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CleverBot: AI designed for chat

By: neo_punker in defaultposted at 12:02 am Aug 08,2010

Tags: clever bot  AI chat  bot  chatting  chatmate  clever 


Feel bored and don’t have anyone to talk to? Well, you might want to try this AI program designed for chatting. Meet and greet:Meet Cleverbot, it’s not a real human being but it can talk and reply to you. Cleverbot is an AI program that learns new things by talking to people. It has a data that stores all the answers and can respond to your questions. So the more people talking the clever it gets. How to chat:In order to talk with it, you must be the first one to create a topic. Just type anything that you wanted to tell or talk to Cleverbot, press enter and the bot will reply though sometimes it takes 5 mins. before it replies. Here's a sample chat with Cleverbot. It's really fun to talk with it.* I'm the one with the black color font and his the co

iSro bot card charge to montly guide

By: XProFile in Silkroad Onlineposted at 10:52 pm Jan 28,2010

Tags: bot  silkroad onlie  monthly bot 


Monthly user Charge guide:

monthly botaccount (30days usage)

anyone who want to use the bot monthly pls read this :

1. 2botcards can make a one monthly botaccount (need 240credits to switch the normal bot time to a monthly bot usage) , and 2*120botcards=240credits,if u made a montly botaccount ,u cost 240credits .
if you charged more credits in the botaccount,for example : got 260credits,used 240credits to made a month usage and left 20credits , these 20credits will counts like the normal bot if you used out the 30days or sharing the botaccount with others, so you still can see the time deducted after you login the bot )

2. you can make the monthly botaccount on "charge.exe" after you charged 2botcards(you have got 240credits in your botaccount), then run charge.exe , look the 3tab" game user charge" , then input what it asked to input (botaccount ,botaccount password , game user name ,re-type game user name), then click the icon " 240points-->30days"

3. en

wow or aion

By: wowitsagamegold in World of Warcraftposted at 4:37 am Jan 09,2010

Tags: wowgold7th news.wow  aion  bot 


wow or aion?

There is an interesting topic at wow forum.I read this .WoW players are saying that there are too many bots in aion game.so they just come back to wow.Lol.


By: FuriousBR in defaultposted at 4:46 am Aug 15,2008

Tags: botzin  bot  balistic  brasilian 

Site:  http://www.botzin.net
Gender:  Ballistics
Publisher:  Green Land Studios
Developer:  Green Land Studios

English Version Available

Description:  I play of Ballistics in 3D, Brazilian, similar to Gun Bound with a lot fun. 



By: FuriousBR in defaultposted at 4:38 am Aug 15,2008

Tags: atavik  bot  robot  battle  casual 


Site: www.atavik.com/
Status: In development

Description:  Atavik, a game of action online multiplayer developed by the Ene Solutions, a renowned Brazilian company of graphic computation and development of games.  In the universe Atavik, the player will be able to choose between three personages, each a with an objective and a different history, that will fly gigantic robots equipped with the more varied kinds of weapons, shields and special articles.  The game will be free and the player will be able to buy new robots between set of ten of different styles, buy hundreds of different armaments.  With a lot action the player will face others players in a local net or by the internet and will be able to accumulate points of experience that will evolve their personage and their robots, mixing like this elements of RPG and strategy the action of the game. "special Articles and experience bonus, also will be able to be profits in championships organized by the team desenvolvedora of the game."  It comments Dean Ivatchkovitch, planner of the game and director of output of the team of the Ene Solutions.




MWO Bot Guide

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 11:08 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: MMO  mwo  rpg  bot  guide 


MWO Robot


An in game function.

Allows player to automate many actions allowing them to be afk (away from keyboard). Very simple to use, the function consists of 8 tabs; Nurse, Setup, Skill, Log, Item, Team, Battle, Route.

Nurse: Specify when robot uses HP, MP, Pots. Also specify when you want to change equipment when durability runs out.

Setup: Specify how you move, who you attack, when you attack, and where you attack.

Skill: Drag and drop which skills you wish the robot to use.

Log: Provides details such as how many monsters you have killed, the experienced gained, and who has killed you whilst you were afk.

Item: Specify which items to pick up.

Team: Specify team attributes. E.g. Follow captain or assist captain and the picking hierarchy.

Battle: Mainly for Healers for specifying when to heal team members.

Route: Specify the route to take whilst botting.


Okay since a lot of people had some problems with the bot, I decided to write a short guide
about all the functions of the mwo-bot and what they actually do.
I hope its useful for somebody =)

To open the Bot click that green/back symbol on the bottom right or use the shortcut "L".


MWO Bot Guide

I will start on the 2nd tab t

A surprisingly good game.

By: Ntasha in Magic Worldposted at 10:47 pm Jul 13,2008

Tags: mwo  bot  Review 


The article is from MMORPG: Magic World Online member Garrik.


So i decided to give Magic world online a try after seeing that it was added to the gamelist.

I did some reading on it before hand and i admit my first thought was hmmm built in bot system, but i decided i would give it a shot and report back here for anyone else who may have been skeptical.



Well, so far all i can say is this game is addictive and the bot system is very good. I'll do a quick summary of the pros and cons of the game from what iv seen so far to make it easier reading instead of a mighty wall of text.


Smoothe 2D graphics - Old fashioned yes, but they are still well done with nice art. I would personally rather play a game with nice 2D's instead of a game with cheap 3D's as it is far nicer to look at. Another plus to 2D isometric graphics is that anyone can run them.


Quest's - Quests vary, there are normal kill tasks, escorts and even instances that move the story along and give you your job upgrades. i was particularly impressed with the instanced quests as you dont normally see that sort of variety in F2P games, you usually just get basic kill 20000 of this and that qu

bots do talk

By: Kogal in defaultposted at 1:47 am May 11,2007

Tags: scions of fate  bot 

Bots talk, they repeat some words over and over, but it cant cover up the fact they are bots, im sure they will be banned in the near future lol 
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