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World Of Warcraft – Legion Expansion Video Preview

By: RabbitFootTV in World of Warcraftposted at 7:35 am Aug 02,2016

Tags: World Of Warcraft  Legion  Preview  Video 


Blizzard released a preview video showing all the new features of the upcoming expansion for World Of Warcraft.

The War of Genesis 4 Spiral Genesis Another Look (KR)

By: Scion Storm in The War of Genesis 4: Spiral Genesisposted at 7:52 am Jun 18,2016

Tags: The War of Genesis 4  MMO  MMORPG  Gaming  Video 


I'm not sure how people will take this game. It's different not like your normal games out there. You get to control a team pretty much like their one character. And the game is very Square-Enix like from the music to the cinematic flare. 
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Free Online Browser Based RPG MMO Game Monster MMORPG V 2.3.5 Update Logs

By: MonsterMMORPG in defaultposted at 2:55 pm Mar 21,2014

Tags: mmo  rpg  mmorpg  pokemon  game  free  online  play  video  games 

Free Online Browser Based RPG MMO Game Monster MMORPG V 2.3.5 Update Logs

* 150% bonus event started for the weekend (extra Gold and EXP)

* Songs credits updated

* A new game mechanic activated

---- Monsters at the market which owners are inactive over 30 days now will be sent to storage automatically (sell/trade/offer)

---- This will happen each day top trainers ranking getting updated

* Several bug fixes

---- The type filtering weren't getting remembered when MonsterDex pages changed

---- Monsters happiness were being exceeding 5,000 and now they are limited to 5,000

---- Some maps were showing multiple pathfinding (x marks which shows the path) exits and it is fixed

* 1 Monster image updated (commissioned)

* 4 Monster images replaced with our existing monster images.

---- Monster Id 81 is now Razorach (commissioned monster), Monster Id 1490 is now Wolverazor (previously Monster Id 81), Monster Id 581 is now Frownshu (previously Monster Id 1490), Monster Id 524 is now Jabear (previ

Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 12:06 am Mar 03,2012

Tags: mass effect  bioware  news  video 


As the days tick by, and those who ordered the game, wait for it to arrive (Like me). We still do what we can to get a fix; whether that be playing the previous installments one more time, checking out more information into the game, or anything else you can think of. Well, to help sate that hunger for the game, Bioware has released the Launch Trailer of the game to get you set for the released, which is on March 6th. 

The trailer seems to set the pace of what you can expect form the game, which is the Reaper invasion incoming and Shepard getting ready to defend against it with his companions. If I may, the trailer is a bit epic. It shows the races attempting to join together to go against their common foe and has a cameo of a familiar face from ME2, which makes you wonder how much of a role he plays in the third installment. (The Illusive Man)

Unfortunately, due to time restraints on my end, I am not properly ready for the game. I haven't had the chance to re-beat 1/2, since

The Secret World, Illuminati Trailer

By: Zevri in The Secret Worldposted at 5:50 pm Jan 13,2012

Tags: illuminati  secret world  mmo  news  video 


So Funcom/EA has really been promoting their new MMO "The Secret World", and it seems to work. It has gamers including myself who isn't that interested in p2p games, interested. As you may also be aware is that one of the things they have done to promote is showcase the different factions by showing a bit of who they are and how they work, and what players can expect if they join into their ranks. For those interested in just getting into the game, they are still recruiting for the ranks in cbt, but the game itself will go gold sometime in April.

Well right now, they released a new trailer for the faction I am most interested in, the Illuminati, who believe that knowledge is power and control how things turn out from the shadows. Now the trailer is as you expect, mostly a cg trailer,

Borderlands 2 leaked gameplay footage

By: Zevri in defaultposted at 5:44 pm Sep 03,2011

Tags: borderlands  leaked  video  gameplay  fps  co-op 





Some of you may be looking forward to this game, like I am. Well, not so much for the single player but for the co-op that the first game brought us. Well ladies and gents, someone got some footage of the gameplay behind closed doors, and leaked it out to the public.

Watching the gameplay footage, it looks like the improved on a lot in the game, the most notable, at least for me is the improvement of the world. They made it a lot more expansive and giving players a lot more to explore. With the add-ons though, it does make me wonder if the single player was improved at all? While the single player of the first version is decent, at least from my perspective, the game felt more like a co-op mmo in a sense. If the single player in the second gets to the level of what co-op w

Igromir expo 2010

By: DoctorMozG in defaultposted at 3:38 am Nov 06,2010

Tags: games  expo  video  2010 


Greetings,recently i was on igromir expo 2010 in Moscow city which can be translated on english as Game World expo. Well, it was my 1st time on such event. But i believe it was on the good level. With countless booths and special presentation booths where u wait in lines to get in kinda little cinema(trailers,gameplay with commentary), with dozen of stages with entertaiment goin on and many many more. There was all major companys. a lot of place was from xbox 360 kinect stuff, playstation move as well as pc games mmorpgs and tournaments of dota and star craft 2. I can go on.I think it was great, a little exhausting but cool. I'll sure to go next year as well.
I would like to share some pictures i made there, but i want to mention that my battery died there so i didn't cover everything, p


By: NUCLEAR_GOD in defaultposted at 5:05 am Sep 15,2009

Tags: gaming  online  video  hosting  website  game  on  .com  mmosite  bud 


Hey Guys,

Yet again, working on another project (I just don't stop for some reason lol)

Anyway, hehe, yep, working on a new website with a friend, which basically, is going to host video game trailers/video reviews/video interviews etc =D and i just wanted to tell you guys and get your opinions!!

Here's the jist of it:


 Covering:§ MMORPG (PC)§ MMOFPS (PC,CONSOLE)§ MMORTS (PC,CONSOLE)§ MMOconsole (PSN & XBOX LIVE)§ MMOmobilemedia (PSP, Nin.DSi, NGage style gaming)

Video hosting site, purely focusing on the aspects of gaming, consisting of in-depth reviews on online availabilty & ideals of games & betas.


Major potential partnerships, with gaming corporations (E.G - EA, BLIZZARD, Activision, Sony PSN, Microsoft Xbox live)Interviews with developersWould compete with youtube.com as it is more lenient in copyright & is more for the commmunity rather than the corporations(More for the gamer rather than the creator)


What is a friend?

By: Ryuuna in defaultposted at 7:10 pm May 18,2008

Tags: friend  video 


A warm Video. I'm happy that I have so many friends like the orange egg :D
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