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Tera: Healers to get a massive PvE DPS boost

By: Tony259 in TERAposted at 2:59 pm Jan 13,2016

Tags: Tera  Healer dps  patch  update  ktera  video 


Anyone that has followed the ktera patch notes over on espeitr.wordpress.com should be aware of generally all of the upcoming patches, I only have quick looks here and there to get an idea of what's coming and if it's worth preparing for what ever the next gear patch would be, but what really caught my eye a bit back was the multitude of QoL improvements for the mystic, some for the priest, and some general improvements such as an "Improved Lock-on detection system", my only thoughts on that is hopefully it will involve client side lock-on instead of server side, so for those of us playing overseas or just experiencing any general lag at all won't have as much trouble anymore.

So here's some of the notes I want to point out:



- Greatly increased skill damage agains

Earthrise shows off box art, gameplay Video

By: Mandifesto in Earthrise: First Impactposted at 2:45 pm Jan 17,2011

Tags: Earthrise  MMO  Masthead Studios  video 


Today Masthead Studios revealed the box art for their upcoming Sci-Fi MMO Earthrise.  While it doesn't reveal much about the game itself, it does show off the ladies backside rather well, I should think.  If this was all I new about the game, I would guess it's about hot chicks with guns. 

Luckily we also have a gameplay video from the beta that shows off a little more of than a gun wielding lady in a jumpsuit.  The new beta video highlights dynamic footage of PvE and PvP combat, and displays new areas of Enterra including Sal Vitas square, Seyeenand the Cascade Mountains.  The video also introduces fans to weapons like the ShieldingDevice, Leadership Device, the T5 Core Flamer and many more.


“Our team is very excited for fans to view the new and improv

The wrong hole - video

By: adamskydancer in All gamesposted at 10:07 pm Oct 19,2009

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He Puts It in the Wrong Hole - Watch more Funny Videos

The song and MTV are just too good that I have to put it up here, even not related to games. Not the same situation but It reminds me one of my college classmate's words of counsel,  "Don't mess with chicks in the night club, after they get drunk, one of my friend pull out with shits....." 

The "Blame Game Game" and Legal Recognition

By: Zanpakutou in defaultposted at 7:41 pm Sep 22,2009

Tags: blame  video  game  flame  rant  jack  thompson  gold  farme 


I always find it funny that people will always try to blame everything on video games. I'm looking at you Germany. Using a single event to justify massive reliation against video games is not okay. This isn't far from getting on to "internment camp" area and I AM NOT KIDDING. Sorry if this offends anyone who has had ancesors in an internment or concentration camp area. Randomly shutting down "gaming" websites is just poor behavior on the part of the government. This subject also can't be discussed without ever mentioning Mr. Jack Thompson the self proclaimed "video game industry's worst nightmare". Fortunately he ended up on Penn and Teller's Bullshit making him and basically everyone who was against video games look like complete idiots.

The video game defense is something that lawyers have tried to use like the insanity plea. The idea is to either get a lower sentence or to try to convince people that the person who committed the crime is not guilty because they were not aware of their actions or they were being influenced by something else (the video game) to do what they did. Luckily, this almost never works because video ga

Germans Overreact to the school shootings

By: Hyuk in defaultposted at 2:32 am Mar 23,2009

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Galeria Kaufhof, the German retailer finally makes a decision to pull off violent movies and games from their shelves, which means you will no longer buy any violent stuff (especially violent games with an 18-plus rating) in their stores starting next month. it is just because of last week's tragic shooting rampage in Germany that left fifteen dead.


"I think (Kaufhof's decision) is a complete overreaction ... it borders on impulsive hysteria," said Stephan Reichart, managing director at German video game developers association G.A.M.E. "It would be sufficient if retailers made sure their cashiers don't sell this material to young people."

I have no faith in banning violent video games could reduce teen crime, there is an old saying in my country: Curiosity kills cat. Banning is the best way to force teenagers eager getting something they are not allowed, especially mature content.

To an extent I can understand the reactions from the less-game savvy German people. A terribly tragedy like this needs explaining, and violent video games are an easy way to explain away the behavior of this disturbed young man. I just fear that by grabbing at the easie

Rohan online - Sexy Dancing Trailer 2

By: FloatCloud in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 6:25 pm May 28,2008

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Trailer 2


Video provided by video.mmosite.com


Rohan Online - Sexy Dancing Trailer 1

By: FloatCloud in Rohan:Blood Feudposted at 6:21 pm May 28,2008

Tags: rohan online  video  dancing 


hmmm u amybe have watched this video


Video provided by video.mmosite.com


Issue 11: \"A Stitch in Time\" New Powers Video

By: wangwang in defaultposted at 6:59 pm Oct 24,2007

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Floyd "Castle" Grubb, the City of Heroes Development Team powers designer, narrates this trailer spotlighting the all-new power sets introduced in Issue 11: "A Stitch in Time." The video also briefly touches on Issue 11's exciting new Weapon Customization feature.

Click here to download and watch the video.

Oklahoma Law to Censor Violent Games Shot Down

By: skinnyboy in defaultposted at 2:32 am Sep 19,2007

Tags: games  injunction  law  oklahoma  video 

Finally, a step in the right direction for video games that are under fire for being "too violent," or whatever other tripe the decision makers in the US want to call them. GameDaily BIZ is reporting that the Oklahoma

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