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Nekros, Warrior of the dead

By: ZephyAlurus in Warframeposted at 4:18 pm Sep 29,2013

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Nekros, the new Warframe that came out 2 weeks ago. This is a guide for newer players or people unfamiliar with Update 10 to help them. Nekros is a Warframe with the ability to control souls. Nekros plays similarly to warlock classes from other MMOs where they have standard abilities like Fear that causes enemies to wander around aimlessly or the ability to raise souls of the dead to fight for him.


Soul Punch

Nekros punches an enemy and using the enemy’s soul to launch a projectile behind him to cause further damage. Can cause up to 500 damage and launches a projectile behind the target for up to 50 meters. On paper Soul Punch sounds like a decent spell and does a good amount of damage. However, trying to get close to an enemy and lining another one behind them is a lot harder th

The Bane of Heroes, Razor Guide

By: ZephyAlurus in DotA 2posted at 2:37 am Sep 06,2013

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Razor is a semi-carry that is built for durability and as well as an anti-carry role. As Razor you want to stay in the fight as long as possible to drain the opposing team’s damage and use it against them. Razor cannot hard carry so he works best when the team already has a hard carry. If not then you want to end the game around 40 minutes.


Plasma Field

Plasma Field is Razor’s nuke and makes a circle around Razor and expands and goes back. The targets take more damage the farther the Plasma Field is from Razor. This makes it great for attacking people who you are chasing and as well as pulling multiple packs of neutrals. The damage is amazing for early game and still pretty great for mid game, but in late game Plasma Field’s power starts to die down. It’s also great for getting visi

Become a Legendary Wushu Master, Age of Wushu Review

By: ZephyAlurus in Age of Wushuposted at 12:13 am Sep 06,2013

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Age of Wushu is an Eastern styled MMORPG being published by Snail games.  The game is a Free to Play MMORPG that features VIP features and cash shop items to help quicken your progression. You start off in ancient China where everyone uses kung fu, swordsman skills, and meditation.  You are able to pick one of eight classes each with their own set of skills and specializations that you can focus on or mix together.


The game doesn’t look bad and is probably the best looking eastern MMORPG that’s been released to North America. That said there can still be improvements with how this game looks. Games like TERA, Vindictus, and AION are visually better than Age of Wushu. The game won’t surprise you with it’s beauty, but still looks decent and can hold up to today’s standard

Heroes of the Realm Review - Where Heroes Clash in Battle

By: ZephyAlurus in defaultposted at 3:10 am Dec 30,2012

Tags: Heroes of the Realm  Zephy  ZephyAlurus  MMOSite  OGPlanet 


Heroes of the Realm Review

Heroes of the Realm is a browser game published by OGPlanet. It has elements where you need to balance your resources, manage time, and level up your heroes. It's fairly basic, easy to play, and fairly enjoyable.


Gameplay for Heroes of the Realm is basically towns, battling, PvP. You have your towns to manage your resources, and heroes, while for battling you don't really do much but watch your heroes stomp on the opposing team. Like most browser games most of the game is about managing your resources, and checking in from time to time to collect them and get more. Construction, researching, and resource gathering takes time. To play this game well you have to know how to manage your time, and make sure you don't waste energy and use your buildings to

[DoTA 2] Team MMOSite - Match 2:Took way too long...

By: ZephyAlurus in DotA 2posted at 1:26 am Dec 21,2012

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It's been a long while since I've posted the last DoTA match for Team MMOSite. For the people who have been waiting for this, I'm sorry that it took so long too many exams hitting me hard. This match was played 1 year ago so bear with me as I talk about a really old match xD

MMOSite is still trying to increase their DoTA 2 community making it more interactive and we're getting a bigger team this time. Again we allowed the community to vote on which hero you wanted us to play as. Although the team composition wasn't great we still pushed forward and tried our best.

Our team, the Dire once again selected Lich(Zephy), Sniper(Collussus), Shadow Fiend(Kelleranna), Lifestealer(Nak123), and finally Tidehunter(iLovecat). Although iLovecat wasn't supposed to use Tidehunter we let it slide

Vella: Inside Look

By: ZephyAlurus in Vindictusposted at 7:31 pm Dec 20,2012

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Vella is the sixth and newest playable character in Vindictus. In Vella’s first appearance in the Korean’s teaser trailer, she was facing the Gnoll king. The Gnoll king hurled one of his dual axes at Vella. As it twirled towards her in slow motion, Vella moved her swords behind the direction she’s facing then leaped in the air while slashing her swords towards the axe to deflect it back to the Gnoll King.

Not much was known about Vella’s combat capabilities until the release of second teaser trailer. Her swift attacks in combat and particular way of dodging make it seem like she is the female counter part of the Lann. However, a Vella is much more than that. While it’s true she has the agility of a Lann, her other functions in battle allows Vella to play as a tactician as well, thus

Blacklight:Retribution Closed Beta Phase 4 Review

By: ~Zephyra~ in Blacklight Retributionposted at 5:55 pm Jan 30,2012

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Blacklight: Retribution is a Sci-Fi MMOFPS from Perfect World Entertainment. Currently the game is in Closed Beta Phase 4 and keys to the game can be obtained from MMOSite's Contest section. Blacklight: Retribution features modern guns, with some futuristic features. If you were expecting laser beams or full on mecha fight then you'll be disappointed. The game uses lobby/room system akin to most online shooters.

Dominating the other team with 2 hardsuits >:D

Blacklight is more of a casual shooter as there are many elements in the game that make it much easier for casuals to be at least decent. First off players have a X-ray vision function that's called HRV. When activated players are shown the locations of enemies, allies, as well as depot locations. Beginners have a easier time de

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