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Merry X'Mas Crystal Saga Fans!

By: alensoh in defaultposted at 2:32 pm Dec 22,2011

Tags: Crystal Saga  Priest  Mage  Knight  Rouge  Class 


Merry Christmas to all Crystal Saga Players Out There! Send your best wishes to Crystal Saga here to All your friends and foes in your server!

Dragona Online - Review / Guide

By: Arhang in defaultposted at 8:06 pm Sep 01,2011

Tags: Dragona  Online  Guide  Review  Transformation  Class  PvP 


Hi guys,
This will be my first review ever! But I just Have to write it, as Dragona Online is really fun MMO that is really Addicting - I play it for while and I just can't stop playing it!

Its been a while since MMO keeped me that busy, I usually drop other MMO in very short time as I get bored with them but Dragona is different - it may not have many new features but it is definitely worth checking title!

I know you guys don't want to read a lot so I won't make this review long! Instead I will post in next few days 2-3 more articles about Dragona's PvP, Environment, Dungeons, Closer look at Classes and some Tips & Tricks
At the End I will also tell you the pros and cons of Dragona (including some basic info)

OK! Enough of this 'crap' lets go back to the actual review (well it

DFO Introduces The Thief Class

By: Sir Loin of Beef in Dungeon Fighter Onlineposted at 10:38 am May 21,2011

Tags: Dungeon Fighter Online  Nexon  Theif  Class  Reveal 


Do you have a preference for being able to attack with lightning speed and agility? Do you fancy dancing around your enemies with daggers and swords and causing their heads to spin? Do you have a unhealthy infatuation with things of the non-living nature? If you answered yes to any of these, then Nexon has got the just the class for you.

The Thief is set to be the newest addition to the Dungeon Fighter roster for NA audiences as part of Act X: Rebirth, to be released this summer, and she's not your ordinary pickpocket. Specializing in "corporeal embezzlement," the Thief attacks with speedy precision, stealing the lives of anything that gets in her way. Along with the base class, she'll come with two different subclass paths. The Rogue utilizes her agility to dodge attacks to get

The Fighting Styles - Lotus

By: TLBB_Europe in TLBBposted at 8:51 am Jul 02,2010

Tags: lotus  class  healer 




Li Bai, a poetic genius, had a po

The Misunderstood Healer

By: Magmabow in defaultposted at 8:47 pm Jul 03,2009

Tags: white  mage  ffxi  maple  class  job 


Ok im going to say this now lol this is just my opinoin about the Healer role in games.

       The Healer they go by many names Bishops, Priest, Cleric, White mage and many more.

But Do we really know About them.

        Yes the people that stand in the back. Yes the people that you sometimes think leech off exp. But lets look past that, the Healer is a main part in your party they are the gas that keeps the car running.  If it wasnt for them your party would end up like this.

 <---- (Whitemageless party)

        Yea you dont want that happening to you and your party.

Playing the healer is also a stressful job the life of everyone in the party is in your hands. and its there split sec. decisions that mean life or death for you.

The White mages arsenal of skills are amazing in any game but that one main skill that we all need is Cure or any spell that has an effect of restoring HP. Without this skill and many other just for an example raise or any skill that can revive a player, most parties are doomed to fail (not all just most.)

Hmm lets create a sceneario say this is happ

Ragnarok Online Review

By: Zanpakutou in Ragnarok Onlineposted at 7:13 pm Jun 21,2009

Tags: ragnarok  online  review  flame  rant  pvp  class  stats  gu 


Ah, Ragnarok Online. This was my first MMO and I have never gotten around to reviewing this until now for some reason. Most likely because of its decline in popularity since then and its shift from a concentrated server to illegal private servers due to poor management and support by Gravity itself. None the less Ragnarok Online is still a fairly enjoyable game due to its diversity. Its fairly old, but the graphics are fairly consistent. The only problem is the 3D backgrounds look dated while the character, monster, and weapon sprites continue to be improved.


