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[Blade & Soul NA] Assassin PVE Detailed Guide BNS

By: GregBNS in Blade and Soulposted at 1:20 pm May 30,2016

Tags: blade  and  soul  BNS  assassin  sin  lightning  dark  hybri 


Hey all! My name is Greg and this is a quick detailed guide to PVE Assassins in the game Blade and Soul, this guide breaks down their builds as well as the utility and iframes they have. Check them out and tell me how you feel about them! :D
Check out my youtube for other videos as well if you like these ones at: https://www.youtube.com/c/GregBNSGaming

Part 1 (lightning build):

Part 2 (dark build): 

part 3 (hybrid build):

part 4 (utility and iframes): 

Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe and thumbs up! My youtube is https://www.youtube.com/c/GregBNSGaming

Dark souls 1.0.4 fixes RoF and TWoP

By: eatlyh in defaultposted at 12:51 am Nov 15,2011

Tags: Dark  souls  dark souls  patch  1.0.4 


So, When dark souls came out, it had an item called ring of fog (if you havent played dark souls, it is an item that lets you become near-invisible, and you cant lock onto target. The item is a tad over powered, and is probably the most abused item in the game. It makes backstabbing luck/lag based instead of skill based, and RoF makes mages the next thing to useless. I personally dont have anything against ring of fog if it is used by someone whos, for example, playing a ninja like character wearing 2 claws as weapons. But when someone who wears heaviest armor in the game uses RoF, it just doesnt look cool, and is overall stupid. So how is fromsoftware going to nerf RoF? Making it possible to lock on into RoF users. May not sound like much, but makes the ring more of a suprise tool, rather than direct attack item.


TWoP (tranguil walk of peace) on the other hand only makes moving near impossible, slowing you to the point of walking, and you cannot roll, however the other payer can

DoTA Online - Wait... WHAT?!

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 12:34 am Oct 18,2011

Tags: DoTA  Valve  Blizzard  Defence  of  the  ancients  dark  thr 


Hi Guys,
Probably all of you played or at least heard the title "DoTA"(Defense of the Ancients) - a very popular custom mod for Warcraft III, based on the "Aeon of Strife" map for StarCraft.
Well... there's new one coming soon! Its not DoTA 2 and its not even developed by IceFrog (Valve).
Wait... WHAT??
"Asians" decided to create a new MMO called "DoTA" (Dark of Three AncientKingdoms online)...

Dark of Three AncientKingdoms looks pretty much exactly as the original DoTA and the combat system is the same - well, there is one feature that is "unique" to original DoTA, 10vs10 which makes it interesting + there are about 90 heroes!
Its only a matter of time till Blizzard or Valve will take them to court - but will they win?
In Asia (especial

Dark Age of Camelot - 10th Anniversary

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 11:56 pm Oct 11,2011

Tags: Dark  Age  Camelot  10th  10  Anniversary  Stuart Zissu 


Hi guys,

Many players are complaining about lack of RPG in MMORPG but there are few titles that really stand out from the rest, without doubt Dark Age of Camelot is one of them!
It's not every day that an MMO turn 10 (there are only few MMO's that old) so Mythic (developer) is taking full advantage of this situation to hype up Dark Age of Camelot.

Dark Age of Camelot has been released on 10th October 2001 and from the first day it's Pay-to-Play (P2P).
It is definitely a great success for Mythic to produce such great and popular game - and even "old" and "ugly" graphic won't change it!

Mythic have created a poster to highlight the races, classes and conflicts of Dark Age of Camelot over the last 10 years - over the last few weeks they were revealing the poster piece

Atlantica Online Mercenary Review: Archer (and Dark Archer)

By: Zanpakutou in Atlantica Onlineposted at 6:49 am Jun 24,2011

Tags: atlantica  online  mercenary  review  flame  rant  dark  arc 


I'm lumping the Archer and Dark Archer together since the only thing that changes is their stats and the addition of 1 skill. This isn't enough to warrent them their own individual entries at level 100 just for the addition of 1 skill and copy pasting the other 2 identical skills.


