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A Few Thoughts On Warmane Outland!

By: Adjacenth in defaultposted at 12:25 am Sep 20,2017

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For many people, once you have experienced Warmane there is no way they can go back to the standard World of Warcraft! Outland is regarded as one of the best and the folks behind it do a ton of work to keep it ticking and adding awesome new things like The Burning Crusade for example. Today though, we want to keep things basic and let you know a few, need to know things about Warmane.

The faction balance is actually pretty good. Some players will tell you that it is pretty outbalanced with a lot more Horde than Alliance, but while there might be slightly more, it is not as uneven as many people will make out.

PVE is actually very good in this. There is always a lot of normals and heroics going on so if you are not the kind of person who likes to interact with a lot of people, you can still h

Warmane: Seal of Righteousness was procing from something

By: Adjacenth in defaultposted at 7:19 pm Sep 07,2017

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I dont know if it was a bug or if its now a bug in Warmane, but its not procing as it used to. Unless you have a lot Warmane gold on your account, and if you don't have enough, ask R4PG for help, which is the professional Warmane Outland gold seller. This results in Seal and Judgment of Command doing more overall Damage than Glyphed Seal of Righteousness and its Judgment.

This leads to the conclusion that its no longer worth using SoR in most fights as it was before (when we are talking about Best in Slot retri paladin, it might be better to use SoR when u are not BIS, u can test this urself i guess).

At the moment, its only usefull on fight like Profesor Putricide IF u have it glyphed, cos u move and switch targets constantly and SoC has lower Judgment DMG and bugged proc rate when it come

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