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What Brings You into a New Game World

By: PaleLord in defaultposted at 5:59 pm Mar 04,2010

Tags: aion  wow  darkfall  fallen earth  conquer online  eudemons onlin 


If you are a drop of fresh blood in the MMO world, you will find it is not as easy as a single player RPG. Due to the complex interactions with the UI, hostile or friendly players and the general lack of a proper tutorial, many gamers find themselves at a loss upon entering a new online world. At this point, even Never Winter Nights series can be easier to get started. Above all, if you've played one MMO before, anyone expecting something they're used to can be completely different when it comes to a new game. Your experience may be completely different. That's why the developers adopt some methods to attract new gamers. Without which, sometimes it is impossible for you to survive, let along to become a well-known hero.

I'll show you the eye candies available in some MMOs below, hopefully that can be a good guide for choosing which fantasy world to find a new future; even if you are a master of that game, I don't think it will do you any harm to look backwards and reread your story

Top 10 MMOs that left a mark in gaming industry

By: Princessdoll in defaultposted at 6:48 pm Nov 23,2009

Tags: Sims online  ToonTown  EVE  City of Heroes  Darkfall  WOW 


I'm really happy that my previous con event went out well, but then again this has nothing to do with this article I am going to post.

Before I post this article I'm already expecting a lot of trolls, I mean what I'm about to discuss are the top 10 mmos that "i think" have left a mark through out the gaming industry. Either they have done something first, changed some way on how to play, implement things better than the previous games or a total evolution of a game. These top 10 falls to one of those categories that we cannot forget. But still it doesn't mean all are good because both peak of fandom up to downfall will be shown too. Well, on some games and not all.

Again, this is just based on the original article and if you think you disagree, feel free to make your own top 10. I mean, there are lots of blog sites out there and no one is stopping you to write, right?

10 The Sims Online

When The Sims Online was first announced, it caused a great deal of excitement throughout the video game industry. The game that had become a phenomenon both inside gaming circles and in the world beyond, was going to be available to play online. No longer would players be restricted to

Darkfall Review

By: neramaar in All gamesposted at 7:53 pm Apr 09,2009

Tags: Neramaar  Cody Hargreaves  Darkfall  MMO 



It’s no great secret really, that despite its many shortcomings the MMO business is doing quite well. As far as making a few bucks go they really hit the sweet spot with this one; design a game that never ends, and charge people by the month to play it. It’s ingenious.


The problem though (that is, with ingenious ideas) is that everybody wants a piece of the action. Design a game that makes millions, and millions will begin re-designing your game. Of course, those millions are more often than not Korean, and as Koreans are about as good at emulating the success of World of Warcraft as a sock is a condom, things tend to turn south fairly quickly.


Skip ahead a few years and you’ve got an industry made up almost entirely of these ‘WoW clones’, and e

darkfall Day 1

By: hongtang in Darkfallposted at 7:19 pm Mar 01,2009

Tags: darkfall 


   I got 30 days (well ok 33 actually)  to run this gme thru the mill.  I am going to post exactly what I see and whatever I feel at the time.   Take this blog for the next few weeks with a grain of salt.

The beginning:

FINALLY!  I get home from work, and can actually get past the 'Account is not active' prompt! YAY! been waiting for this for a long time.  I Login.  I wait, the loading screens are lengthy, but visually stunning.  Hope this leads to more to come.   I get to the patcher screen, Patch and then...uh...mmm, what exactly do I do now?  Ah!  The server tab, I Press that and see only a single server..  Hmmm, ok, under that is the 'create new character' thingamajig.  I press that.  The big PLAY button lights up, I press that !

Ahhh,,, character creation!  Lets see, Humans look decent, the wolf dudes look pretty good, the Elves look like they stepped out of a Gay Cartoon wearing bondage gear.  Dwarves look, well, squished and just ugly.  OOh, Alfar, look pretty much ok, might do them... and Ork's.  Errr, they just look out of place, kinda like a humanish bodytype with a

System Requirements versus Maximizing Profit

By: ajthebaka in All gamesposted at 4:00 pm Jan 24,2009

Tags: darkfall  system requirements  World of Warcraft  Target Aud 


The newest trend of the MMORPG business is to be better than World of Warcraft. The first promise anyone will take in is the game's graphics as showcased by the game's featured screenshots. However, is this attracting consumers, or beating them away with a stick?

