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Dauntless Prepares For Open Beta

By: Fevir in Dauntlessposted at 4:40 pm Apr 12,2018

Tags: dauntless 


Dauntless is ramping up for it's next phase, open beta.  Free to play and wipes are on the horizon, get ready.

Dauntless Sees Major Updates

By: Fevir in Dauntlessposted at 8:43 pm Jan 13,2018

Tags: dauntless  dauntless beta  dauntless open beta  dauntless cl 


As Dauntless makes its way through it's closed beta it's been seeing some slow and steady changes but at the end of December they pushed forth a huge update that on top of adding a new weapon- some new behemoths and damage numbers.. really decided to revamp both the progression system and most of the customization systems attached to weapons and armor.

It's taken me a few weeks but I've finally be able to mess around with most of the new stuff - fight the new behemoths and also get a feel for how the changes and stuff work and figure out how I feel about them.. and my more complete thoughts can be found below.

Dauntless: Character Creation and Intro Gameplay

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 3:51 pm Sep 02,2017

Tags: Dauntless  MMORPG  Gaming  Character Customization 


My intro jump in my character. And how I made him showing the options and first couple of hunts. The customization was a bit different than I'm used to. You have to choose ancestry and that alters your appearance a bit. It's a nice change to things and makes you think a bit.

How Combat in Dauntless Works

By: Fevir in defaultposted at 11:42 am Aug 09,2017

Tags: dauntless  dauntless online  action rpg  online rpg  mmo  da 


Dauntless is an upcoming online action RPG and one of the newest additions to the underrepresented hunting genre.  Set to enter a Founder's Alpha on August the 18th and currently under a strict NDA- the guys at Phoenix Labs gave myself and a handful of other players the chance to make a video on combat with nearly unlimited access to the technical alpha version of the game.

There are obviously going to be many comparisons to both Monster Hunter and Dark Souls as these are games that utilize the same type of slower paces.. methodical combat.  I went into it and made initial comparisons myself until I had spent a while with it and had done things in game that I can't talk much about because of the NDA.. but I can safely say that Dauntless feels like it's own thing.

The Emberma

How Monster Hunter World Affects Dauntless

By: Fevir in defaultposted at 10:40 am Jun 15,2017

Tags: monster hunter  dauntless  monster hunter world  monster hun 


Monster Hunter World came as a surprise during the Sony presentation during this year's E3.. but after we picked our jaws up off the ground.. my next thought was, "How will this affect Dauntless?"

Across many different online communities and message boards there has been a resounding- RIP DAUNTLESS.. but I don't think it's as simple as that- or as grim.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

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Dauntless Beta Access & Founder's Packs

By: Fevir in defaultposted at 4:36 pm Apr 06,2017

Tags: dauntless  dauntless founder's pack  dauntless beta  dauntl 


The folks over at Pheonix Labs, the developers for the upcoming action RPG-Monster Hunter like game Dauntless have provided some additional information in regards to it's monetization methods as well as the founder's packs which included access to the beta.

Tons more information on the different benefits of Dauntless' Founder's Packs can be found here:


While the prices may look steep, especially for a planned free to play game- the thing that seems to have the collective community groaning about is the introduction of not 1 but at least 2 soft subscriptions.  Named, Champion Status and Patron Status.

The key part to notice here is that the Patron Status looks to stack with everyone that is in the hunting party.  This has le

Dauntless-Alpha Sign up

By: Rankochan in defaultposted at 5:54 pm Mar 23,2017

Tags: dauntless  alpha  sign  up  signup  closed 

Phoenix Labs today announced details surrounding the upcoming Alpha for their online co-op action RPG, Dauntless. Over the next few months, Phoenix Labs will be rolling out invite-only Alpha tests in preparation of the Dauntless Open Beta later this year. Interested players can sign up through the Alpha Sign Up form and will be selected based on a variety of factors, including hardware specifications, location, favorite game genres and more. The first alpha test is expected to launch in the next couple of months and will continue into the summer, with a cadence of tests scheduled throughout. Alpha playtesters will directly contribute to the development of Dauntless with their feedback being used to help shape the game.

Dauntless is a free-to-play online action RPG where players work togeth

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