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Revelation-Ocultist Gameplay: 4 emperor challenge

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 11:51 am Oct 25,2016

Tags: revelation  occultist  gameplay  four  emperor  challenge 


Maybe some of you are interrested in Occultist gameplay. Here is a video about my occultist doing the daily Four Emperor challenge dungeon. It is something like Mushin Tower from Blade and Soul, but much easier, and you can respawn 3 times, altough that stage in that you have died won't be cleared and you won't get it's loot, only the next one. You can get here many experience, and some nice loot for advancing your character. 

Devilian Online - First Impression - Intense action, quick paced and flashy

By: KradisZ in Devilianposted at 4:32 pm Oct 22,2015

Tags: devilian  beta  arpg  mmo  new  challenge 


Hey guys, so I just played through the beta that started today and wanted to share this with you asap because I was so thrilled and excited that I decided to carry this adrenaline into getting you all this information super fast.

While a first impression mainly only covers the surface of a game, a review of an MMO is much harder to make due to needing lots of time invested into a game before a full on review could be made. That's why I've resorted to making First Impressions instead to gauge if a title would do well in its genre/category or target audience.

Devilian Online is definitely targeted at ARPG(Action Role Playing Game) players. The game has difficulty or at least I think it does since even the first dungeon is already pounding my character''s HP from small mistakes. The game

A steady diet program of bicep curls and tricep extensions ?

By: fifa15coin in FIFA Onlineposted at 7:02 pm Nov 25,2014

Tags: FIFA  challenge 


Ahhe golden days of summer season. One can find a thousand points to enjoy concerning the warm months, but for a lot of ladies, this season and its influx of tank tops and sleeveless or strapless dresses causes just as a great deal worry as the prospect of squeezing into an excellent bathing suit.

With terrific weather comes the must either fight or hide flabby arms and when hot climate arrives, the final point you wish to do is hide it below layers of heavy clothes. The query becomes, considering the fact that hiding it is not an choice, what is the highest quality technique to fight flabby arm syndrome inside a hurry?

Here are some awesome strategies to tone up those flabby arms and get you to feeling confident enough to wear that strapless dress devoid of a second thought:

1)Summer season fifa 15 coins signifies swimming and swimming is among the very best methods to give all of the muscles inside your arms the tone you need, especially those problems spots just like the un

WG Challenge #4 All In Team Escape

By: Spammie in Need for Speed: World Onlineposted at 9:21 pm Jun 25,2013

Tags: world  garage  challenge  2nd & Bellevue  skyline setup 


Click Here to Post Your Challenge Results :http://bit.ly/15E2eop
Hey guys, I'm Spammie and I'm bringing you a Need for Speed World Challenge. Watch the video and go on the link in description to post your challenge results.

Subscribe : http://www.youtube.com/user/supergameplaytime
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World-Garage.com Challenge Nr.2 : 2nd & Bellevue + Skyline Setup

By: Spammier in Need for Speed: World Onlineposted at 4:49 pm Mar 05,2013

Tags: world  garage  challenge  2nd & Bellevue  skyline setup 


Hey guys, I'm Spammie, this is second episode of World Garage Challenges, this time we have to do 2nd & Bellevue from Need for Speed Underground 2 with moderate trafic and no other racers. Best Time Wins ! Also checkout the Skyline setup !
Challenge Link : http://bit.ly/2ndbelevue

This is the skyline setup, is not made by me so I take no credit for it.

Skyline Setup (Imperial):

Suspension : -1.25,-1.25,4.55,5.61,4.23,6.03,4.11,6.1­2,1.10

Drivetrain: 46.1,78.0,110.5,144.4,176.0,213.3,4.00

My Facebook Fanpage :http://www.facebook.com/SuperGameplayTime

My Twitter : https://twitter.com/Spammier

Are WoW players idiots?

By: MapleTire in World of Warcraftposted at 9:13 pm Apr 08,2011

Tags: wow  warcraft  cataclysm  challenge  idiot 


I'm curious, ever since World of Warcraft came out, something I didn't follow and wasn't aware about despite playing Warcraft 3, WoW got bad press and everyone had this 'dare play this or miss out' attutide?

Now, there possibly still players who still play World of Warcraft since the day it launched, then there this new generation of players who play it because they like to follow but don't know what they're playing or why they're playing it, expect they want to challenge the idea of living while playing this game that killed loads and loads of people, like watching 'The Ring' or something.

Do you know what scares me the most? If there ever going to be an uproar in the future of people who played World of Warcraft.

I played Warcraft 3 and had no regerts, I would gladly enjoy reinstalling Warcraft 3 and play a battle against the computer or something. I don't regert it because I wanted to learn about stragety and how to manage an army. Warcraft 3 was the best game for it.


Bleach: Blade of fate challenges

By: motorp in defaultposted at 10:52 am Mar 10,2008

Tags: bleach  BoF  bof  BOF  challenge  challenge rules 

Well, just something to notify you guys about, i am taking challenges over wifi. Thing is, i don't want to randomly beat up persons, so i need your friend codes.

These are the things to beware of:
    I will only take challenges acoording to these rules:
    No spirit cards allowedDeathmatch infinite time onlyNo lagging of the match on purposeno handicap +8
    My time zone is GMT+1My friend code is 408150826671
    Be on a time you can compete against me.
Okay, that's about it. One more thing, don't quit when you're losing. Thank you for your time and interest.

Codemasters Online launch Fury Challenge in Europe

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 11:50 pm Sep 29,2007

Tags: fury  challenge 

Good news for those the looking for some serious PvP action in Europe. Codemasters Online has announced the release of the Fury Challenge on European shores.In case you haven't the slightest idea what Fury is, here's a b

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