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Atronach Online (侍灵) New 2D Side Scroll RPG for Android

By: Gtaster in defaultposted at 11:37 am Apr 18,2017

Tags: atronach  unity3d  2d  side scroll  qte  pvp  japan  android 

Atronach online

Atronach Online  (侍灵) is a new 2D Side Scroll Action Android Game go CBT in April 2017.

Atronach Online  (侍灵) is a 2D Side Scroll Game for Android, build base on Unity3d. Game with good graphic with anime character, great gameplay endless combo QTE and Japan BGM make it even better.

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Game Description :

Night falls, evil ghost comeout! One young swordsman became a spirit, wonder in world of lost soul. Life and Death make a contract to face the resurrection of the ancient nightmare!
The new horizontal action mobile game ATRONACHONLINE finally go CBT, invite your friend now! Join the ATRONACH ONLINE to disperse the dark!

- Enjoy the Japanese elegant  aesthetics i

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