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Revelation China-Assassin Gameplay, with class exclusive story quest

By: Rankochan in Revelationposted at 6:57 pm Dec 16,2016

Tags: revelation  assassin  gameplay  story 


The new update arrived on the chinese Revelation servers, and every class got their new, class exclusive story quest, with a separated zone. This is my assassin gameplay, while completing these quests. Enjoy! 

Black Desert - Kunoichi/Ninja - Make your enemies disappear

By: KradisZ in Black Desertposted at 4:38 am Jul 22,2016

Tags: kunoichi  ninja  black desert  update  assassin 


So Black Desert Online patched in the Kunoichi and Ninja Class just a few days ago, myself and pretty sure many others were awaiting this class for a long time.

The class itself plays pretty much like a melee glass cannon. After quickly rush leveling this character to 50+(it's not that hard if you already have a main character progressed in the game, had 2 mates reach level 55 on the first day) I consider the difficulty curve of the character to be pretty high. The class itself is extremely agile, lots of movement, disappearing, positioning, launch attacks, and strange inputs to put together pretty deadly combos. While the inputs are strange at first it's probably something I just need to get used to and to learn different traits of attacks.

The Kunoichi and Ninja aren't ident

[Blade & Soul NA] Assassin PVE Detailed Guide BNS

By: GregBNS in Blade and Soulposted at 1:20 pm May 30,2016

Tags: blade  and  soul  BNS  assassin  sin  lightning  dark  hybri 


Hey all! My name is Greg and this is a quick detailed guide to PVE Assassins in the game Blade and Soul, this guide breaks down their builds as well as the utility and iframes they have. Check them out and tell me how you feel about them! :D
Check out my youtube for other videos as well if you like these ones at: https://www.youtube.com/c/GregBNSGaming

Part 1 (lightning build):

Part 2 (dark build): 

part 3 (hybrid build):

part 4 (utility and iframes): 

Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe and thumbs up! My youtube is https://www.youtube.com/c/GregBNSGaming

Aima Online: Assassin Gameplay KR

By: Scion Storm in Aima: Chronicle of Terahnoirposted at 10:34 am Dec 22,2015

Tags: Aima  MMO  MMORPG  Assassin  Gaming  First Look 


I decided to give this young lady a look. She is interesting to play, like most add in characters. She has better combos then the original crowd. They may have over sexed her in the look, most people don't even care about this anymore lol. This is my intro look into her, I'll play even more and stream her for you guys later.

Nanbo's EverQuest 2 [Assassin] Level 1-20 Review

By: Nanbo in EverQuest IIposted at 2:38 am Nov 23,2014

Tags: Everquest 2  MMORPG  REVIEW  ASSASSIN   


Hello MMOSITE readers ! This article I cover the first 20 levels of Every Quest 2 on an assassin class character. Yes, I have already done an evolving review of the first fifteen levels on a Paladin character. I had wanted to continue the review into levels 20, but came to find out my account had been deleted (There may be a 30 day inactive deletion system for F2Per’s). You can find me first article HERE.
So how does the game hold up as an assassin and into the first twenty levels? Let’s find out!

What I enjoy about these kinds of games is how much they shine still even when new titles are released. We have had Archeage come out, and so many people left their current MMORPG to go spend the last few months over in Archeage. Somewhere in the deep of us we all wanted to se

Eldevin's Assassin Class is Simply Awesome

By: BopaLopia in defaultposted at 8:30 pm Dec 27,2013

Tags: Eldevin  assassin  free to play  character  journal  armor s 


     I recently made a character in the new free-to-play MMO, Eldevin. It's a 3d browser-based MMO, with an isometric camera view similar to Diablo or League of Legends. What really enticed me to play was the class system which allows you to specialize in a particular class, but also learn elements of other classes to round out your character. For example, you can invest points into the Melee skills, but learn some Mage abilities on the side, creating a sword-wielding, fireball-casting hybrid character. My assassin character is using dual-wielded blades, but I also have a bow to get in some early DPS on targets from long-range before I engage them with melee abilities, and I also have a healing spell for when I get in trouble.

The Assassin class in Eldevin us

Assassins finaly took over the Perfect World of Pangu!

By: Ottoha in Perfect World Internationalposted at 11:44 am Apr 02,2010

Tags: Assassin  Perfect World  Raging Tide  Rising Tide 


So. My wife wrote about the PWI's new class Psychic, you can check it out here: my.mmosite.com/3dc8e3fd86b935160222e90a8dc3d858/blog/item/f5d11235ec968a2907858216dde71dc6.html

And I am gonna write about the Assassin class.

Assassins are a very popular class amongst MMO players. I really dont know why. Yeah they are quicky, nasty, fishy, hard to catch, they hide.. they tend to be overpowered . But Perfect World didnt come out with this class. Now, on the Rising Tide expansion, you can play our well known squishy friend.

As expected, assassins are overpowered here nad Ill share some of my experience playing this little fellow.

Aion - Classes Promo

By: happyforever in Aionposted at 8:05 pm Oct 26,2008

Tags: aion  assassin  chanter  cleric  sorcerer  spiritmaster  tem 


Source: http://www.aiongold-tower.com/aion-online-lore/aion-classes-information/

There are eight aion classes currently in development. Each faction will have a slight variation in class skills once they reach the first promotion at level 10. Higher-level players can tailor their character further, with each profession offering two advanced classes, bringing the total number of character types available up to eight.

The Warrior _ Aion Class
Bold, brave and possessing immense physical powers, Warriors excel in close-quarter combat. Strong performers in a wide range of situations, Warriors are relatively easy to master and when fully realised can unleash a spectacular range of physically devastating skills.
Depending on how players prefer to approach combat, Warriors can specialise as either Gladiators, who concentrate on dealing damage through brute force, or Templars, who combine fierce fighting with defensive chants and techniques.


Fighters are skilled in using a variety of weapons, ranging from swords to halberds, their ultimate goal being to master a wide variety of fighting techniques tailored to the characteristics of their weapons.
Special ability: Close comb

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