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webzen turns new leaf on archlord

By: hayabussarider in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 5:59 am Jun 19,2012

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It has seemed webzen may have got the point as they are starting to turn a new leaf and interests in archlord and making major changes, hopefully they can keep up the pace and continue with these updates and new customer support.

 I would still love to see some weekly fixes as there are a lot of fixes they could do every week, starting with translation errors or adding things missing form the auction house right down to fixing quests that are bugged.

   One thing webzen needs to do is get a better inquiry system, the direct inquiry system lacks interaction with players, If you look at any of the other mmo companies and their support system it lets you know when a GM has replied to your ticket your ticket stays open until the problem is solved you get answered with in, at most 24 hours , you can see all the responses on one page that you made and that a GM has made.  Upgrading their support system is a must.

 My hat is off to webzen as they do seem like they

[Gone!] Too slow to grab a C9 key? 0x to give away

By: Zevri in C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal)posted at 10:36 pm Apr 13,2012

Tags: c9  beta  acesss  action  rpg  mmorpg  webzen 


Game Site

So several sites have been giving these keys out, and they have been going fast. But one thing that is nice is that they're giving out additional keys once you claim your one. Which is also kind of odd, since it just means that they want people to keep inviting each other, when they could save time by just opening closed beta like some other games do.

Enough of my rambling on that, I have 5 extra keys to give out for those interested, since my friends already got theirs and are ready to join the fight. I just ask the same thing I did with the Ghost Recon keys. Just give me a short reason of why you want to join the game; you can do this through pm or in the comments below. I will pick people as they post and notify when all the keys are gone. Simple right? So if you've missed

Continent of the Ninth Global

By: ExcEsc in C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal)posted at 7:01 pm Nov 16,2011

Tags: c9  continent of the ninth seal  continent  ninth  seal  webzen 


It is confirmed that Webzen, the global publisher of MU, ArchLord & SUN Online will be bringing us one of the most anticipated MMORPG in 2010, Continent of the Ninth (C9). C9 is a Action RPG, which is specialized in control and variety of skill combos. Cool combo with skill and consecutive action. Non-Targeting system can make you slash all enemies. C9 won the Grand Award including the in the Korea Game Awards last 2009. You may want to check this video preview for the Continent of the Ninth Seal, the global name for C9.

 And, if you missed the  Continent of the Ninth Seal debut trailer, here you go...  If you liked my post, you can also keep track of my gaming stuff on the following channels:Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/excescfbTwitter: http://tinyurl.com/

Archlord Webzen Presents: Dragonscion ep8

By: towirenet in ArchLord: Arch Battle of the Worldposted at 10:24 am Dec 08,2010

Tags: archlord  mmorpg  webzen  gratis  soundtrack  free  video  ju 



  Introduction:Archlord is a unique F2P game, which is specialized in PVP system contents. The game not only provides various player-versus-player contents, but also includes a guild-versus-guild battle and race-versus-race massive war system. Play Archlord with multiple language clients, with thousands of players across the world. There will always be excitement in the chantra world with continuous new events and contents. WEBZEN Inc. announced today the update of the new race DragonScion known as the children of the great dragon Mightthesis for Archlord. The update of this hybrid type new race DragonScion will bring 4 new classes to the game. Starting from a class Scion, when reaching level 20, players will face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master. By the evolution system players can choose among four classes Scion, Slayer, Summoner, or Orbiter. For more information Visit:http://archlordwebzen.com  


Guild versus Guild Tournament!

By: SUNonline in Soul of the Ultimate Nationposted at 10:01 pm Mar 09,2010

Tags: S.U.N.  SUN  webzen  f2p  mmorpg  freetoplay  pvp  gvg  game 


GVG Event

Greetings from S.U.N Support Team!

We are holding a tournament GVG event to find the strongest guild of S.U.N!
Since this is the first guild tournament event for S.U.N, we have prepared great rewards for the winners! The winners will also have the honor to be the first GVG tournament winner of S.U.N!

Control and strategy is a must! Since all the participants will equip same grade items, level and equipment rank/enchant will not play any part in winning the tournament!

We hope to see many S.U.N Family Members participating in this event!