The Archer is one of the 4 starter D grade mercenaries. The Archer has a fairly good dexterity stat and decent intelligence. This allows for Archers to have a high critical rate and a decent chance of attacking multiple times. Bows are also one of the most damaging weapons in the game. The only problem is that it only hits a single target. This is great for PvE purposes, but when it comes to PvP, Guns and Cannons are far more useful. The good thing is that Archers can attack anywhere in the enemy formation

One Shots: Evil Shadow Hunter!

By: vinastalker in World of Warcraftposted at 8:27 pm May 04,2008

Tags: WOW  hunter  dark  shadow 


Today's One Shots comes to us from Rellia from the Moonglade EU server who wanted to show off just how overpowered Hunters have become in World of Warcraft. Rellia writes, "I just wanted to show you my newest spec - voila, a Shadow Hunter!" Of course we know that there is no such thing -- this effect having been caused by an engineering transporter malfunction that turned her "evil" instead. There again, Shadow spec, evil... kind of the same thing in our book!

Do you have a screenshot of something wacky that happened to you in your favorite MMO? How about some screenshots of interesting screen glitches or funny temporary effects? Whatever the case, we want to see your screens! Just send them over to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Your screenshots could be next!

Source: http://www.massively.com/2008/05/03/one-shots-evil-shadow-hunter/

Rohan Closed Beta Review

By: oulyt in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 5:28 pm Mar 18,2008

Tags: Rohan  Fishing  Forge  Dekan  elf  dark  closed beta  CB 


Rohan online is the latest game released by YNK Interactive, who have also released Seal Online. The game has just began its closed beta development stage on March 17th, and will finish on March 26th.

So far from playing the game i like what i see. There is some distinct features in this game that alot of people will like. There are also a few that i think the game could of improved on. I'll start with the bad things since there are less.

Movement Yes, this game does offer WASD movement, but the mouse movement is not very good. You need to hold down both mouse buttons to move with the mouse, which does feel a bit funny This does not seem so bad at first, but once you start to PvP you will notice it. Running with WASD and then having to press the 1~9 keys to use skills while clicking with the mouse gets hard. A lot of the time i want to double-click the monster then press my 1 key to use a skill. When I do it in this game it just moves the camera. Now becuase of a new patch and the complaints YNK got you are able to move with the point and click.
Layout The layout of the game is very crowded. They made all the menues and chats way to big. They have one chat box on the left

Dark Eden

By: S_h_o in DarkEdenposted at 5:37 am Nov 09,2007

Tags: Dark  Eden  DarkEden  Dark Eden  CBT  CB 

i managed to give Dark Eden EN by Joymax a play today.
of all the 2d isometric MMORPG's ive played (legend of mir, Myth of soma, Red moon, Ultima Online etc) this has to be one of the most appealing 2d MMO's ive see

DAoC: Another Year Older

By: Komido in defaultposted at 2:46 am Oct 12,2007

Tags: DAoC  dark  age  camelot 


This month marks the 6th anniversary of Dark Age of Camelot.  Normally we wouldn't be caring too much about it if it wasn't just a darn good MMO.  I was particularly fond of /kissing people until I got an antler hat.  It was sad days in the Goblin household when "the hubby" canceled the account and I no longer had my "fix".  Oh well, I pay him back everyday by being snarky in my news pieces.

In celebration of 6 wonderful years, DAoC will be adding zone bonuses and fireworks that will last the next 6 days.  Is anyone noticing the fascination with the number "6"?  Kinda ooooky!!!

On Classic or Normal Ruleset servers the following bonuses have been added: 

    200% bonus to XP in all classic zones and dungeons.
    200% bonus to BP in all NF zones.

On the PVP ruleset server the following bonuses have been added:

    200% bonus to BP in all classic zones and dungeons.
    200% bonus to BP in all NF zones.

(Note: BP was done in both spots as PVP servers already have increased XP bonuses in all zones.)

On the PvE Ruleset server the following bonuses have been added: 

    200% bonus to XP in all classic zones and dungeons.
    200% bonus to BP in the capital cities.

(Note: BP was increased in the capital cities as this is

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