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Asda 2 Dungeon & Pet Update!

By: Asda 2 in Asda 2posted at 10:33 pm Aug 21,2011

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Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Deckron Lab
Hello Asda 2! Another update is upon us, with lots in store for the lower levels, and especially pet lovers! These updates hit Asda 2 this Tuesday, 8/23! See below for the details.
  New Dungeon: Deckron LabThe Deckron Army has been performing experiments on the world’s monsters in their lab near Rein River. These experiments have produced monsters that are stronger than usual, and some of those mutated monsters have even escaped from the lab! It seems this is why we are seeing mutated monsters while hunting in the fields.
This new dungeon is intended for parties of 2-3 players, and has 4 wings intended for different level ranges. The entire level range of this dungeon is from 15~30. New quests will be provided as you reach the proper levels which will lead you in to each d

Asda 2 Flammio, Pets, and Style Shop Update

By: Asda 2 in Asda 2posted at 7:36 pm Jul 22,2011

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Best Anime MMORPG - Asda 2 - Flammio

Hello Asda 2!

Today we'd like to bring you some previews about the upcoming updates on July 26th. It's quite a large update, so let's get started!

Inferos Continent: Flammio has arrived!
The first part of the Inferos continent is coming! The area features the Sandran Tribe's village, Flammio, with its surrounding field area, a brand new field map Flammio Plains, and the Mt. Flamion dungeon. The monsters in this area consist primarily of Sandran tribe traitors, parrots, machines, slimes, and golems. The area contains over 100 new quests and new repeatable quests for levels 50~55. The Flammio section of the Faction War will also be available for levels 50~69.


Pet System: Collect some new friends!
The Pet System (Part 1) will bring 11 pets for you to collect, each w

Asda 2: Blacksmith & Silaris Preview!

By: Asda Story in Asda 2posted at 6:36 pm May 03,2011

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It's time for your second official preview! Today we'll briefly cover the systems the Blacksmith has to offer, an upgrade system video preview, and a before and after look at Silaris! CBT is in only a couple days, so you can check this out and more starting May 5th! http://asda2.gamescampus.com


Asda 2's Blacksmith Features
Several systems have now been outsourced to the Blacksmiths of Tales Kingdom, encouraging you to come back to town and socialize while you take care of things. Here's a quick look at what they are now able to do:

Item Unbinding: Items which have been worn can be unbound using a special premium item. The amount of scrolls used is decided by the item.

Item Crafting: Crafting is now done at the blacksmith. For those familiar with Asda Story's current upgrade system,

Asda Story Europe Game Review

By: thyrene in Asda Storyposted at 9:31 am Jan 16,2010

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Posted Image

Asda Story Europe Game Review

Close Beta Date: September 17, 2009
Open Beta Date: October 20, 2009
Developer: MaxOnSoft
Publisher: Play Media Group
Game Payment: Free
Status: Open Beta
Genre: 3D Fantasy

Asda Story is a free to play mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with an item mall system. Asda Story is a word which means “topsy-turvy”. “Topsy-turvy” is a musical drama film in 1999 from United Kingdom in Europe. Asda Story is originally from Korea and Japan, called: “Micmac Online”. Then last August 5, 2008 it was published in USA Server by gamecampus.com. After a year, foxxgames.com publish ASDA Story in Europe.


Minimum Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory : 256 or greater
Graphic Card : nVidia Geforce2 MX or greater ATI Radeon 7500 or greater
Video Memory : 32MB or greater

Recommended Requirement
CPU : Pentium3 1Ghz or greater
Main Memory : 512 or greater
Graphic Card : nVidia Geforce3 TI o

Asda Story In-Depth Review

By: YukiUsako in Asda Storyposted at 4:13 pm Aug 16,2009

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Asda StoryAsda Story is a Free-to-Play, casual, anime-style MMORPG. It was released first under the name "MicMac Online" in Korea and Japan in 2005/2006, and was later released in 2007 as "Asda Story" by game&game. This is where my Asda Story experience began. This version was shut down, like many games game&game brings us. In July 2008, the game was re-released by GamesCampus. When I found out one of my favorite games had been re-licensed, I jumped right back on the bandwagon.

I was not disappointed. A year has passed and I am still playing.


graphics & interface (8/10)

Graphics are a big deal in any game, and the graphics are what first drew me to Asda Story.

The first impression most people seem to get about Asda is that it looks like Kingdom Hearts: big shoes and goofy clothing. The graphics are not ground-breaking, but are quite good for a F2P game. A shader was recently added which makes the game much shinier. If you don't like the new shiny Asda, you can just turn the shader off. There is also a glow effect which creates a slightly softer, more vivid environment.

The interface is pretty easy understand and is not too cluttered. Most things are movable

          My AsdaStory Review

          By: gizmo1st in Asda Storyposted at 6:44 am Aug 12,2009

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           With so many free MMORPGs out there on the market, what makes AsdaStory stands out from the crowd?

