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WoW: Quick Gold By Disenchanting

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 3:38 pm Sep 29,2016

Tags: wow  guide  enchanting  disenchanting  gold making  legion 


Let's make some gold! Here's another gold making guide from my series. You will need just Enchanting and it requires a little research. The guide uses simple AH flipping. You buy a cheap item, disenchant it and resell the items (shards, crystals, dust) you get from them. The guide will teach you how to find items for targeted disenchanting.

The Actual Guide

1. You will need Enchanting, at least 600/600 to make the most profit. This guide is intended if you only have several thousand gold at your disposal and want to quickly duplicate the cash.

2. Depending on your realm, visit the Undermine Journal. This website is absolutely the best and saves a lot of time.

3. I'll be using an example to explain the guide. So let's say I'm from Moon Guard.

4. Next when you choose your realm,

WoW Legion: Make Thousands of Gold With Enchanting!

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 4:59 am Sep 13,2016

Tags: wow  legion  gold making  guide  enchanting 


I'm too lazy to level my 90 Goblin Mage to 110 to max up my Enchanting. That's why I've come up with a gold making method that can yield you ten thousands of gold overnight without farming. I'm really comfortable, the only walking (or flying) that you'll make is from the Auctioneer to the mailbox and back.

Wait you've already written an Enchanting gold making guide!

While this is true and you can find the former guide here, this method differs substantially from the other one. The major difference is speed at which you acquire your gold. Most of the auctions are bought straight away as you post them and it's highly likely that you won't be able to cover the big demand yet the more time and gold you invest, the more you're going to find in your mailbox the next day.


Mists of Pandaria Enchanting

By: Stan D in defaultposted at 7:57 am Sep 06,2012

Tags: Enchanting  Mists of Pandaria  Mimiron  WoW 


Here we go with a brief Enchanting preview in Mists of Pandaria, props go to MMOChamp for creating the video. I'll be using it as a demonstration. You can see visual effects of every new weapon enchantment, one by one. 

In the table, you'll see the Skills tab, where it's indicated at what skill level you're going to get and/or stop getting skill points.

Enchant Weapon - Elemental Force Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes inflict 3,000 additional Elemental damage when dealing damage with spells and melee attacks. Requires a level 372 or higher item. 525550575600
Enchant Weapon - Windsong Permanently enchants a melee weapon to sometimes increase your critical strike, haste, or mastery by 1,500 for 12 sec when dealing damage or healing with spells and melee attacks. Requires a level 372 or higher item. 550575590605
Enchant Weapon - Colossus Permanently enchants a melee weapon to make your damaging melee strikes sometimes activate a Mogu protect

Watch My Head Event

By: CM_Hastur in defaultposted at 7:34 pm Nov 09,2011

Tags: Dragon Saga  WarpPortal  New Origins  Dragonkin  Enchanting   


The last time we had an event like this with Keemart wings we told you to watch your back. This time the GM's want you to watch your head! The GMs have way too many [Event] Wreath of Silver Light items so we're just giving them away! Since last time we had the help of some "Pros" to make you all "Look Pro" who better to help out again.

Details - As we have stated, each day, we will be giving out one (1) to each account (with a Level 20 and above character) after login. Account must log in at least once per day to receive the Wreath. With these wreaths, you can choose to go pro or keep the Wreath that you have. If you would like to go pro, here’s how you would do it:

If you upgrade the [Event] Wreath of Silver Light to:

    +10-14 - You will have the option to trade the

Enchanting materials

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 7:49 pm Aug 25,2008

Tags: mwo  mmo  rpg  Enchanting  material 


Enchanted materials can be added to armours and weapons at the production principal using the "Enchant" option.
Each different craft can make different enchanting materials from Lv5.

At Lv5 of your craft you become able to make Lv1 and Lv2 enchanting materials.
At Lv6 of your craft you become able to make Lv3 and Lv4 enchanting materials.
At Lv7 of your craft you become able to make Lv5 and Lv6 enchanting materials.
At Lv8 of your craft you become able to make Lv7 enchanting materials.
At Lv9 of your craft you become able to make Lv8 enchanting materials.
At Lv10 of your craft you become able to make Lv9 enchanting materials.

As the level enchanting of the material increases so does the amount of stats added but there is still a bit of a random factor as a Lv3 Lucky star may still add only +1 drop rate.

Each material has their own success rate but all seem to work 100% for white items at low levels then drop when you use higher level enchantment items and also the success rate decreases further depending on the existing stats on the item. (ie. blue/gold name)
When it fails you do NOT lose the item it just loses all it's +attributes and becomes white named.

It also costs money to en

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