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WoW: Mobile Web Auction House Guide

By: Mimiron in World of Warcraftposted at 2:20 pm Sep 22,2016

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The in-game Auction House could really use an overhaul. When you search for auctions, you can't even list them according to their current pricing, only bids. Filters are somewhat weird working if you try to search let's say for an item of rare quality with an item level of 780+, you'll get all results displayed even green and purple items. Now i'd like to talk about two alternatives to the in-game armory. First is the Mobile Armory app which has a much smoother interface than the in-game Auction House, it's snappy and fast and the best thing is search filters actually work accurately.

Mobile Armory Interface

Look how smooth the Mobile Armory interface is. It's really a pity that you're auctions are capped so you are limited to perform XX auctions a day and this coold

Diablo 3's Economy - Success or Failure?

By: Darth Meraj in Diablo IIIposted at 6:34 pm Aug 02,2012

Tags: diablo 3  economy  auction house  inflation  gold sink  gold 


Diablo 3's economy is extremely important to it's overall survival and general population. Item drop rates are set specifically to work in conjunction with the Auction House. Not only is the Auction House important to every player's overall progression through the game, but it is also a main contributing factor to Diablo 3's identity as a MMO. Without the Auction House, the game would simply be a single player game with the option to have up to 4 player co-op.

There are many different aspects which impact the economy in Diablo 3. Most of these factors are negative in their interaction with the general population, which are currently causing major issues in item price as well as unrest in the player base. One such factor that is currently degrading the integrity of Diablo 3's economy is gold. On it's own, gold earned through normal means isn't negatively impacting the economy. The problem with gold lies in the combination of bug abusers and botters, who inflate the amount of go

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