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RIFT Teases Subscription Only Progression Servers

By: Fevir in Riftposted at 10:51 am Jan 21,2018

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It seems to be an increasingly common thing to look at different server types, progression servers, fresh starts.. and in a move that looks to capitalize on a lot of that and breathe some life into the MMORPG RIFT - Trion has teased the upcoming RIFT Prime service.

This will be an all new fresh start/progression server that will be subscription only with a heavily gutted cash shop.  In the press release it was stated that the only thing sold in the cash shop will be cosmetic.

RIFT at it's height was actually a pretty good game and especially it's end game PvE content was heavily overlooked.  Will something like this allow people to revisit the game in a more polished and controlled fashion without aggressive monetization holding it down?

For more information and thoughts on RIFT Prime and other gaming news tidbits - Check out the video below:

Pantheon is Starting to Look REALLY Good

By: Fevir in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallenposted at 7:13 pm Oct 03,2017

Tags: pantheon  pantheon rise of the fallen  mmo  mmorpg  fevir 


I have been loosely following the crowd funded MMORPG Pantheon for some time now.  I generally have a pretty neutral to negative opinion about most crowd funded projects but of every project, Pantheon was my hope, rather than something to get hyped about.  This came almost entirely on the back of some familiar faces working on Pantheon that had worked on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes a while back.

The problem is that up until earlier this week the game has looked... not to mince words... dated and terrible.

Before: https://imgur.com/ljsiGfk

(Uploading images weren't not really working for me for some reason) - It looks much better in action.

But this week we got a sneak peak at the first of many graphical upgrades.

After: https://imgur.com/7Sc0kGX

For more on Pantheon and other assorted gaming news.. check out the video below:

Why Open World for Warframe is Important

By: Fevir in Warframeposted at 3:04 pm Jul 11,2017

Tags: fevir  fevirgaming  whats good  gaming news  game news  warframe 


At this year's Tennocon, Warframe's own convention, Digital Extremes surprised everyone with the massive announcement of landscapes.  A feature and mission type that takes Warframe a step towards being an open world game.

This announcement has resulted in a lot of attention.. especially from ex-players and those who are looking forward to either Destiny 2 or Anthem.  Two titles that look to have experiences that have a lot of overlap with Warframe.. and in the case of Destiny 2.. many veterans of the original Destiny really just wanted the game to have these open, non-restrictive worlds... and in case you aren't familiar with Warframe... it's free.

But I feel the implications go further than just being competition for the big boys and I expand upon that thought in the vide

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