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My journey to the World of Xian Xia II (The Mythical Realms II)

By: moscos in defaultposted at 7:35 am Jun 26,2017

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Xian Xia II. One of THE GIANT's title, from what I know, this game is based on the world of Xian Xia novel and film. This game uses HAVOK engine that made everything so beautiful. With the engines power of Physx making the game so good. That applies to clothing, scenes and some interactive contents and including boobies for the fanboys! achieving the best performance possible.  The graphics are its best. Top notched. Character design models are pretty asianic ofcourse. Not so much exaggeration but looks anime-ish... cutie-pies! Character outfits and textures are amazing, pretty good and some........... ridiculous sometimes(talking about NPCs)... Overall, I like the graphics presentation, vivid colours everywhere, maps and places are just like fantasies of China.

The game got

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