC later on. Remember that you have to do this every time you buy a new game. Publishers are not offering $10 for online access to all their games but rather just one game. Of course some of them are offering a subscription package that lets you buy each of the online passes for a slightly lower price, but

Atlantica Online Mercenary Review: Witch

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 9:27 pm Sep 06,2011

Tags: atlantica  online  mercenary  review  witch  flame  rant 


Might as well finish this one up while the servers are still down for maintenance. I might get around to the main characters after I finish all the mercenaries. Main characters have their own set of skills as well.


The Witch is a Staff type mercenary that comes with a variety of skills. Like all Staff type mercenaries, she has high intelligence and magic defense, but  rather low amount of HP. To date she remains the only mercenary that is considered to be flying. This means that she cannot be hit by standard melee attacks, but enemies can also run past her to hit the mercenary behind her. She has a lot of MP control skills such as Mana Dragin which depletes the enemy's MP in addition to causing some damage, Mana Recharge which restores MP for a row of your own mercenaries, and M

Tian Long Ba Bu (Demi-God Semi-Devil) Review

By: Zanpakutou in TLBBposted at 9:28 pm Dec 10,2010

Tags: tian  long  ba  bu  review  flame  rant  semi  devil  demi   


So I decided to try out this game because its named after one of the famous Wuxia (martial art) novels by Jin Yong (most famous for Condor Heroes). This game has absolutely nothing to do with the series of the same name and is instead based on the 10 martial arts sects. Unfortunately, I realized I played this game before except it was under a different name and I think it was run by a Malaysian company rather than Changyou Europe. The only thing that I recognized was the giant eagles that some people can ride, but that would be Legend of the Condor Heroes and not Tian Long Ba Bu. This game is very similar to the JX2 style.




The graphics are dated. There are very limited options in terms of looks. You can choose between 3 hairstyles and something like 4 faces. You can choose a character portrait, but it has no effect on anything other than the image you see when you view a person's profile. The background and enemies are rather plain. The effects on skills look decent a

Talesweaver Review (Open Beta)

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 2:08 pm Nov 17,2010

Tags: tales  weaver  talesweaver  online  review  flame  rant 


So, a long time ago, Korea came up with a game called Talesweaver. Finally, in the Fall of 2010, they decided to translate the game into English. Unfortunately, the servers are located in Korea still which causes some problems. Its being hosted by gamengame open beta but its still fairly unstable.

Website: http://tales.gamengame.com/


For some reason villages are facing increasingly more aggressive monsters. No one knows why.


This game is old. It uses 2D sprites with a 3D background. Provided that you aren't playing full screen, the graphics are still fairly nice. Stretching the screen really makes the game show its age but other than that its still fairly decent. Another problem is that most characters look very similar so everyone practically looks the same. If you want different looks, you have to get some high level head equipment and some item mall stuff which is not released in this version yet.


The game starts off with you choosing a base character. Each

Don't Vote for Atlantica as Best of 2009

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 6:24 am Jan 26,2010

Tags: atlantica  online  flame  rant  leak  complaint 


I see that Atlantica Online might come close to winning Game of the Year of 2009. However, I find it in my best interest ensure that this does not happen. To those who want to see the same, I encourage you to spread this. The following is a list of reasons.

1) nDoors and Atlantica Online's Transparency

[QUOTE]Currently, we have been working to be more transparent with our players, and raising visibility with our community.[/QUOTE]

Source: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/346/feature/3954

This came just days after Czar posted this statement which was leaked. Rule #1 and #2 is a play on Fight Club which states that you do not talk about the test server. Which ironically, they revealed to the public exists and the players are in fact contributing to decisions that are being made about the future of the game. This "transparency" is only given to select players who are probably high level players who have been around for a long time. However, much of their comments is done for

Warriors of the Three Kingdoms Review

By: Zanpakutou in Warriors of the 3 Kingdomsposted at 7:09 am Nov 12,2009

Tags: warrior  three  kingdoms  review  flame  rant 


Warriors of the Three Kingdoms is another attempt to make an MMO based on the 3 Kingdoms era in China. This one goes for the action RPG feel which is different from most of the other MMOs. There are a good variety of gameplay options to satisfy PvE and PvP players but if you do not have an excellent internet connection, you will experience problems.