Darkfall is just around the corner. Beta invites are being sent out, and the public is downloading the game for the first time. However, the staff still hasn't released the system requirements. I have been waiting a while for this game as well, and am personally stoked to play it. However, I know I won't be able to play. I bought this computer in 2004, and haven't been able to really upgrade it at all, I have neither the funds or the ability to do so, my computer basically has nearly everything embedded in to the motherboard, at least that's what I'm told.

The most recent games I had attempted to play, but was unable to, are Holic, Vanguard, City of Heroes, Shin Megami Tensei, Florensia, Monato Esprit, S4League, and even SUGAR RUSH. It's a frackin' 2D game!

Most people know that I love World of Warcraft, but I don't think I've mentioned yet that I likely will never be playing it again. I personally find the ga

Darkfall - Adventurine Lifts NDA

By: Olliander in Darkfallposted at 8:34 pm Dec 01,2008

Tags: darkfall  beta  tasos  vaporware  mmo  online  olliander  in 


First off the NDA hasn't been lifted for everyone hehe, I apologize if the title is misleading xD.

Earlier today (5:16am 12-1-08 to be exact) Tasos posted an interesting update. Adventuring has lifted the NDA for Gianna Masetti, creator of a webcomic The Noob (link below).

Gianna will be writing a feature of Darkfall, posting new screenshots and stories of her experience in the closed beta realm. She has a light hearted perspective which makes her work fun to read.

Definitely worth checking out!

The Noob Comic: www.thenoobcomic.com/index.php
Gianna's Darkfall Feature: beta.thenoobcomic.com/df_preview/intro.html
Tasos's Post: forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php

Enjoy the wait!
- Olli

Do you want to see your own created creature in Mortal Online? Contest - check it out!

By: heke in defaultposted at 5:44 am Sep 24,2008

Tags: Mortal  Online  Mortal Online  pvp  wow  darkfall  war  aoc  age of 


This month we want to see the community contribute with a creative and interesting creature that fits the Mortal Online universe. As inspiration we have added some new Concept Art. The winning creature will be included in the Mortal Online world.

Read about the contest

Mortal Online - Attributes and Skills Overview-

By: heke in defaultposted at 2:05 am May 17,2008

Tags: Mortal Online  online  darkfall  wow  world of warcraft  lot 


Character skills are very important in Mortal Online, as it is your skills and not any "character level" that define what you can and cannot do in the game. The skill system itself is very dynamic, meaning attributes and skills are dependent on each other, and that training one of them also improves the other. It also gives you the opportunity to fully customize your character. Unfortunately, this system may seem a bit confusing at first, especially when reading about it, but let’s look at each piece of the system one at a time:

Attributes and Skills

Your character will have different types of attributes. Here are the three most important ones:

Basic Attributes contains your Name, the Name of your Deva, Race, Sex, etc. Most of these attributes are permanent or at least won’t change very often.

Primary Attributes are attributes such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc. These are the attributes that define the core of your character and gives you the possibility to train certain skills, and limits to what extent you can train others. You start the game with a certain amount of points that you distribute on the different attributes, and when playing the game y

MMOs of 2008 and DX10

By: Kere in All gamesposted at 2:06 pm Apr 24,2008

Tags: MMO  2008  DX10  DX  Stargate  Age of Conan  Darkfall  Warha 

Well I just want to start off by saying this is a Two-part article. Because of my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) I tend to drift from topic to topic. So I figure here I will start by letting You (the Reader) know up front so there is no misunderstanding on the topic. I intend to Speak about both named in the title...MMOs of 2008, DX10, but also the effect of DX10 on MMOs coming out this year.So let us start with the Major MMO releases scheduled for this year:1. Pirates of the Burning SeaPirates of the Burning Sea came out 1st quarter of this year. I feel that they went for more of a cartoon like look, like WoW. Though not a bad looking game it has been said to be a "deeper" game than it appears. This is one of the few games that takes the genre in new directions in way of innovation instead of just graphical appearance. The ship combat/trading system is very well thought out and designed from what I've seen, though the on land combat is a bit lacking, in my opinion. The economy and trading system is player ran and is also said to be more in depth than average. In an interview about the possibility of DX10 in PotBS the response was almost negative towards DX10 referring

Asp\'s full preview and Q&A - part 2 of his visit

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 10:40 pm Oct 14,2007

Tags: asp  aventurine  darkfall  review  visit 

Asp's full preview and Q&A - part 2 of his visitEditorials › Reviews | Oct. 13, 2007 (1 day, 16 hours ago) | by Jarlaxle | via www.lordsofdeath.comThis was faster than anyone hoped, and probably shut up alot of whi
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