Ragnarok is based on a set of novels but the game does not explain this. The servers (Chaos, Loki, Iris, Fenris, etc.) are all named after characters from the novels. Unfortunately the creator put the series to an indefinite halt.


The graphics are fairly dated considering this is an MMO that came out nearly a decade ago. The good part of the game is variety. This game provides lots of variety. Enemies come in large varieties although some of them are just recolored sprites. There are numerous hair styles to choose from and a variety of hair colors. Character body types are shared but various headgear can be obtain

3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 8:21 pm Aug 24,2008

Tags: mmo  mwo  rpg  Empire  Class  Transfer 


Congratulations on reaching lvl 50, time for 3rd Class Transfer.

3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)
1st, talk to Empire Army Generallocated at 170, 258 to get things started, your 1st Class Transfer Quest requires to kill 10 Hell Knights, they are located in Prison Instance, after the 2nd Boss(rat)




3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)
After Killing 10 Hell Knights, your next quest is at Cohen, The Captain (126, 273), Deliver a letter to Battle Frontline Officer in Golden Plains (404, 522).



3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)
After giving him the letter, your next quest is to find the Lost Badge, just have to go to various coordinates and right click on a scroll given by him.




3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)
Next, talk to Keith, The Royal Army Commander (182, 235), get a Scan Relic Teleportation Scroll from him and head off to Newton, The Guardian Captain located at 324, 347 in Blaze Cliff, u can get extra scrolls if needed, just abort quest and take another 1 from Keith.




3rd Class Transfer Quest (Empire)
You need a well-prepared team or a lvl 60 to help u in this quest, use the Scan Relic Teleportation Scroll, tele to scan relic to find the 2 boss which u need to kill, Laphil and Darks.





After the gruelling fight, talk to Newton to get a Su

Class Transfer: Summoner

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 10:52 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: mwo  Class  transfer  Summoner 


Basic information for each Class Transfer...

Overview for the Summoner Class...

If you choose a Summoner at birth, the natural progression will look like the following picture...


Class Transfer














At level 15...you then choose to become either of the following...

A Necromancer or An Illusionist...Both of which can be seen in the following picture...

Class Transfer















At level 30...you choose either of the following...

If you are Necromancer you will become a Nature Guard
If you are a Illusionist you will become a Soul Manipulator as seen in the below picture...

Class Transfer















At level 50...

A Nature Guard can become either an Undead Manipulator or a Necromancer Master...see below

 Class Transfer















and A Soul Manipulator can become either a Devil Beastmaster or a Golden Beastmaster...see below
 Class Transfer











MapleStory Pirate Job Getting Everyone Hyped Up?

By: avongenesis in MapleStoryposted at 10:14 pm Jul 02,2008

Tags: maplestory  maple  story  pirate  class  infighter  gunsling 


Hello everyone and my name is AvonGenesis. As some of you may know/heard of, MapleStory will be adding a new job to Global MapleStory soon. As far as I know, Korean MapleStory and Taiwan MapleStory have the jobs added, Korea had their pirate job released first. I'm just here to share my thoughts on it and give off a few information about it.

Introduction to Pirates

Well, where should I start. Pirates are a new job that have been recently added and its the first time that they have released/made a new job somewhat different from the 4 standard jobs we have (Warrior, Magician, Thief, and Bowman). Pirates can go off into 2 branches, one being an "Infighter" who uses knuckles/fists to kill and the other one is a "Gunslinger" who use guns to kill. I won't go too deep into detail but give you a brief overview of what each branches' pros and cons are. I'll start with the infighter.



    Very high damage at low level and throughout their continuing levels.They have a transformation skill at 3rd job which gives them a good boost.They have a "Special" Darksight that turns them into a barrel.At 4th job, having demolisher and fist, they

        Major changes in 2.3 - UPDATE: 6:47 PM PST

        By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:18 am Sep 27,2007

        Tags: ptr220  ptr230  class  patch 

        The community team is very active today, giving out tidbits of information on class changes coming in patch 2.3. This news update is huge and will be continually updated today as more info as found!UPDATE 8: Added profes
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