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Revelation-School Uniforms!

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 4:26 am Oct 03,2016

Tags: revelation  school  uniform  costume 


The School Uniforms arrived in 3 different colors in Revelation Online! You can get them, if you invite 3 friends to the game. Have fun watching the official trailer: 

Revelation-Cash Shop Costume Sets

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 4:04 pm Sep 19,2016

Tags: revelation  costume  cash  shop  set 


Hi guys! I am here again to give you some eye candy ;) Here are the Revelation Costume sets that are currently available on the chinese shop! Have fun!



JapanEXPO: FFXIII Costumes and Weapons to come to FFXIVARR

By: Dododoro in Final Fantasy XIVposted at 10:59 am Jul 04,2013

Tags: FFXIV  FFXIII  Crossover  Content  Outfits  Weapons  Costume 


Lightning strikes more than twice for SE it seems.

Today at JapanExpo, the FFXIV and XIII devs have teamed up to bring FFXIII stuff into FFXIV (and vice versa)

in celebration of FFXIII: Lightning Returns.

Lightning will need the FFXIV players help into defeating a Behemoth in a special F.A.T.E event.

Players will also be able to gain weapons and costumes based on Lightning and (coughs)... Snow...

weapons will be based upon FFXIII character's weapons

Costumes are gender locked (obviously)

Lightning's 3rd rank soldier outfit will be available for females while snow's outfit for males

(Yes even moogles get something)

Lightning also gets something from this crossover!

An outfit based on FFXIV's Miqo'te female.

The Playboy Mansion Arrives in TERA? (Playboy outfits)

By: Dododoro in TERAposted at 8:02 pm Oct 25,2012

Tags: costume  cash shop  play boy 


KTERA has released Playboy costumes in the cashshop, EME hasn't made any announcement yet as to if NATERA will recieve these outfits, but chances are if NATERA gets the outfits the Elin iteration of it will get edited.

Olympic Event

By: YNKNEWS in Seal Onlineposted at 4:38 pm Jul 24,2012

Tags: Seal  olympic  event  mmorpg  game  costume 

Citizens of Shiltz!

The time of competition and celebration of our strongest and swiftest athletes will begin starting today! Located in Lime, you will have the opportunity to take on many new tasks and challenges given by the great spartans of Shiltz.

Go and click on the 9 available statues to retrieve your quest to obtain rare items. Completing these tasks will allow you to earn all sorts of useful items.

The items you get will help you speed your pet feeding abilities, give you nice costumes, and even give you a gold medal! Make sure you try to complete all the event quests so you can obtain a laurel wreath or even a 1st place card. Good luck and may the strongest make it to the finish line!

Wanna join the Olympic Event? Then make sure you are in with these new costumes:

1. Bat guy & Bat girl Costume
2. Iron Rabbit Costume
3. Sophisticated Swim suit
4. Summer Fun Swim suit
5. Black Hair Dye


This event will onl

Zombies eat your brain

By: reimaru in defaultposted at 9:38 am Mar 05,2010

Tags: atlantica  mmo  zombie  costume 


Usually when we hear about zombies, we usually think of those undead rotting beings that spread terror to people and we commonly see this on horror movies, movies about zombies wiping out and eating your brains. The zombie pop culture started way past before even television was born, in fact we can also see some references from classic literatures like the Arabian Nights and the Epic of Gilgamesh.
Now we also see zombies in video games, thanks to Resident Evil; a survival horror game from Capcom, and from that moment, zombies are now a mainstay in video games. With some new hits like Plants vs. Zombies and Left 4 Dead, but gamers from MMO world also want to take a taste of zombie mayhem, well good thing Atlantica Online from Ndoors games made some special surprise to the AO gamers.

An upcoming costume, called the zombie outfit which can be found when opening the Zombie Survival Kit. This will be release in the new item box called Frank Reade’s Malice. Franke Reade is also the Hero

Zelda Link's Outfit for Baby, Damn it's cute!

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 2:27 am Aug 07,2009

Tags: zelda  link  baby  outfit  costume 



Zelda fans should be excited, I believe most of them have become father and mother now, why not make a Link's outfit for the babies? Cosplay is not only for grown-ups but also for babies, for the whole family! Well I don't have a baby (Damn I even have no girlfriend-_-) but if I did, my baby would be wearing this Link costume.



Check more Zelda Link's baby outfit here:

Hot Babe Character Deserves Sexy Outfit

By: Dexcross in defaultposted at 5:52 am Feb 17,2009

Tags: Sexy Character Design  Costume  Cosplay 



I’ve read some articles lately, that questioned the importance of sexy outfit in game.  They ask why character designers have to make armor that looks like they’re lack of materials to cover all of the character’s body.  Well I understand that they also point out to the male characters outfit, but I guess the examples provided show us the female cases are dominant.




Back to the main question.  Is it important to put sexy outfit in games?  Well let see.  Many industries are using sexy models for promoting their products.  And if that method was not successful, there is no way it will be used again and again in their next promotion event.  Need examples?  Automobiles industries always used some hot babes to promote their products.  And sports game also using sexy cheerleaders to enhance the cheerfull environment.  I saw so many gadget magazines cover in my country are using sexy models.  So let’s face it, hot babes do sale!  And we call them hot because they’re sexy.  Isn’t it obvious that hot babes identic with sexy outfit in most cases?


Do u c my PDA?



By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 12:42 pm Oct 12,2008

Tags: lolita  kimono  costume  party  halloween  paddle  micheals 

Ooh I had fun yesterday. After I went out to dinner with Christina and her mom and her mom's friend, we went to Party City and I tried on some costumes for Devyn's Halloween party. I really wanted to wear the Lolita Kimono but...since my boobs are too big, the thing gapes out and I look like a Lolita whore XD And then the Dragon Geisha...that was waaaay too short. I mean seriously...it didn't even cover everything. I was like...good lord, they're trying to make me into a whore XD So I gotta go back in and try OTHER costumes heh.

After all that fun...went to Micheal's. There was this wooden paddle right...and I decided to pick it up and get into pose and pretend to be tapping some ass haha and as soon as I did it, this lady just walked by and looked at us and I was just like...O.o...omg!!! And it would have been much worse if my friend decided to participated hahaha.

That's my little story for the day.

Option of new costumes

By: Kogal in defaultposted at 2:37 am May 17,2007

Tags: scions of fate  costume 

There are two new costumes with options[All Abilities +3] & [ Exp x 1.2 ]
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