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Gunz: The second duel Gameplay from G*Star

By: Zevri in GunZ: The Second Duelposted at 1:08 am Nov 17,2011

Tags: gameplay  video  action 


A lot of us remember Gunz: The Duel and how much fun it was when it came out, well was for me. Heck, some of you may still be playing it. Well you may want to make a switch eventually, Gunz 2 is in the works, has been in awhile, but a video has already surfaced showing off the gameplay as someone played from G*Star 2011, and may I say, the game looks great so far in the video. It seems like everything has been bumped up several notches and it looks like it may be worth the wait as they work till it is ready for beta, which I hope will be soon. They already have publishers in the Asian regions, but not yet in a global/NA one which hopefully someone will pick up soon.

If you never played or heard of the original, it is a unique action game which mixed swords and gunz, allowing players to run

The Way to Make and Upload Videos into Youtube

By: jennyjuan in defaultposted at 7:36 pm Jan 27,2011

Tags: youtube  movie  video  make  upload 



In the past, we always feel difficulty to make a good video and upload it to youtube, because most of us are newbie about this technology field. Don't worry, now there is a good and easy device can help us-RZYoutubemoviemaker. There are just few steps to make and upload videos into youtube:1、 When you are travelling, you can use your camera take many photos, or make a record about your travelling,or you can make a video recording about your family, or what else you are interesting;2、 Then you need a good device to help you make a good video with these original material, just use Rzyoutubemoviemaker, just following next steps:(1)    Run Youtube Movie Maker, select "Make Youtube Video" Mode.(2)    Press "Source Videos button" or “Source Photos button” and then press "Add Source Button" to add all source videos or your taken photos into Youtube Movie Maker, and you will view all videos or photos in so

The way to convert flv video to ipod video formats

By: jennyjuan in defaultposted at 7:31 pm Jan 27,2011

Tags: iPod  mp4  video  converter 



Recently, many people like to upload their good time, or good films to youtube to share with their friends, on the contrary, many people like to download good films to their media device, such as iPod.But no matter uploading or downloading, there is a video formats issue which need to resolve. The downloaded youtube videos are always flv videos, but the best video format for iPod is mp4(avc/h.264 video encoder, aac audio encoder) video, so if you want to play well the downloaded youtube videos on iPod, you need to make sure the video formats are compatible with ipod. So you need to choose a good software to convert the downloaded youtube videos to the right iPod mp4 videos. First, you can freely download youtube videos through keepvid.com, splandoo.com and so on. The RZ Video Converter is the best choice, which can convert any videos or audios between different formats with good quality. The feature of rz video converter:1、Supports any popular video formats, including AVI, MP4, M

This Trailer Makes You Want To Date Obama!

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 8:51 pm Sep 16,2009

Tags: Japan  erotic  video  game  obama 


Maybe not...anyway, watch this trailer. This game is called "President Is My Childhood Friend", I had a post  of the introduction before. It will be shipped on Oct.30 this year...



My brain has been totally blown after this, crashed space ship, aliens, Czar in Russia, and A Talking Panda...well just like someone said, Japan's ero game industry is really going down-hill nowadays, how does this kind of idea come from?

Super Baozi vs Sushi man

By: Maogu in defaultposted at 11:06 pm Aug 02,2009

Tags: video 


Super Baozi vs Sushi man from sun haipeng on Vimeo.


It's really funny XD~ I like it a lot!!

Ni Hao and RMT

By: picopoco in World of Warcraftposted at 3:46 am Nov 25,2008

Tags: video  RMT  MMO 


An old video but still fun~


New WoW Music~~ @_@

By: Ryuuna in World of Warcraftposted at 5:44 pm Apr 20,2008

Tags: World of Warcraft  WoW  music  video  new  official 


Very Interesting~ What do you think about it?

Part of the Lyrics:

I love to one-shot mages
I live to two-shot priests
When I see ya
I'll PvP ya
Spanking n00bs, that's my favorite cheese

Rogues - Do it in the darkness
Rogues - Do it where the sun don't shine
Rogues - And with a little drop of poison

Rogues do it from behind.... Gonna creep inside your backdoor.

Champions Online New Screenshots Released

By: brother_bird in defaultposted at 12:18 am Mar 10,2008

Tags: champions online  screenshot  video 

Here is the trailer: Vide

[Aion] Which class would you like to play?

By: Frederica in defaultposted at 1:46 am Nov 01,2007

Tags: Aion  video 

Aion has opened its first closed beta in Korean days ago. Exciting News! Many new screenshots and videos has released. So Nice! Can`t help looking forward to the open beta.

The series of class skill demos are especially cool. You can`t miss it if you`re fouce on Aion too. Here are some screenshots I got from the videos. I love the Bow one most for I always prefer to play Long-distance attack character. What about you? Which class would you prefer to play?

You could view the videos here: http://video.mmosite.com/game_vm.php?gid=422









Fury Unleashes Two New Videos, Preview Event!

By: alibaba in defaultposted at 11:23 pm Jul 19,2007

Tags: fury  preview  video 

Following very successful showings at Gamecock's E.I.E.I.O. in California as well as China Joy in Shanghai, developers Auran are showing off their baby, Fury, to an international audience for a special Worldwide Preview

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