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ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)

By: Luminosity in ArcheAgeposted at 10:19 am May 21,2014

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ArcheAge Alpha: The Road So Far (Level 1 - 20)


Now let me start of by saying that this isn’t a “Full” review but a reasonably large “half” review. I’ll be contributing my experiences of ArcheAge from levels 1 – 20. All statements are based on my own experiences and opinions, you may experience things differently. However I have had a lot of experience with MMORPG’s so hopefully this review can give you a better insight on what’s going on in the Alpha stages of ArcheAge.

The Beginning

I started off by downloading the client from the ArcheAge website after logging into glyph, you can do this by either receiving an Alpha key which is extremely rare now or you can buy the $150 Arceum Package which gives you Alpha access. The game client itself was about 23.3Gigabytes of data and

Lexxy is the name||

By: Lexy Nichelle Graver in defaultposted at 5:39 pm Feb 06,2011

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Hello, my name is Lexxy Nichelle and I am a writer. I am seventeen years old and my aspirations are to be a model but writing is my real passion. I started out in the virtual pet site community, but when that community died so did my commision.

I joined MMOsite in hopes of finding a way to respectfully show my writing to the world in a way I really enjoy, MMORPGS.

I have literally played every MMORPG on the market, I'm horrible at MMO hopping. I have currently found a home in the world of Iris Online, but I am looking for another game to join soon.

I am really hoping to become a blogger for MMOsite.

Keep in touch.

<3 Lexxy



By: Zealum in defaultposted at 9:37 pm Mar 05,2009

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Beginning - It's start of everything. It's my start here - joining mmosite community,thousands of other blogs.

It's just the beginning...

By: Netchurch in defaultposted at 12:00 pm Dec 13,2008

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Owww Yeah!

God bless the day that I found the MMOsite. I liked this site 'cuz it offer informations, photos, videos and downloads of a lot of games. And the site have a lot of gadgets and you spend a good time looking the site. =P

-Huumm... Why did you put the name of this post "It's just the beginning"? .-.

This is simple, because this is the 1st post, so it's the beginning. Ow and this is the song of a band called Hangar. =D

-Ok. About what you will post?

I'll post about MMOs that I played, MMOs that I saw and wanna talk about it. Basicly about MMOs. xP

-Huumm... nice. Good luck.

Ty. ^^v

Seriously, I hope that can post something good for you. :]

See ya.


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