* Tournament Schedule (GST)
- GvG Tournament Applications: MAR 09 ~ MAR 15
- GvG Tournament program announcement: MAR 17 
- GvG Tournament: there will be further announcement on MAR 17
- Winner announcement and rewards: MAR 31 

*Please note:
There will be further announcement on detailed program & schedule on MAR 17.
** Tournament System      
First, eight (8) guilds will be selected from each server. The to

How to win Illusion Temple-final

By: gisC in Mu Onlineposted at 10:01 pm Jun 23,2009

Tags: MU  Illusion Temple  Webzen 



There are some temple exclusive skills, and you have to use it more than 3 times to get reward. To choose a skill you use your mouse and to use the skill, u right click it while pressing Shift on your keyboard. (Kill point has to be fulfilled in order to use a skill)



A team that wins 7points first (meaning returning the ball for 7times), or if there is none, a team that has more points than the other, under the condition that it is more than 2 points, will win the event. Less than 2 points will be regarded as a failure.





-Pre requisites: You have to use Temple-exclusive skills above at least 3 times.

-The team members of winning team will receive Jewel of Chaos

-But regardless if you win or not you will get EXP according to your level and other factors.






Images&Text References:



















& My Experience…!





How to win Illusion Temple pt2

By: gisC in Mu Onlineposted at 10:00 pm Jun 23,2009

Tags: Illusion Temple  MU  Webzen 


The battle zone looks like below.



The zone is divided into 2 areas (East and West) where each team’s pedestal is located.


Your goal is to take an event ballfrom a statue which will appear at a random place in the zone and bring it to your team’s pedestal. A team that brings back the ball 7 times first will win the event. It sounds easy but there are some complications.




< Statue>                  <Pedestal>


1.     To take an event ball from a statue, you need to hold the statue at least for 10 seconds.

2.     Please note that when you are carrying the ball, you will be shown on a map and your running speed will decrease which in results makes you easy to be caught by the other team.

3.     Once you return the ball to your pedestal (again you need to hold the pedestal for 10 sec) your team will gain a point. (if you get hold or stunned, your click will be canceled) When it is returned, the statue will reappear at a random place.

4.     If you die while carrying, your

Survival Manual for MU S4 (Master Level) pt3

By: gisC in Mu Onlineposted at 10:51 pm Jun 11,2009

Tags: GMO  Webzen  Mutizen  Mu 



-Pre-quest Final Item: Death Beam Knight-


My last spot was…  


Yes.. Tarkan!

Well above is me before I put stuff on.. and below is with my arms..



There are some other mobs like him below.. 


After you completed all three quests, you need to go back to Apostle Devin and give him the items, you will be able to proceed the real quest.


*FYI- It is very hard and time-consuming to actually get all the items that Apostle Devin asks you to bring back. But don’t give up, you will find it eventually if you keep on trying.



Upcoming Games From Webzen

By: LightningJ in defaultposted at 1:04 pm Jun 23,2008

Tags: Webzen  Huxley  APB 


Webzen, a gaming company out of asia, is about to release two games which, if all the promo's and ads are correct, will shatter the basis upon which MMO's are currently built...forever........


Webzen presents Huxley, a first person shooter in a persistent world. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that there is no room joining, or waiting for players. It's like most MMO's, where you do quests and grind....except its first person, with awesome weapons, and vehicles to drive around the landscape.


All points bulletin is a cops and robbers game. Players choose either Cops or robbers, and then play in a persistent, but 100% pvp world. Think Grand Theft Auto with thousands of players to butcher xD

What's New?

By: vinastalker in defaultposted at 7:29 pm May 20,2008

Tags: MMO  NCSOFT  Warhammer 40k  Webzen  F.E.A.R 


I'd be lying if I said I was fully prepared for the recent News of new MMO all over the world. Let's check out what's the latest big news! Such as the first screenshots from warhammer 40,000 Online, exclusive image about Stargate World, what will make classical single-player games moving online stand out, and the kinds of mystery projects from leading developers etc.

A new show from Korea Bluehole Studio called Project S1 was unveilled recently. The Bluehole Studio is made up with the team which develop the finial MMORPG of this world Lineage III. In this March the development process of Lineage III was interrupted by some reasons. So the Project S1 become the next expectant object.

Here are awesome screenshots for Project S1.

Click here for full image

Click here for full image

In the details from Bulehole we find that they are trying work out the unique battle mode for the project. The only truth is that you will feel it's a quite real MMORPG in which you are not able to attack object directly unless you control the distance and direction adroitly. It all depends upon the your knowlege for this game. The game will apply the Unreal3 graphy engine to perform perfect screen and physic

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