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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB) Review

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 4:48 pm Dec 27,2008

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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB aka v4) for PC is the 4th release of Phantasy Star Online following the 2 Dreamcast versions (v1 and v2) and the Xbox and Gamecube versions (v3). This version contains a new Episode 4 that takes place after Episode 1 and 2 and has a series of story missions as well. Episode 3 was a card game exclusively for the Gamecube.


Pioneer 1 mysteriously vanished after a large explosion on the planet Ragol. As a Hunter on Pioneer 2, it is your duty to find out what happened and carry out requests through the Hunter's Guild. The story is divided into 4 episodes. The following is all I can make of the story. It's relatively unimportant and the story missions through the Principal Office (PSOBB only) are very pointless and make relatively little sense at all.

Episode 1 – Find Red Ring Rico (RRR).

Episode 2 – Find Flowen.

Episode 3 – Pioneer 2 colonizes Ragol. I never played this version, but this is what it says.

Episode 4 – Investigate meteor crash site.


The graphics are very dated, but there are noticeable changes from the old versions especially if you compare the Dreamcast versions and PSOBB. There are a select n

Phantasy Star Universe Review

By: Zanpakutou in Phantasy Star Universeposted at 10:55 am Oct 04,2008

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Phantasy Star Universe (PSU) is the follow up to SEGA's last popular action MMORPG dungeon crawler thing called Phantasy Star Online (PSO) and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PSO:BB). The game is basically broken down into dungeon crawling with a small group of people who are either Warriors, Gunners, or Mages. PSU was released a few years back and through elaborate schemes has managed to provide weekly updates and remained quite popular. Most of the files necessary in their "updates" are contained in the installation already. They just make a small patch to unlock some of the content each week to seem like there are updates every week.  If you play on Xbox, you have voice chat but are on separate servers from the PC and PS2 versions. Normal PSU and the Ambition of the Illuminous (AoTI) expansion play on the same servers but normal PSU players are capped at level 100 and can't access any of the new missions or content which remain AoTI exclusive. All AoTI exclusive content is displayed in yellow letters instead of white.

The story is broken down into 3 parts. Phantasy Star Portable fits in as Episode 1.5. Ambition of the Illuminous takes place in Episode 2 a

Summoner Magic Burst Guide

By: ppdollar in defaultposted at 12:35 am Mar 14,2007

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Not much to say, but as a level 63 summoner, so far this upgrade rocks! We can finnally do feesable damage per min with our bloodpacts. It is not a waste to leave avatars out to melee. Please with all regards, remember a

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