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Dark Story : Open World Android MMORPG Gameplay

By: Rokwood in defaultposted at 3:07 pm Apr 19,2017

Tags: android  mmo  morpg  pvp  open world  free  apk 


This mobile version comes with the core features that are the heart of Dark Story Online or Titan Online, it is capable of transforming Titan into a power that increases its self for a while.  Dark Story Online is a legendary online game that has been launched by Jaya Soft for many years. Before the shutdown on April 23, 59, because the developer of Eya Soft game was sold to a new service provider in Thailand, Play Online is a provider in Thailand .

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Demon Seals: Mobile (China)

By: Scion Storm in defaultposted at 6:35 am Jan 21,2017

Tags: Demon Seals  Android  Gaming  APK  First Impressions 


Not to sure how I feel about this one. It's more cinematic and smooth than any game before it. However, something seems a bit too on rails about the game.

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Feels like a normal ARPG on PC

6 total characters to use

Smooth Graphics and Gameplay for a mobile game

Music is tolerable


Zero character customization

Gender locked

Controls play terribly considering how smooth the game itself is

Other than boss fights the game plays itself


Sometimes games like this try too hard on being convenient. It almost seems like the game is intruding on you. I think that holds this one back. And they need to back off just a bit on how much the game does for you.


If yo

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