N/A - 3 Kingdoms Era, you join a side and go to war. That's pretty much it.


The graphics are not too bad, but I find that it is still below average. The main problem is that there is no variety. Players who are near your level will wear similar armor. The minor face differences are not noticeable. The enemies often look like recolored versions of the same characters. The skills are only noticeable by the huge trail effects they leave behind.


Character creation is very limited. You get a name, 3 faces, and 2 hair styles that look exactly the same. You also pick which nation you want to be part of. This cannot be changed later on so make it count.

There are 4 character types each that can use 2 different unique weapons. For the most part, the lower the difficulty is on the weapon, the more practical at is. The high di

Titan (Mo Siang) Online Reivew

By: Zanpakutou in Mo Siang Onlineposted at 3:46 pm Mar 20,2009

Tags: mo  siang  titan  online  review  rant  flame  old  graphic 


I will try to make time for Steps, 12Sky2 and The Warlords. There seems to be a large number of old games and a few new games being released for Western audiences this week and I'll try to make time for it during the next 2 weeks.

Titan Online is another MMO based on ancient China. Its been released in other countries under other names. The other name for Titan Online is usually Mo Siang Online. It was released quite a while back and there are numerous private servers out there for the game already. The main unique characteristic of Titan Online is that of a free skill system. There are no classes. Just pick up a weapon, train the skills you want at the NPC and go. Its something that you don't see very often in MMOs so it should interest those who prefer this type of system.


Ancient China and some evil spirits. In order to stop them you need something called a Titan. Read the website for more information.


The graphics of Titan Online are fairly dated. It was released a while back but the graphics are a bit below that of Hero Online. The effects aren't that impressive, but the attempts to integrate weather into the game itself is a nice addition. There is however, a l

Lost Odyssey Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 7:47 pm Feb 21,2009

Tags: lost  odyssey  xbox  360  flame  rant  unfinished 


Before I get started on this. I would like to say I did not finish Lost Odyssey and I never plan to. I played it for a while and got bored as hell with it. Its like a combination of various different Final Fantasy games thrown together. Not to mention that its on multiple discs as well. This is one of the reasons I don't like 360 RPGs but its out there but I do want to play The Last Remnant and Star Ocean 4 which I hope comes out for the PS3 at some point as well. I mainly played this for a taste of RPGs on the 360 which turned out to be pretty bad. Other than that, its a console not for RPGamers and most the exclusives are nothing special and worth the cost of an Xbox 360 to play. If you ask me, if you want an RPG, look at the Playstation 2 and not the 360 and most JRPGs aren't doing well because its a demographic fail. They have the right idea for the wrong people.

NOTE: Keep in mind that I did not finish this game I do not plan to. As interesting as it may be, I got bored of it fast because its nothing really new or spectacular about it. Images are taken from RPGamer.com


The story focuses on a effeminate man named Kaim. He is basically an immortal with amnesia who is tryin

Valkyrie Sky Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 6:22 am Feb 12,2009

Tags: valkyrie  sky  rant  review  flame  shoot  em  up  vertical 



This is my first MMO review in a while. Valkyrie Sky is an MMO version of what is almost a dead form of gaming. This type of game I am referring to is more commonly known as a vertical shoot em up. Other games that fall under this category are Aero Fighters and Giga Wing. Valkyrie Sky is similar to these other games but combines it with elements of a traditional MMO making it an odd product of the two. Game and game was the host of this “closed beta”. They say it was a closed beta but anyone with a game and game account can join so it wasn't really it a closed beta.


N/A – I didn't pay attention to what they said because it wasn't interesting. There's just a tutorial and you're basically off to run errands (quest) for people.


The graphics are quite poor for an MMO in this day and age. Its not very smooth and the effects used are dated. The characters are all copies of each other with the exception being the weapons. Armor changes the way characters look, but these are quite limited in possibilities so clones of characters are seen everywhere. There is no character customization at all. Each class looks a certain way and thats it. Some people

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