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MMOs Sharing Success With Players

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 3:58 pm Oct 19,2011

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I've been playing Need for Speed World Online since the beta. It's reach 4 million players so EA decided to give away 1,000 speedboost in celebation. It could get you 10 power up recharges, 2 car slots, a few rentals and etc.

In the future, will many more companies be greatful to give away cash for nothing?

I mean for NOTHING, not the dodgy survey's, download this adware program and subscribe to this with your address for more points that you see almost spamming out on from other companies.

PlayNC Games

By: platy in defaultposted at 12:46 am Jul 01,2008

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Aion is the most visually beautiful MMORPG ever made. In this ethereal world, you will have the power to direct dynamic relationships between angels, demons and dragons to control the fate of the world. You will evolve Aion's storylines through social, economic and cultural experiences that are both interactive and cinematic.

==> Download Aion

Dungeon Runners

Quench your deepest dungeon crawling thirst in this multiplayer online role-playing game that's home to an exciting realm of magic, terror and adventure. Build your own custom hero and venture into the great dungeon to discover realms of danger, wonder and excitement! Tackle quests and retrieve powerful items! As your hero gains experience, you will unlock new powers! Heroes can go it alone or band with friends to tackle greater challenges. Prepare for one of the most enjoyable Action-RPG gaming experiences ever with Dungeon Runners!

==> Download Dungeon Runners


Test your mettle in Exteel, a fully-loaded, futuristic shooter that puts you in control of a heavily armored, completely customizable mech. Playing a mercenary pilot, you'll charge into combat, destroy your opponents, and compete for total domination. Mod

gPatato Games

By: platy in defaultposted at 12:26 am Jul 01,2008

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     In ancient times, five Gods of Lais sought to create a new world with new inhabitants that could live harmoniously among them. They gathered and agreed to create Roika Mainland; their new world. They created water and the earth, animals and plants as well as humans. At this time, and at all times in Roika Mainland, it is a time of peace. After years of peace, the Gods decided to leave Roika Mainland and create a new world.

==>Go to Download Flyff


Rappelz world was being kept in order by the two elements, creation and extinction. There were two gods who were in charge of those two elements that were more respected and trusted than other gods. They thought the human race was too ignorant to develop its own civilization so they sent the Deva and Asura to assist the human race. The Deva represented lightness and the Asura represented darkness.After some ups and downs, the Gaia-human being-became settled. The story begin......

==>Go to Download Rappelz


Corum Online is a free to play MMO from overseas. However unlike the other clones out there, this game puts a fresh spin on PvP. The PvP system is built in tandem with an instance based combat sys

Aeria Games

By: platy in defaultposted at 12:43 am Jun 24,2008

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About Aeria Games

Aeria Games is the dynamic gaming community where players of all backgrounds and interests can connect, share, and enjoy an unparalleled variety of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games from all over the world.


Shaiya, a Korean Adult MMORPG Flooded with Super CG Beauties.
"Shaiya" is an MMORPG developed by SONOV which invested two years time and more than KRW 4 billion (about RMB 30 million) in the project. "Shaiya" is a land where many races dwell, and as well as a big stage where the game progresses. Currently, two forces - "Alliance of Light" and "Union of Fury" hating each other are fighting unceasingly in order to take control of the land. They often fight in the forts called Keep in the wild. However, the fighting in the forts is just a prelude. The more fierce battle will be "Goddess Battle" where players fight fierecely in order to win goddess' love.

==>Go to Download Shaiya

Last Chaos

Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests and crafting skills with fellow adventu

GNG Games

By: platy in defaultposted at 12:14 am Jun 24,2008

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About gameNgame

gameNgame.com, a free online game service provided by the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA),
is your one-stop portal to sample the latest beta games and related information, all free. While successfully commercialized in the Korean market, all of our games are serviced exclusively by gameNgame.com in North America as fully functioning beta products. Upon finalizing each beta program, our listed games are expected to become available as the fee-based services in North America. You can also visit each game company's web site to learn more about how to participate in upcoming promotional events and tournaments and how to earn a chance to win great prizes.

Service game:


Game Genre – 2D Casual Action MMORPG
Ghost Online offers a unique world by combining Oriental martial arts with mythical ghosts. Players will enjoy the thrill of using various awesome skills and fast paced actions like sprint and aerial jump.

==>Go to Download Ghost Online


In the ancient world there was a mythical creature called Crew. Dr. Treez was an archaeologist whose main interest was to study ancient myths. One day he stumbled upon a stone tablet with a description of Crews and

Funcom Games

By: platy in defaultposted at 7:28 pm May 20,2008

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Funcom is a world leading independent developer and publisher of computer and console games with a focus on Action Adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG).


Since 1993 Funcom has provided the globe with outstanding entertainment and continues to expand its track-record of 23 released games to date. Recent successes include Dreamfall, the successful sequel to the multi-award winning The Longest Journey, the award winning and critically acclaimed Anarchy Online - The Notum Wars and the heralded masterpiece Anarchy Online - Shadowlands.

Funcom is currently developing three games internally, including Anarchy Online - Lost Eden, Age of Conan: Hyborian adventures and one unannounced MMOG project.

Funcom has a young and exciting work environment with highly skilled employees in offices in Switzerland, Norway, USA and China. Aspiring game developers with exceptional skills are invited to apply for job positions.

Age of Conan

'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures' is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) brought to life using next-generation Nvidia graphics technology that thrusts the player into the savage, sexy and brutal domain of the world's greatest fantas

Level Up! Games

By: Ginyard in defaultposted at 1:15 pm Apr 21,2008

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Since I'm having my training at Level Up!. I might as well promote my company.

Level Up! Games started in 2003 and is the pioneer of online gaming in the Philippines. It's flagship game is Ragnarok Online by Gravity.They have around 7 millions subscribers. It also has other sites in Brazil and India.

Currently, they publish 6 games:
• Ragnarok Online
• RF Online
• Perfect World
• Freestyle
• Flyff
• Silkroad Online
By this year they're planning to launch Ragnarok 2..can't wait for it...

Hopefully by this 3rd quarter and another game still not yet confirmed. whaha..!! can't wait to play their new games..;p

Your Favourite Company/Game of the Year

By: Radu_Avr in defaultposted at 11:15 am Dec 25,2007

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Welcome. Vote for your favourite MMO or game company here, regardless if it's for the consoles or PC. Keep those categories in mind, and you should post like this:

Game Categories
1. Best Graphics: [name]
2. Best Gameplay: [name]
3. Best Community: [name]
4. Most Innovative: [name]
5. Most Anticipated: [name]
6. Best Genre: [name]
7. Best Website: [name]

Company Categories
1. Best Company: [name]
2. Best New Company: [name]
3. Worst Company: [name]
4. Most Innovative: [name]
5. Most Active: [name]
6. Most Inactive: [name]
7. Highest Budget: [name]

I'll organize two polls, exclusively for MMOsite members soon. I will take the most voted games and companies, and add them as a choice in the polls. The first one will be the game poll, and the other one will be the company poll. Here are the dates of when I'll create them. I'll replace the dates with the actual links for the polls here as soon as I finish the polls.

Game Poll:
Company Poll:

Goodluck, and happy voting! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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