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Wonderland Online: Ver3.0 Update

By: platy in Wonderland Onlineposted at 2:05 am Sep 28,2008

Tags: wonderland  update 

A new and amazing Class System will be released for the new Wonderland Online version 3.0. Players will be having a lot more fun in the new version soon.

In Wonderland v.3.0, when players’ meet the new level requirement, Level 100, they can be reborn! Go and see the Accession Official and simply complete the appointed quest. Afterwards, players will have a cool new class and special abilities. In addition, skills grow in power after being reborn as well. More important than this, classes can even be strengthened.

Introduction to the Classes

Unique Badge: Recently, Fighters and Mages have been sighted in Wonderland, and each of them has 3 different classes. What is more, different classes have different unique badges which can be identified easily.

Great Mantle: Besides the unique badge, players will also get a great mantle when they are reborn. The shape of the badge will be embroidered on the mantle. So you will become a uniquely cute character because you will have both the badge and mantle after you are reborn.

I Fighter

A Fighter is a person who believes that Strength will conquer all. They are so brave that they don’t even care when they are in a dangerous situation,

Player Housing, Where is it?

By: lordaltay in defaultposted at 7:04 pm Jun 16,2008

Tags: MMO  MMORPG  Housing  AC  UO  Wonderland  Free MMORPG 

There can be no denying that the MMORPG genre has made great strides over the past decade. Games like Rohan: Blood Feud and Perfect World have graphics that blow Ultima Online and Asheron's Call out of the water. But both those older games had something that few games released today days do: Player Housing.

Some of my best memories during the dawn of the MMORPG genre were spent alone inside my own dwelling. Hours could be spent decorating and designing a large house. These houses not only served as a distraction but often doubled as live event locations. For example, the head quarters of a powerful guild in Ultima Online would serve as a PvP hot-spot. Newer games like World of Warcraft have had to bypass these player generated action zones with artificial PvP zones like the Battlegrounds and the Arena. Now don't get me wrong, both of those are great features in WoW but they do have a structured feel to them. I prefer my virtual worlds to be player driven.

Some games have implemented

Wonderland Online: Beta Time Confirmed

By: leo0815 in Wonderland Onlineposted at 1:19 am May 12,2008

Tags: wonderland  wonder land  igg  OB  CB 

It's Beta Time in Wonderland

Wonderland Online releases information regarding open and closed beta.

Our closed beta will come to an end at 3:00am (GMT-5) on 11th May. All participants' information will be saved.

The open beta will start at 9:00pm (GMT-5) on 11th May. You can apply for a new account to take part in. Wonderland Online is free forever.

A new server called Taurus will be launched in open beta. Both servers of Aries and Taurus are totally independent from each other. Characters information in them will not be shared. Players play the game in Taurus with a brand-new character. Besides daily regular events(http://wl.igg.com/guide/guide.php?acid=58), we will hold many interesting events.

Click here for more info at WonderLand

Wonderland Online Official Site And Forum Released

By: lesile in defaultposted at 1:08 am Oct 24,2007

Tags: wonderland  igg  official  forum 

IGG has announced that the website and forum for the fifth MMORPG under the IGG banner.Officialsite: http://wl.igg.com Official forum: http://wl.igg.com/forum/.The preview site is available toshowcase the

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