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Download/Installation issues with the Launcher in SWTOR

By: xxiaopig in Star Wars: The Old Republicposted at 12:18 am Feb 02,2012

Tags: download  installation  issues  launcher  swtor  star wars the o 


A wave of cold and snowy weather continues to grip the whole world,and make it unpleasant to play outside.It seems like that it is a perfect time to play Star Wars The Old Republic.But a dozen of players find it is impossible to run the SWTOR.What a pity.Now we would like to solve this problem for you.

Tens of thousands of queue will not scare us,what frustrate us most,is that we can not even be able to enter the game.

First we would like to talk about the most common ones. SWTOR Credits I spent all day trying everything in the FAQ on fixing the launcher and it turned out to simply be that under the internet options of my computer under networking I had "use proxy server" checked. Goto control panel, internet options, connections, LAN settings and click "Automatically Detect Settings" and make sure you are not using the proxy server option.You should avoid this one like we all do.

Second,if you are in this condition Inserting disk, installer won't run. Go to My computer and then

Audition's problem

By: MissAlice in Auditionposted at 5:03 am Jul 05,2011

Tags: mmo  audition  download   


Hi everyone! My name is Alice, but u can call me Miss Alice.

Well i am new here and so i was pretend to do the download when i realize that the download was SOO lazy! I almost fall asleep. im writing and my download that i stared a 30 minutes ago is only 2% i think i gonna be here all my day just to this end the download!

What about urs? did ur was lazy too? or u did have another way to make to download pls tell me

hey who plays conquer online looking for people to play conquer with

By: Dragons Master in Conquer Onlineposted at 7:47 pm Aug 18,2010

Tags: conquer  online  game  new  play  download  cool  quest  account 


  if you play conquer online i got some accounts u guys can have and we can play as a guild, my accounts are in

Myths              Gryphon/Cerberus

and i have a few accounts I can give you if you want to play because i am trying to form a big guild so we can be number 1 so if any of you want to join me or if you are already in my servers then message me and i will get back to you 

Thank You

Warhammer EU open beta client download available Now

By: dreamyrider in Warhammer Onlineposted at 2:26 am Aug 30,2008

Tags: warhammer  client  download 

The 12GB Open Beta client is now available for download through the EU official website.

This download is open for everyone, but only Open Beta testers will be able to run the client. Open Beta testers include all current beta testers, Collector's Edition pre-order customers as well as customers who bought a Standard Edition pre-order. To download the client without Open Beta access will only slow the download for other users so we kindly ask you to respect this.

Also the official note: current beta testers will be able to patch their clients; no new download is needed if you already have one.


Atlantica Online Will be Available for You to Download

By: congcc in Atlantica Onlineposted at 12:40 am Jul 15,2008

Tags: atlantica  download 


     Atlantica Online is the first full 3D online game developed by Korea-based Ndoors which has developed some famous online games, such as TimeNTales, KoongPa and Goonzu Online. Atlantica Online is set in a fantasy world where the East, West, the past and future co-exist. And the story tells how the hero adventures into the world to discover the unknown continent Atlantis.

Download will be available soon. Please come back and check!

Games from TQ DIGITAL

By: platy in defaultposted at 10:50 pm May 05,2008

Tags: tq  digital  download 


About TQ Digital

TQ Digital Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of NetDragon Websoft Inc., is one of the leading developers and publishers of online games. The company develops and publishes its products in two main areas: Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), and casual games.

TQ Digital Entertainment is a leading game developer in China. In the past few years, it has in-house developed many excellent MMORPGs, including Monster and Me, Conquer Online, Era of Faith, Eudemons Online and Zero Online, covering the genres of cute style, martial arts, fantasy and science fiction. TQ boasts the most varied types and most complete genres of games in China.

TQ is known for its R&D strength. It is the only Chinese game developer which attends E3 five years in a row and receives high acclaim from the gaming industry every year. The foreign versions of Conquer Online and other titles receive good popularity among the gamers and its R&D strength has attracted attention from its international peers. TQ has been authorized by Ubi Soft to develop the online version of Ubi's high-profile Heroes of Magic and Might franchise and it will be the exclusive operator for Heroes of Magi

Fantasy MMORPGs Part IV

By: congcc in defaultposted at 5:27 pm Apr 15,2008

Tags: mmorpg  fantasy  download 


   Khan (PH)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=95

   Knight Online(US)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=98

   Kingdom of Drakkar

   Lands of Hope

   Legend of Mir 2

  Last Chaos(US)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=235

  Libido Online (cn)

  Mo Siang Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=596

  Martial Heroes  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=110

                EU: http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=473



  Ogre Island 

  Phylon online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=620

  Ragnarok Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=148

  Rappelz  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=269

  Regnum Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=411

  ROSE Online   http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=155

  Silkroad online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=178

  Skyblade  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=232

  Supreme Destiny(MY)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=150

  Sword of the New World  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=79

  The Legend of Ares  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=361

  The Lord of the Rings Online

Fantasy MMORPGs Part II

By: congcc in defaultposted at 5:24 pm Apr 15,2008

Tags: fantasy  mmorpgs  download 



   Astonia  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=37

   Corum Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=568

   Episode I: With Your Destiny  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=607

   DECO  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=631

   Metin2  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=624

   Perfect World  MY http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=651

   Travia Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=490


   Earth Eternal


   Hellgate: London(US)  ???adventure

   Hello Kitty Online  (??)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=81

   Immortal Destiny  

   The Chronicles of Spellborn 

   World Of Kung Fu   http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=643


   Zu Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=626

Fantasy MMORPGs Part I

By: congcc in defaultposted at 5:23 pm Apr 15,2008

Tags: fantasy  mmorpg  download 





   Archlord  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=216

   Asheron's Call:Throne Of Destiny 

   Crazy Tao http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=641  

Dark Solstice 

   Last Chaos(MY)  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=561

   Last Chaos   http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=235

   RUIN Online  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=451

   RYL2  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=612

   Shadow Of Legend  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=610

   Spellcasters  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=162

   Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning  

Real Life MMORPGs

By: platy in defaultposted at 12:58 am Mar 21,2008

Tags: real  life  mmorpg  download 


Real Life MMORPG 

   Moove online 

   Naughty America:

   Oz World  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=129

   Prison Server

   Red Light Center  http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=443

   Second Life   http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=168

   The Sims Online  


   Prison Server 

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