          Well i personally don't fancy those high spec type of MMORPGs and i also like anime, thats where asdastory comes in. It offers full 3D realm but still keeping it warm and cozy, and also it don't requiere high end spec to be able to play it. Oh and have i mentioned that the graphic is cute anime style? lol. So for all the boys out there, you can expect that there are plenty cute girls playing this game. Maybe one of them might end up being your real life soulmate =P

          And speaking about soulmate, thats also happens to be the best feature of this game. Soulmate system is a unique 1:1 party system but with a lot of benefits. It have some of the most important skills in game such as heal soul (isn't it cool that you don't have to be healer to be able to heal your sm?) that recovers a huge amount of ones HP and preserve soul that protect you from losing exp if your character got knocked out. There are also other benefits like affinity points. It ranges from 0 to 100 and gained by staying near with your soulmate. The higher the affinity level, the bigger the chance to get item drops,

          Review: Asda Story

          By: Andaleon in Asda Storyposted at 10:03 pm Oct 10,2008

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          An MMORPG that targets the younger (and less serious) gaming audience, Gamescampus delivers Asda Story to the world. But will the seemingly button-mashed game title and the cutesy anime-looking characters inspire gamers to try out this world?

          Much Asda About Nothing
          When you look at MMO ads, you'll find Asda quite the compelling game to try out. "Find your soulmate" sounds like you're delving into a social or casual game in a different timeframe. On second glance, Asda Story is that game that falls short of its ROSE predecessor and copies several World of Warcraft systems. Much like some random programmer just put in a lot of junk to make a treasure out of it.

          Asda Story is set in a dream world called "Omnibus World." The world is said to be constructed out of the people's imagination and dreams, with Tillia serving as their god of creation and Lumper as the god of destruction. Eventually, the people lost their will to construct their world, and thus started the world's demise. A being of nothingness called Nihil emerged, wanting to destroy the world of Omnibus. Thus the two gods joined forces to stop this being. Nihil, being nonexistent, c

          Hm, So. Tired.

          By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 7:59 pm Aug 09,2008

          Tags: asda  boredeom 

          Yeah...Its time to go to bed anyway, but I usually try to write an article every two to three days, and I think Im behind.

          Is it just me, or are my latest articles all have the same font???  I dont understand.....I pick a different one each time, and Im stuck with the same one each time....whatever.

          So, I tried out Asda Story.  Can't stand it.  Hearing the constant -thwack thwack thwack- of my 2h-ed sword does get annoying after the first 2 minutes.  It's too bright for my tastes and the healing system I think is stupid.

          I think Im just going to go back to Rappelz until Blade & Soul comes out (f2p and compatible with my pc, hopefully).

          Still reading "Breaking Dawn" for some reason, when I got halfway through it, I kinda lost my draw to it. Wth...I dont UNDERSTAND >.<  The next book must make up for this lull.

          Hm.  I really dont have anything else to say so...Night!

          20 Times More Than The Expectation in Asda Story!!! Soulmates Ruled In Asda Story! Overwhelming

          By: platy in defaultposted at 12:49 am Nov 02,2007

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          Seoul, Korea - October 31, 2007 - Asda Story had a fantastic 10 days of Closed Beta Test (CBT). We got 20 times more testers than our original plan. On our second day of CBT, we had to expend our channels of CBT because we had players screaming for more channels in Asda Story. Over all, MaxOnSoft had an average of 80% players every second, and experienced a new concept of the game. Soulmate system was efficiently delivered to users. Many couples were in action with blades and spectrums of different magic skills. Some others were sitting on a hill or grasslands having wonderful conversations which accelerated others to have own Soulmates.

          Ladies and Gentlemen were playing Asda Story in a Soulmate system, a party system, a clan system and solos. All categories of distinguished game plays have lead to users having great time in the game. Thanks to all gamers all over the world who enjoyed and left comments on an official website of Asda Story.
          A user, cliveshelly mentioned, "… since I'm busy at work, but this game really relieved my stress from work, I like the quest…"

          Another user named AndyStar said, "…It's been a wonderful game. I really like the game play. Soulmates

          Game&Game™ Asda Story

          By: yoz in defaultposted at 12:04 am Oct 20,2007

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          Asda a cute graphiced MMorpg, with special feature such as SoulMate and Soul Jewel.

          Offical Site: http://asda.gamengame.com

          Soul Mate- You may form SoulMate relationship with players, and when training together you gain extra EXP! It also has SoulLevel, the higher it is the more soulmate skills you may use! For more info please visit link http://asda.gamengame.com/info/soul.asp

          Soul Jewel- Equips are useless without SoulJewel. You may buy them from NPC or hunt them. Once you buy a new armor from NPC, you need a SoulJewel to make it have stats, otherwise a equip without soulJewel dosn't have stats like Attack or Defence at All!


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