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Master x Master-AION Fire Temple!

By: Rankochan in Master X Masterposted at 4:14 pm Jun 26,2016

Tags: masterxmaster  MxM  MasterxMaster  aion  gameplay  dungeon   


Hi guys!

Recently I was playing Master x Master english alpha, and I have to say, I am really enjoying it! The game has many interresting features, later on I will summarize that in another video. But for now, here is something fun: Fire Temple! If any of you have played AION, the name should sound similar. And actually it's almost the same, with same bosses and trash mobs, the difference is in the playstyle. It's more action packed, and the bosses have some interresting skills. And the best part is: if you farm it, and earn enough Kromede Bows, you can have your own Kromede master!

Here is the video of the gameplay, have fun!

Legion: Eye of Azshara Dungeon

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 11:26 am Feb 23,2016

Tags: wow  wow legion  dungeon  preview  eye of azshara 


On Legion Test Realms a new dungeon is being tested, it's called Eye of Azshara located in Azsuna.

Azsuna is a zone in southwestern part of the Broken Isles. It holds the ruins of the night elf civilization that existed prior to the Sundering. The naga are known to be present in this zone. The whole zone and the dungeon will make use of the newly-introduced Naga models. Below, you can see the picture of the old and updated naga models. They are present all over Azsuna.

Eye of Azshara

The new 5-player dungeon is located in Azsuna. This is where you contend with the minions of Queen Azshara and her naga.


The dungeon will have the following five bosses:

1. Warlord Parjesh

2. Lady Hatecoil

3. King Deepbeard

4. Serpentrix

5. Wrath of Azshara

There's virtually no lore relat

Skara Online PVP MMO Updated Look

By: Scion Storm in Skara: The Blade Remainsposted at 11:57 am Nov 24,2015

Tags: Skara  PVP  Gameplay  Dungeon  Character Creation 


Main Site
Skara recently has updated the game. This is a pvp oriented arena game. These games come and go to be honest. I hope this one sticks because we need a few PVP games to hit main stream. It looks good so far a few things appear unfair at times. A lot of the game is still not finished as well. Remember it's in testing, so it has a long way to go.

Final Fantasy XIV: Warrior of Light - Ep.7 Tam Tara Dungeon&Scion Gets Serious

By: Scion Storm in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 3:01 pm Oct 13,2013

Tags: Final Fantasy XIV  MMORPG  Dungeon  Tam Tara 


Noticing I was lacking last episode I got my training montage on. And this time was drastically better and easier. I leveled up all my trade skills Armorer, Blacksmith and Mining. After that I headed into Tam Tara the second dungeon in FFXIV. 

The dungeon itself is straight forward. You have one real boss at the end. And four mini bosses before that one boss. The trash in this dungeon is easily CC'd and tanked down. You should have no issues here.

[Dungeon] Vanaheim - Solo Dungeon

By: Myshka♥Maya in Ragnarok Online 2posted at 1:22 am May 30,2013

Tags: Ragnarok Online 2  RO2  Dungeon  Vaneheim 


Map: Payon Forest

Dungeon: Vanaheim - Solo Dungeon

Dungeon Entrance

Elemental Dungeon Conqueror!

By: YNKNEWS in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 6:27 pm Mar 14,2013

Tags: new  march  online  game  elemental  dungeon 


Greetings Rohanians! 
We have increased the Element buff effects inside the Elemental Dungeon! 
With these buffs we hope that many of you will be able to complete the 
Elemental Dungeon effectively! 

The Increased Element buffs will be running throughout the following dates: 03/12/2013 - 04/09/2013

The following buff changes have been introduced:

Skyrim - EPIC 20 Minutes of Gameplay

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 11:48 pm Sep 13,2011

Tags: Skryim  Dragon  Dungeon  Exploring  Epic  Awesome  Magic  Sp 


Hi guys,

As you probably know The Elder Scrolls is very popular RPG series, you will most likely recognise it by titles such as Morrowind or Oblivion.  Skyrim is the new upcoming game in this serie and it has been developed for 5 years (2006-2011) and it will be released this year on 11.11.11 (PC, Xbox 360 and PS3)!

To be honest, I really Like and Respect Bethesda (developer) and I do know that they know how to make good RPG - Skyrim is 'must have' this year for every RPG fan and EVERYONE who loves good games - WHY? Just check out the Videos!

The video is divided into 3 separate Videos.

1. Its pretty much exploring the world of Skyrim- visiting the highest mountain of Skyrim, showing the Equipment and Spells

2. Dungeons - an Ancient Dungeon strongly connected with Norse mythology! T

DNF on Iphone

By: Gunpen in Dungeon Fighter Onlineposted at 8:02 pm Mar 28,2011

Tags: DNF  Dungeon 


Good news for Iphone users who like DNF.
NexonMobile announce DNF IOS version support 4 language(Chinese.Korean.Japanese.Enalish).

Game Features
1. Unique Upgrade Skill
135 different upgrade skills include seven unique attack skills and 20 kinds of defense skill!
2. Characters Appearance
When you equip different weapons and Armors, your character appearance will change.
3. Much Equipment
The 300 different equipments made for your characters

Dungeon&Fighter < Needs to be Realesed in American >

By: rol in defaultposted at 4:15 pm Feb 23,2008

Tags: dungeon  fighter  good  game 

A Game That Probally would be nice if there where a International Verison.
Dungeon & Fighter
is a Korean multiplayer PC beat'em up video game by a company called Neople. The Korean company NHN is in the process of producing a Japanese arcade version of the game called Arad Senki.

There are 5 first-class characters in Dungeon & Fighter', and each first-class character can be promoted into four specialized classes when upon reaching level 18. Later on, each class can acquire an honorable title at level 48 by accomplishing an awakening quest and gain two much more powerful skills. For example, a Ranger can acquire his new class name 'Desperado' at level 48. Currently, only the Gunner, Martial Artist and Summoner and Elemental Master of mages have the quest to acquire a new class.

    Ghost Knight is a swordsman that uses mêlée weapons such as a sword or a blunt instrument. His arm is red because of a strange disease that possesses his arm. His left arm is shackled in order to control the power of the ghost that strives to possess him.
      If he makes up his mind to fight against and suppress the power of the ghost, he can be promoted to Weapon master, who trains his swordsmanship

A Dungeon Runners New \'Battle\' Trailer Updated

By: Brotherbird in defaultposted at 7:01 am Jun 27,2007

Tags: dungeon  runners  video 

New footage of NCSoft's next MMORPG. Form a team and head into the depths of the terrible dungeon to slaughter the monsters within.   Video code provided by hotcode.mmosite.com
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