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Borderlands 2 leaked gameplay footage

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 5:44 pm Sep 03,2011

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Some of you may be looking forward to this game, like I am. Well, not so much for the single player but for the co-op that the first game brought us. Well ladies and gents, someone got some footage of the gameplay behind closed doors, and leaked it out to the public.

Watching the gameplay footage, it looks like the improved on a lot in the game, the most notable, at least for me is the improvement of the world. They made it a lot more expansive and giving players a lot more to explore. With the add-ons though, it does make me wonder if the single player was improved at all? While the single player of the first version is decent, at least from my perspective, the game felt more like a co-op mmo in a sense. If the single player in the second gets to the level of what co-op w

Borderlands: A Review

By: CalebG in defaultposted at 7:02 pm Nov 01,2009

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Since the release of Borderlands, I have been clocking up quite a number of hours with the game. It is a very good game, albiet lacking a certain something, which I have since identified. Regardless, it is a game I would recommand everyone to get, even if it doesn't quite fit into the MMO genre.

But first, here is a quick review of the game.

What is it?

A very common occurance in Borderlands. Pew pew pew all the way!

Borderlands is an FPS at heart. Adding the RPG elements of Levels and Talent trees, it adds a new twist to an otherwise rather generic shooter. If you have seen any of the Borderlands' ads, you will know that one of the biggest things that is touted is the millions of gun combinations available.

A simple Skill Tree (or Talent Tree) for you to specialize your character.

That is certainly true, as so far, no two guns that I have layed hands or eyes on have the same statistics. You thought Diablo was rather random with equipment? Well, meet Borderlands, the game that takes it to a whole new level.

With multiple manufecturers with signature traits yet randomized stats, you can be sure you will soon have your favorite manufecturer!

On the same note, if you are one of th

A Look Ahead

By: Oliase in All gamesposted at 6:20 pm Sep 11,2009

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Hey everyone, this is my first article in awhile as I took some time off for other obligations. I assume I'm still part of the Writer's Club, and I will hopefully be publishing more articles in the upcoming weeks.


This article is a look ahead towards the end of this year and into the beginning of next year at the top titles to be released.



Of course, how could I not list Aion. I've heard many opinions on the game and I've played throughout the betas as well. Despite the common excitement over the game, I don't think the game will be that big of a deal. Besides the great graphics, the game doesn't seem to do what many people have asked for in a game over the past couple years. There's nothing that new or innovative, and the combat system isn't anything special (Although the combo bar is cool). I think the game will be popular at the start like Warhammer Online was, but I believe it will follow the same fate and die off. I think it will sustain enough active players to be a top-runner in the industry, but it's certainly not going to steal away many WoW players, perhaps it will take some from Age of Conan and Lord of the Rings Online though.

In addition, here'

2K Secures Borderlands

By: Ryuuna in defaultposted at 8:57 pm Aug 16,2007

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August 16, 2007 - Today 2K Games announced it will publish Borderlands, the latest title from Gearbox Software, makers of the Brothers in Arms series. Borderlands is a sci-fi first-person shooter and will be settling on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The beginning of a new franchise, Borderlands combines elements of Gearbox's other FPS games with vehicular combat and lots of customization options. The developer says it has created an innovative content generation system providing a nearly endless variety of missions, environments, enemies, weapons, item locations, and character modifications.

A hijack in progress."Borderlands represents an important evolutionary leap in game design and technology," said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K. "By utilizing revolutionary new technology to create thousands of unique, randomly generated missions, weapons and situations, Borderlands will raise the bar for next-gen action games."

The upcoming game includes drop in/drop out online co-op play. Gamers can visit Borderlands during the holiday 2008 season.

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