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Why Guys Enjoy Being the Female Avatar!

By: MapleTire in defaultposted at 4:37 pm Aug 31,2011

Tags: avatar  mmo  online gaming 


... and is it's 'cheating'?

Something I learnt about gaming. Many games are placed in third person view. Think of them as playing with dolls and the emotion these avatars create in the game world.

I strongly believe that many guys select the female on the character selection screen to take care of them.

Many guys that do enjoy being them while I see many players who are guys who select the guys avatar, complain like crazy. Have you noticed that too? They later rub this in by being level 70s or 80s or some other high level character.

I also believe girls feel cheated by this. I see loads of girls complain about this (even on this MMOsite website, sorry ladies), and I'm being to see why.

So is this cheating or not?

Asda 2: Avatar Preview & Alpen Tour!

By: Asda Story in Asda 2posted at 1:01 am Apr 23,2011

Tags: asda story  asda 2  mmorpg  anime  manga  avatar 

Best Fantasy MMORPG - Asda 2

Today we bring you the first official preview post for Asda 2! This is actually taken off of the Asda 2 Forums, where news will be posted every Friday, then brought here the following week! Want the latest right away? Be sure to bookmark and check out the Asda 2 Forums!

CBT is on May 5! Check these out and more! http://asda2.gamescampus.com

This time we have some quick information on the Avatar system, along with a screenshot preview of the all new Alpen. Read on!

Asda 2's New Avatar System
Asda has always been known for its beautiful and large selection of costumes, but there has always been some sacrifice along with looking great. The avatar system changes that, allowing you to wear costumes to replace the look of your armor while still keeping your armor on!

Ever wanted to pluck those wi


By: PaleLord in defaultposted at 6:27 pm Jan 25,2010

Tags: Avatar  mmorpg  flyingmount 


The year 2009 ended with magnificent color, as James Cameron's AVATAR led people into a never-been-so-real alien world. Despite the plots, which were written some 12 years ago and follow the typical Hollywood path, the visual effects were mind blowing!!! So I am gonna give it 9 out of 10.

I suppose everyone has more or less imagined that one day humans will need to find a replacement planet and migrate there. Yet what AVATAR has taken us to see is even beyond our wildest imagination. From the eyes of Jake Sully, we've seen a spectacular world. The lush environment of Pandora is so completely exotic that you'd swear it was an actual location. The views are breath taking. The sacred Soul Tree, the pure Wood Spirits, the flying mountains...everything!

When Jake came back with his ride, the gigantic blazing Toruk, I really wished I was him, a brave Toruk Makto! It kills me when I saw the heaven-like planet was crunched under the wheels of the tanks.

For hours after the movie, I couldn't g

Can Avatar change gaming?

By: IulyaSama in defaultposted at 7:30 am Jan 17,2010

Tags: can avatar change gaming  gaming  avatar  change  3d 



There's a little art-house movie out there that has a few fans. You may have heard of it. There was never any question that Avatar was going to be big, but I'll admit honest surprise by how big it actually is. Pretty much everyone out there seems to have seen it, even people who normally don't have much interest in genre movies. Even more shockingly, Avatar looks like it has a chance of dethroningTitanic as the number one movie of all time.

At this year's CES, 3D televisions made a big push for mainstream attention, and will start showing up in homes this year. If people enamored by Avatar's 3D theatrical experience bring home 3D television sets, that will lead to 3D video gam

5 Things that would be totally rad in MMOs

By: Aeskor in defaultposted at 5:31 am Mar 28,2009

Tags: mmo  avatar  zombie  environment 


 There are a lot of game mechanics that are yet to be used in MMOs, most likey due to the fact that the companies tend to stick to tried and tested formulas (e.g. World of Warcraft and it’s plethora of clones). And although a lot of MMOs have tried to do new things, sometimes succeeding, there’s still a lot of potential.



1. Your face on your avatars

What I mean by this is the ability to have a photo of your face placed on the character you’re playing as. There are plenty of games out there that have tried this and from what I’ve seen, heard and read it’s worked. The Xbox 360 has it’s own camera and so does the PS3 and these can be pricey. They’re add-ons for those people that want more out of their games and not everyone’s into that. With PCs though (the primary platform for MMOs) you can simply use a crappy camera to take a photo of your face and instantaneously upload it. This would make for great ease of use. I’ve seen the technology implemented on various interactive sites and it just seems a fantastic idea for MMOs. It would add a very personal touch to the game and playing with friends would be more fun (a

started to play S4L

By: yukioo7 in Shadow Of Legendposted at 12:54 pm Aug 23,2008

Tags: avatar  character  S4 league 

i really love this game! its really fun!
here my character!

Online Love: The Good, Bad, and Obvious

By: Lushy in All gamesposted at 4:04 am Jul 01,2008

Tags: cyber  love  dating  avatar  sexy  girls  gamers  desperate 

One of the world’s most popular way of dating in this day and age is through the use of the internet. Through the use of chat rooms, forums, blogs, and websites, millions of people every day find love using these tools as a jump off point. Some websites, such as E-Harmony, are there to promote and encourage marriage. Other websites, such as Match.com, take the lower approach to finding dates and consider marriage a bonus. Now and days, you can find places that fit your match-making needs for all of your sexual preferences. These sites take it a step up from the early use of strictly chat rooms and online personal ads, but with the invention of the MMORPG, more and more gamers are finding love in the form of digital RPG.

Personal beliefs asides, the average male gamer looking for love is all the rage, since now, they know that they have at least one thing already in common with a female and have less to explain in the future. Finding a common interest is usually the key in a good relationship, but just what exactly are these men looking for? The first experience I had with the concept of In-Game Love, was a few years ago, back when I was addicted to iRO. I understood that male

Your avatar and you. 3 tips

By: sdhf in defaultposted at 7:16 am Feb 22,2008

Tags: avatar  tip   

Here are somethings you should think about when selecting your avatar.

Size and Shape-- Often people chosse avatars that are to small and they get inlarged an ugly looking bit avatar.

My avatars of a week

By: odimok in defaultposted at 1:37 am Nov 06,2007

Tags: avatar 


Yesterday i made seven avatars, now i wanna post them here because i like them.


Odin presents in FFXI?!!

By: flamedust in defaultposted at 11:37 pm May 10,2007

Tags: ffxi  odin  avatar  video 

Just watch the videos, is this Odin?When did SE add him into FFXI?Is he summonable?How do we get the avatar?Video code provided by hotcode.mmosite.comThere is another video on http://ffxi.mmosite.c
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