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Heroes of the Storm Giveaway!

By: Mimiron in Heroes of the Stormposted at 7:50 am Dec 02,2015

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With holiday's approaching, Father Rehgar will be giving away gifts to anyone, who hasn't been naughty! NexusGeeks is a Heroes of the Storm fan site, doing a giveaway during holidays.

Giveaway Link

What's In?

You can win several Heroes of the Storm Bundles that feature both Hero and a Skin.

> Diablo + Kaijo Diablo

> Muradin + Magni Muradin

> Kerrigan + Succubus Kerrigan

> Malfurion + Storm Mantle Malfurion

> Raynor + Commander Raynor

Hero Codes

In addition to Bundles, the website's also giving away Cho'gall codes. Cho'gall will hit the in-game story in January, so it will also make a great gift for your friends should you already have him!


By: SOA_LuviniaWorld in Luvinia Worldposted at 8:57 pm Dec 22,2013

Tags: luvinia  luvinia world  soa games  christmas  twitch 

Apply to be a Twitch partner this Christmas season and earn the chance to win a FREE Christmas costume!

Are you a Twitch user? Do you stream your games? Do you watch other people stream games? If so, this is the event for you!

From now until January 7, we will be taking in applications from everyone and posting them up on our Twitch page once we approve them.

What's in it for you?

Get featured on our Twitch page!

Oh, and you also get a free Christmas costume in-game IF you have a currently registered Luvinia account AND your stream had a lot of activity. So make sure your stream gets a lot of activity once it is approved.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an application now!


For more information and to discuss this event, go to the eve

Before Too Many People Ask...

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 1:07 pm Dec 25,2008

Tags: christmas  gifts  thanks 


Here's what I got from "the big fat guy," parents, and friends:

    1 man-watch with too many functions I'll never use but looks totally awesome that I picked out in Sears1 leather and quilt-padded jacket with a belt, dusted with useless buttons that I picked out in Marshalls1 Apples to Apples game, love it!Numerous items of candy1 "J" ring set with tiny diamonds1 brown & red-brown flexy headband1 pair of purple and gold earrings1 golden bracelet1 chain belt1 CZ hat, looks like the kind taxi drivers wear and it matches my new jacket1 pair of leopard-printed PJs1 snowflake-printed bodywrap blanket, because Im always freezing1 pair of trouser socks1 pair of knee highs, well Im not an old lady you know...1 butterfly-patterned blouse I picked out in Lane Bryant1 pair of baby penguin-printed toe socks1 free Krispy Kreme doughnut coupon2 car air fresheners, too bad I can't drive yet...1 Rock Band Special Edition Bundle, but the Overdrive is not functioning on the guitar...1 Legacy of the Drow: Collector's Edition by R.A. Salvatore1 pair of black low heel shoes, that match my hat and jacket that Im going to wear day back to school, Imma look s

Merry Christmas!

By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 7:38 pm Dec 24,2008

Tags: christmas  presents  moral  donation 


It is the holiday that people all over the world look forward to in hopes of spending it with that special someone or to just get a nice gift. That's what everyone wants. Gifts.

I'm not Christian but I still believe in Christmas. It used to be all about the gifts but lately...I've been taking everything I have for granted. Having a family, living in a nice home, getting the opportunity to be successful, and having friends that actually want to give me a gift with nothing in return. That seriously made me want to cry.

You've probably already heard this before but...it feels good when you know you can help someone out in the worst possible situation. Today, my mom brought over her friends that are Thai and were brought to America to start a life here. It makes me wanna cry seeing how they live. They're always happy and smiling but they live in a one room apartment with 5 people and no bed, little money and little food. They just have one little mattress and the grandmother sleeps on the ground. My mom went out today and took them grocery shopping and just got them whatever food they wanted. Then I took all of my old clothes or ones that I just didn't really care too much a

Plays Will Be the Death of Me

By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 9:04 am Dec 22,2008

Tags: christmas  plays  games  stuffs 


Last Saturday night, we had a Christmas play at my church and all the youth were dragged into doing it.  I'll just let you know now that my acting sucks and I hate being the center of attention as one of the main leads.  I was the angel; how uncool and overrated T.T  So, we only had 3 and a half days of practices with changing scripts which meant more memorizing and by the time of the play we all, especially me, ad-libbed.  Im NOT doing a play anymore!  Especially not wearing a white-nearly-see-through dress with flimsy ballet shoes in an overly heated building infront of an audience!  The only part I enjoyed was when I had to get "Nina" to not listen to the devil, my sister, and when I said "Don't listen to that busta!" my nephew, Savion yelled along with me.  Lol, perfect timing, Savy.  Everyone laughed.  I also stubbed my pinky toe not once, but TWICE in one night I had hit it sooo badly the nail split and it STILL hurts T.T

So, there's like 3 days until Christmas...I can hear my mom wrapping gifts I have no clue are, besides the watch I picked out In Sears and RockBand. 

Yay! I'm becoming more nerdy!

By: sharpnel in defaultposted at 6:28 pm Dec 09,2008

Tags: peoples to peoples  christmas 


Isn't it awesome!? Ahhh lol. Okay fine...it's nothing actually. I'm just saying that because I've actually gotten myself into a system where I'm not super mega lazy. I'm still super mega lazy to get online and talk to people though and make blog entries for that matter haha. I have, however, found a good way for me to do homework and that is to go straight to the living room, turn to channel 418, turn on the speakers, and listen to dance music while I have uber fun frying my brain some more. Yayyers.

Oooh! I also got invited to join Peoples to Peoples. Yeah...I got that like two months ago but I gave up on it because I thought I wouldn't be able to join after missing the meeting. However...I can enroll AND my friend Kimberly is gonna go too! If she gets accepted! Yay!!! What's even better, I thought you could only pay up front but there are payments (Because it's like $6500 plus $250 insurance because I am not paying extra crap that may randomly come up)! Yay! Now I can pretty much almost officially go! Whoo-hoo! I'm so happy! 19 days away from mommy! Uh...I mean...19 days of fun and learning about France, Italy, Switzerland, a

Late Present to Christmas

By: wuligame in World of Warcraftposted at 7:38 pm Dec 26,2007

Tags: wow  comic  Christmas 

I'm sorry that the Christmas present is late... However, wish you a good holiday~~

Christmas wishes for all MMOSite users

By: greenhoodpl in defaultposted at 6:45 pm Dec 21,2007

Tags: Christmas  wish  time 

Christmas very soon. I would like wish all MMOSite users, players and friends added in my profile Merry Christmas and happy new year. Wish you lot of fun,  many succes, find this what you looking for and spend happy time

Get No Holiday Blues with the The Hoilday News!

By: Wetking in MapleStoryposted at 1:21 pm Dec 19,2007

Tags: games  christmas  hoilday 


You know how Christmas time feels do u? For us gamers we really want a hardcore games am I right? Ok enough questions it's

Christmas comes in WoW

By: Ryuuna in World of Warcraftposted at 8:09 am Dec 16,2007

Tags: WoW  Christmas  World of Warcraft 


it's me in WoW today. Christmas comes!

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