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Archlord X failed beta event.

By: hayabussarider in defaultposted at 7:56 am May 03,2012

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Dear readers , Today I am going to tell you yet another story that seems to be a repeated factor with dealing with WEBZEN. Through March and April webzen had a promotion for their new title Archlord X beta test. The promotion was that all beta testers that filled out a survey about archlord X were entered into a draw and a winner randomly picked to win a Xbox 360 , That winner was to be announced may 9th. Since then no winner has ever been announced.

Archlord Webzen Presents: Dragonscion ep8

By: towirenet in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 10:24 am Dec 08,2010

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  Introduction:Archlord is a unique F2P game, which is specialized in PVP system contents. The game not only provides various player-versus-player contents, but also includes a guild-versus-guild battle and race-versus-race massive war system. Play Archlord with multiple language clients, with thousands of players across the world. There will always be excitement in the chantra world with continuous new events and contents. WEBZEN Inc. announced today the update of the new race DragonScion known as the children of the great dragon Mightthesis for Archlord. The update of this hybrid type new race DragonScion will bring 4 new classes to the game. Starting from a class Scion, when reaching level 20, players will face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master. By the evolution system players can choose among four classes Scion, Slayer, Summoner, or Orbiter. For more information Visit:http://archlordwebzen.com  


Archlord Expansion The Grand Cross is Coming

By: GMRobin in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 1:25 am Jul 14,2010

Tags: archlord  battleground  grand cross  f2p mmorpg  arch  battl 


Wednesday, 14th July – WEBZEN (NSDAQ: WZEN) is pleased to announce an overhaul of its popular MMORPG Archlord, in the shape of the all-new, FREE Expansion Episode 5: The Grand Cross. Due to go live in the coming weeks, Episode 5: The Grand Cross will add a new battle system called The Battle Ground into the existing PvP system in Archlord.

Based on the game scenario, the new content patch will deliver a new race-versus-race Battle Ground, capable of supporting every Archlord players to provide unique and interesting PvP challenges in the never-end conflict between the three races Human, Orc and Moonelf.

Race vs raceUnlike the other PvP content such as The Siege Warfare, The Battle Ground includes a new race-versus-race style, massive war content which will be held on every Thursday an


By: Jazzx7xenoff in defaultposted at 6:22 am Jun 30,2008

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Eventually, I got ArchLord to work... I dont think that I really like it.  I hate fixed gender-roles.   Some of the background music is good, though.

I started playing High Street 5, again.  They actually added more songs, so you wont be so annoyed.  And, they have more outfits!! Yay!  Right now, im cosplaying as Rikku from FFX-2.

Yeah, thats all I feel like typing.

Funny bedtime story

By: Kogal in defaultposted at 2:33 am Oct 10,2007

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Prologue:I;m a level 32 Berserker called Epyon, King2 is a level 20 Sorcerer.Chapter 1, the fraudKing2 was in town, yelling to people they could earn 400k fast. So I whispered him I was interested. He told me to go to Gu

ArchLord Movie scoopes 3 awards!

By: seal_danpier in defaultposted at 2:24 am Sep 06,2007

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Ben X, produced by Belgian studio MMG, has taken three top prizes at the Montreal International Film festival. This Dutch language film managed to secure nominations in seven categories including Best Film of Show catego

ArchLord Armor Contest Pics

By: seal_danpier in defaultposted at 1:39 am Aug 17,2007

Tags: archlord 

Now you can play dress-up and fantasy wargaming at the same time!When ArchLord was first released in the Western market, it tried to buck the trend of many of its Asian-imported kin by being purchase-only and integra
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